Percy Jackson: Son of Hades - Prince of the Underworld

An orphan gets reincarnated as the Son of Hades, as his mother a powerful witch, with such a powerful lineage how will his fair in the Percy Jackson Universe, well read and Find out. ... Fair warning I'm closely following the books, while changing some things like how strong their abilities actually are and how strong the God's actually are since they're in fact Gods and stuff.

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110 Chs

Chapter 49

[Third Person's PoV]

Lucian was seen inside his empty cabin, sleeping on a sleeping bag he got from Chiron. His hand was under his head, and he stared at the ceiling, pondering the prophecy.

As his mind conjured various ideas and scenarios based on it, his eyes grew heavier until he fell asleep.

"So we finally meet face to face, little demigod."

Lucian heard the voice of a woman he seemed to recognize. Surrounded by a deep white fog, it made it hard for him to see.

"Oops, I was busy; that's why you see this fog here. Here, let me help you, *snap*," Hecate's voice echoed, followed by the snapping of her fingers.

The mist cleared up slightly, revealing Hecate sitting by the head of a table, leaning forward with her arm on the table and her hand under her chin.


"Why hello there, my little student," she said with a teasing smile.

Lucian put his fist to his palm and did a martial arts bow with a smirk, "This humble one greets his teacher and master."

She chuckled and shook her head, "It's nice to see you haven't changed a bit since we last talked, little Lucy."

The smile on his face quickly faded, "Don't call me that," he said coldly.

"Oh?" Hecate's expression remained unchanged, "Don't I at least deserve that privilege? After all, I'm going to be your 'master,' as you put it."

"Until you actually teach me something and we grow closer, I'll see how I still feel about it, but only my mother gets to call me that," Lucian explained, his face remaining cold.

"You really love your mother, don't you? Very well, I'll respect your wishes then. Lucian it is."

The cold expression on Lucian's face vanished as if it was never there. "So why did you summon me here, teacher?"

"So we could discuss the arrangement and how I'm going to teach you, and you're going to learn. Normally, I would guide and teach my children or girls; I believe you are the only boy I would be teaching that isn't related to me or a woman."

"Speaking of which, did you really need to send the corpse to deliver my quest or whatever? Couldn't you have done what you're doing first and inform me?" Lucian asked with a sigh.

"Oh? What's the matter? I thought you liked to show off; I was only helping you."

"You're right, but still, a little warning would have been helpful."

Hecate simply rolled her eyes at Lucian's complaint, but before she could continue with what she was saying, Lucian interrupted her.

"What's this City of Magic that was mentioned?"

"That is for you to research and find out. After all, an important part of being a magic user like us is doing our own research and experiments."

Lucian sighed and nodded his head, "I see, so this entire quest is my training."

Hecate didn't say anything and just smiled, which gave Lucian all the information he needed.

"Here's your first lesson from me: Don't always trust your eyes and ears," Hecate didn't say anything else.

She then opened her mouth, but instead of Hecate's voice, it was Annabeth's voice that came from her mouth.

"Lucian, it's time to wake up."

Lucian was at first confused and thought she was giving him an example before he felt himself being shaken, causing him to open his eyes in the real world and look at Annabeth shaking him awake with bags underneath her eyes.

"Why hello to you, Ms. Panda," Lucian said groggily while waking up.

Annabeth simply rolled her eyes, "I was researching any place that could be named the City of Magic for when we go on that quest."

Lucian didn't say anything and gave Annabeth an awkward smile.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?" She asked with a weird expression.

"Annabeth…" Lucian softly said while still smiling at her awkwardly and with a hint of pity.

"What… No… you can't be serious?" Annabeth asked after getting the hints.

Tears started building up in her eyes, "Are you seriously going to abandon me here while you go on that quest with Luke and Thalia?

I heard that there are usually 3 people on a quest, but I didn't think you would choose them over me. I have known you longer, we have been through so much together.

I may not be a powerful demigod like you, the daughter of the king of gods like Thalia, or as skillful with a sword as Luke. But I make up for it in other departments."

