42 Chapter 42

[Third Person's PoV]

Lucian's cry of Victory towards Zeus soon turned into maniacal laughter, with his head leaned back, while he had his hand covering his eyes, his other hand was holding his stomach as he laughed.


Lucian's hand travel from his eyes to his hair as he pushed it back and looked towards the sky,


The once calm sky now stirred, transforming as ominous black clouds gathered and thunder echoed within them, a manifestation of Zeus' growing anger.

Everyone who was below the camp heard Lucian's arrogant words and felt a shiver going down their spines.

"Is he crazy!"

"Why the hell would he say that"

"Does he really want to die that badly!"

"Doesn't he know he isn't truly safe unless he crosses the property line!"

Campers exchanged hushed whispers amongst themselves, casting dubious glances at Lucian. Yet, beneath the apparent disbelief, a subtle undertone of admiration lingered in their eyes. Only someone as audacious as Lucian would dare to address the GodKing with such brazen defiance.

Dionysus who was watching everything just casually took a sip of his drink as he chuckled, "Well if he wasn't dead before, he sure is now"

Lucian's smirk deepened as he observed the gathering thunderclouds, but he remained silent, turning on his heel and beginning a slow descent down the hill. Suddenly, a thunderbolt crashed down precisely where he had been moments before, illuminating the area with a blinding flash of light and sending dirt flying into the air behind him. With a calm demeanor, Lucian continued his departure, seemingly unfazed by the display of power.

Lucian just continued walking down the hill. He called forth his scythe to his hand and dragged it down next to him as he crossed the property line, where he stopped moving and stood perfectly still.

Annabeth, Luke, Grover, and the recently recovered Thalia, who was granted permission to walk, all erupted in excited shouts.


And as they were all about to run towards him Chiron stopped them, "Wait don't go anywhere near him"

They all looked at him in surprise, "What! Why!" Annabeth shouted just a step away from completely ignoring him and run towards Lucian

"Any sudden movement, and you might end up killing him... He's unconscious at the moment, standing on sheer will. He used all of his remaining energy to scream towards the gods and walk down the hill," Chiron sighed, revealing the precarious state of Lucian's determined descent.

Everyone looked towards Lucian in shock and realized he was right. Although Lucian was standing his eyes were closed.

Chiron turned towards one of the campers and said, "Quick get more people from the Apollo cabin and bring them here with some Nectar and Ambrosia. He may need all the healing he could get"

"He lives!" exclaimed Clotho with infectious excitement, breaking into a dance and prancing around joyously. She seized Lachesis by the hand, and together they spun in celebration.

"He's going to be okay. Thankfully, it worked because of you, Lachesis and Atropos!" Clotho declared jubilantly.

Lachesis smiled, saying, "I was able to strengthen his string slightly, giving him enough strength to walk to the camp."

Meanwhile, Atropos, holding her scissors, released a sigh of relief. A smile played on her lips as she gazed at the almost blinding golden string, signifying a fate now preserved.

She exerted all her strength to prevent the scissors from closing and severing his string, buying him precious time to receive treatment and rendering the need to cut the string unnecessary.

After a while, they collectively took a deep breath to calm themselves. One of the drawbacks of being powerful is the constraints and responsibilities one faces.

It's a misconception that strength equals freedom; in reality, the more powerful someone is, the more limitations they encounter.

They are compelled to adhere to the Ancient Law, a decree binding them to fulfill their duties, safeguarding existence itself.

Location: Mount Olympus, Throne Room


"I'LL KILL THAT BRAT!" Zeus shouted in anger, gripping at his throne with one hand and his symbol of power in the other.

"I got to give it to him, that kid got balls" Ares said with a smirk.


Meanwhile Aphrodite was laughing behind her hands, "Hehehehe, Uncle Zeus." She teased which caused some of the other gods to laugh as well.


But they had to hide it as they didn't want to face Zeus' wrath.

Hera extended her arm from her throne, patting Zeus's arm. "Husband, it's not good to be angered by the squabble of a mere child."


Poseidon from his own throne chuckled, "Yeah Uncle Zeus, those were just the words of a frustrated child. Be lenient."


Which just ended up angering him more.

"Hermes! Gather everyone. It's time for a meeting to decide the fate of Hades' child, and bring Hades as well. He should be present when we finally deal with that brat of his," Zeus ordered, a wicked smile appearing towards the end.

"Lord Father, Hades won't approve of this. You've made another pact, vowing to leave his child alone if they survive," Athena interjected, attempting to rein in her father's emotions.