Lucian just sighed and shook his head, "You got it wrong, Annabeth."

Causing her to look at Lucian in confusion, while her lips quiver,

"This is a quest for me to go alone… by myself."

"ARE YOU CRAZY!!!" Annabeth yelled with an angered expression.

"Do you seriously think I'm going to allow you to go on a quest by yourself after the last stunt you pulled?"

"Can we discuss this after I shower and do my daily duties?" Lucian asked, still tired from having woken up.

Annabeth bit her lip, "Fine, but I'll come find you after you're done." Annabeth stomped her way out from the cabin, making Lucian sigh.

He got up and went and did his daily duties before he started packing, which wasn't even a lot since he already had everything in his shadow.

Lucian looked at himself in the shiny surfaces of the cabins; he saw how he looked wearing black saggy jeans with a black hoodie.

He pointed at his reflection and smirked arrogantly, "Yup, you still got it," before chuckling to himself and walking out.

As he did, he saw Annabeth, Chiron, Luke, and Thalia looking at him with annoyed expressions, causing him to groan.

"Come with me, Lucian Blackheart. We have matters to discuss," Chiron said, causing Luke, Thalia, and Annabeth to nod their heads as if agreeing with him.

Lucian gave Annabeth the stink eye, but she just stuck her tongue out at him before turning her head away.

Lucian groaned once more before following Chiron.

When they arrived at his office, Chiron stood by his desk, while his three friends stood by his back with their arms crossed.

"So young man, I heard you want to take this quest by yourself."

"That's right," Lucian nodded his head.

"But why?" Luke asked, confused.

"We make an awesome team," Thalia said, trying to convince him otherwise.

"We all survived because all of us worked together," Annabeth said, trying to stop Lucian from doing anything foolish, as she's still not over the fact that it wasn't long since she almost lost Lucian, and is afraid of losing him permanently.

"And may I ask why? As you should know, these quests are usually taken by three people as three is a sacred number around here. The three gods, the three fates, the three Furies, three Virgin Goddess, three heads on Cerberus."

"Because this isn't an actual quest," Lucian said, rolling his eyes. "This 'quest' is actually training for me from my teacher. In the prophecy, it mentioned a bet well-earned. That was a bet I made with someone, that they would take me in as a student and teach me.

That's what this is all about. The reason none of you know it is because I made it before I met any of you, so I doubt my teacher would have been very appreciative if I just brought you guys along," Lucian explained.

"I see…" Chiron said, deep in thought before sighing and nodding his head.

He thought about it for a while before nodding his head once again, "Although I'm reluctant to do this, I'll allow this."

"WHAT!" All three shouted at the same time.

"This is a quest assigned to Lucian, especially for him by the gods; we can't do anything about it, except hope that Lucian here returns in one piece."

"But…" Annabeth wanted to protest. It was obvious to everyone that Annabeth cared deeply for Lucian and would do everything in her power to make sure he's safe.

She has known Lucian the longest out of their friend group, and one thing she could say for sure is that he is as stubborn as a mule and would go on this quest no matter how many times she protests. So she clenched her fist and took a deep breath.

"Fine, but promise me, that you'll be safe out there and will return in one piece here," Annabeth said barely holding back her tears.

Lucian just smiled softly, even if he wanted to get mad for making it difficult for him to leave, they were doing it because they care about him and wanted what was best for him, so he really couldn't be mad at them for that.

"I promise you that I will return," Lucian said, smiling.

Annabeth nodded her head and went and gave Lucian a big hug as she had a feeling she wouldn't see him for a while, a feeling the others picked up and gave him a hug as well.

Although with Luke, it was more of a bro hug…

Lucian stood by the property line while everyone went to wish him safe travels.

Lucian summoned a hellhound and jumped on top of it, and waved his hand goodbye. He didn't know where to go, but in most cases, north was mostly the place to go.

He looked back at the camp and made the hellhound jump over the property line and dive into its shadow as they made their way North.