"That brat is too daring and will bring problems to our footsteps. I don't think breaking a pact is more important than the safety of Olympus," Zeus stated, attempting to sound compassionate.

Hermes didn't linger to hear the conversation, swiftly speeding off to gather everyone not present. Apollo, Artemis, Hephaestus, Demeter, and others began to appear one by one, taking their seats in their respective thrones. Even Dionysus joined with a smile on his face.



"Where's the wine I'm thirsty!" He was clearly happy about something.

"You are still punished, speak of the matter again and I will increase the duration of it for many more years" Zeus said, narrowing his eyes at Dionysus, basically telling him to behave himself.

Dionysus' festive mood was instantly destroyed and went back to grumbling to himself before sitting on his throne and sliding down it slightly trying to get comfortable.

Hermes then soon appeared and went to sit down on his own throne.

"Hermes, where is Hades?" Zeus asked, getting impatient but before Hermes could answer Hades pushed the door to the throne room open and made his presence known.

Hades and Zeus narrowed their eyes at each other, after a while their divine energy started coming out as if a fight was about to break out.

"Hades" Zeus called out

"Zeus" Hades responded

"Poseidon!" Poseidon said, calling out his own name.

Hades and Zeus turned and looked at Poseidon with a deadpan expression.

"What? Don't look at me like that, you guys previously had a shouting match and excluded me, I simply wished to join this one"

"There would be no screaming match and Hades take a seat" Zeus commanded.

Hades scoffed before retrieving his chair and seating himself at the far end of all the thrones lined up by the boy's side of the throne room since they were separated by gender.

"This better be worthwhile brother, You know i don't like leaving the Underworld, unless it's during the Winter Solstice, which clearly it's not"

"Can we hurry this up? It's finally my time of the year to be with my lovely daughter and you're taking it away from me" Demeter said impatiently.

Zeus ignored her and stared at Hades, "You, yourself, know why we're having this meeting"

Hades nodded his head, "I of course know since otherwise I wouldn't even be in this meeting, but I want to hear it from you"

"Very well then. Since everyone is present, I say let the meeting to decide the fate of Hades' bastard commence" Zeus announced, causing the sound of thunder to resound through the throne room.

"As I said, this meeting was a waste of time. We made another pact and decided that if Lucian survived and made it to camp, you would leave him be" Hades said with an angered expression.

Zeus shook his head, "He's too powerful, I can't let such a dangerous half-blood roam around. This was one of the reason the pact was made in the first place"

"That very pact which you have broken twice already" Hades said, narrowing his eyes.

Poseidon cast a glance in a specific direction when the pact was mentioned, pondering the safety of his son when they discover his existence. However, his concern went unnoticed, as everyone was engrossed in the ongoing argument between Hades and Zeus.

'That little girl just couldn't keep her mouth shut' Hera thought to herself hearing Hades mention Zeus' other child.

"It matters not how many times I have broken it, that child of yours is too dangerous to be left alive, do I have to remind you of the prophecy" Zeus said.

"You are losing credibility brother" Hades said with a smirk, "If you go ahead and kill Lucian that would be 3 pacts you have broken"

Thunder once again resounded through the throne room, "I am the king, I have no such need for credibility, whatever I say goes"

Athena let out a weary smile when he mentioned that but just shook her head.

"Then you are a fool." Hades said with a scoff.

Before Zeus does or says anything that he might regret, Athena intervenes. "How about a vote?" she suggested.

Zeus looked at her and asked, "About what?"

"If Lucian gets to live, it's evident you desire his demise, Lord Father, while Hades favors his continued existence. Let's convene a vote among us. If one side garners more support than the other, he'll have no grounds for anger, as it's a rule of majority."

Zeus thought about it before nodding his head, but before he could say anything Hades interrupted.

"Before the voting commences, I demand you swear it," Hades declared coldly.

"What?" Zeus retorted, fixing a glare on Hades.

"You heard me. Swear on the River Styx that you'll spare Lucian and cease any interference," Hades insisted.

"Why should I?" Zeus questioned, tightening his grip on his master bolt.

"Because, in return, I'll swear the same on the Styx—never to revisit this matter or target your daughter and other child," Hades replied.

A tense silence hung as Zeus and Hades locked eyes, and after a moment, Zeus reluctantly nodded his head in agreement.

"I swear on the River Styx that if you emerge victorious, I won't pursue your child's life and will let him be, unless he commits actions that jeopardize the safety of Olympus," vowed Zeus with a solemn assurance.

Hades narrowed his eyes at the last part but contemplated briefly before nodding. "I swear on the River Styx that I'll cease this matter and refrain from causing harm to either of your children, unless they unleash chaos or upset the balance of the Underworld," he declared, casting a smirk at Zeus, silently conveying, 'Two can play at that game.'

Zeus turned towards Athena and nodded his head, indicating for her to start.

Athena nodded her head as she then began, "For those that wish to Lucian to be kill and disposed off, raise your hand"

Zeus, Hera, Demeter, and Dionysus, raised their hands making it a count of 4.

"That brat needs to die" Zeus said with a hand raised.

Hera didn't say anything and was just being the dutiful wife that she was just following her husband.

"Any child of that man is just a curse that plagues the land" Dimitri scoffed.

"I'm only agree, to see if father would lessen my punishment, I could care less about what happens to that little boy" Dionysus yawned

"While those that wish for Lucian to be spared" Athena announced.

"He's my son, what other reason do I need" Hades said with a hand raised.

Surprising Ares raised his hand, "His fight got my blood pumping it would be a shame if he died too early, I want to see more"

"He's so cute and adorable, it wouldn't feel right to get rid of him before he has a chance to become a total ladykiller, plus that scene was straight out of a romance story. Staying behind sacrificing himself while giving his loved one a chance to escape and a girl reaching out to him calls his name. Kyaaaa! That's totes adorable." Aphrodite said, raising her hand.

"I met with Lucian, he's a sweet boy. He wouldn't do anything to harm Olympus" Artemis said, raising her hand.

Aphrodite looked at Artemis with a bit of surprise. "The world must be ending, you vouch for a boy? Maybe Zeus is right, he's dangerous" she said in a playful tone looking at Artemis.

Artemis didn't even look at her and pretended she didn't even exist, causing Aphrodite to pout.

Poseidon raised his hand, which shocked everyone, but ultimately it shocked Zeus and Hades the most.

When he saw everyone looking at him in shock, he rolled his eyes, "Oh please! You already broke the pact twice brother, it wouldn't be fair if you just eliminated Hades kid but let yours live"

"I thought you would have been angrier brother" Hades said.

"Brother please, It's our little brother we're talking about. I'm surprised he lasted this long. But what I'm also surprised about is you Hades breaking the pack, I thought you were the most responsible one out of us three" Poseidon exclaimed with a scoff.

Hades just crumbled, "It was a drunken mistake, okay?"

"Ha! Call him that and he would hate you" Poseidon laughed at Hades explanation.

While Hades just rolled his eyes, "I meant the act of breaking the pact"

"Let's just continue voting" Zeus intervened.

Which everyone soon nodded.

Hermes raised his hand, "He saved and helped my son during their journey"

"I'm staying out of it, I don't know anything about him to decide" Hephaestus said, choosing to refrain.

"I don't know anything about him either, so I'm out" Apollo said, trying to act as if he doesn't care.

Artemis looked at her brother with a raised brow but didn't say anything while Hades just looked at him briefly before ignoring him.

Athena was the last to raise her hand. "Instead of killing him, I believe he could be of use. Moreover, he saved my daughter, rescuing her from her neglectful father. He protected her, provided training, and safely brought her to camp," she explained her reasoning.

Demeter scoffed at Hades, "His son took her daughter, kidnapping her, I should expect no less from your flesh and blood"

Instead of being offended Hades puffed his chest pride, he then smirked towards her direction, "Just so you know Persephone is very fond of the little guy, imagine her surprise when she finds out her own mother voted to kill him"

"WHY YOU–!" Demeter shouted while gritting her teeth.

Hades just laughed at her.

"ENOUGH!" Zeus demanded clicking his tongue in annoyance.

"Fine Hades you win this time, That demon spawn of yours gets to live another day! There happy!?" Zeus said, clearing annoyed.

"Very" Hades teased.

"Hmph" Zeus grunted before his voice reverberated throughout the room,

"This Meeting is officially over!"

Hades didn't even wait and just walked out, "What a waste of my time, and I don't want to hear about this matter any further."

Soon the others followed out leaving Zeus and Hera alone…

"I should just smite that brat, consequences be damned" He grumbled.

Hera sighed before standing up and sitting on Zeus lap, "You're only saying that cause your stress, I may know of a method to de-stress you"

Zeus looked at Hera with a raised brow, "Oh really?"

To which Hera just smirks…..

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