38 Chapter 38

[Third Person's PoV]

Artemis put a hand over face and sighed before looking up at Lucian in the eyes with a serious expression,

"Although I'm a Goddess of the hunt, I'm also the Goddess of childbirth, so the care of children is also within my domain, thus I would never hunt a child down, even if my father orders it"

Lucian and Artemis look at each for a bit before he let go of his dagger, which shattered as it was made from his magic, he nodded his head, "Very Well"

Lucian disappeared into his shadow and returned on top of his griffin, as he disappeared the girl he was holding at knife point tried kicking him but he was already gone, causing her to click her tongue.

She dropped down from the tree and got on one knee in front of Artemis, "Forgive me my lady for such a shameful display"

Artemis shook her head, "There's no need, we were bound to be discovered. The children of Hades have been said to wield the power to detect life forces, something that is difficult to hide or cover unless you have a lot of experience"

All of Lucian's group looked at him in surprise, "Since when could you do that"

To which he just shrugged his shoulders, "Recently" was all he said.

Thalia then looked at the hunters with a hint of apprehension as she stepped forward on her griffin, "You didn't answer the previous question, why were you following us"

Artemis just looked at her and smiled, "We're here to recruit you"

"What?" Thalia asked in shock and confusion.

"At first we were just out practicing and teaching the way of the hunt to some of the new recruits, when we detected you guys. And let me be the one to say, you guys are easily findable.

Having the daughter of Zeus and the son of Hades in the same group alongside two other demi-gods… Let's just say the monsters won't have a hard time tracking you down"

"Thanks for the boost of confidence" Lucian said, raising a thumbs up.

Zoe just looked towards Lucian's direction and narrowed her eyes, "Do not speak to lady Artemis in such a way, be mindful of who you're speaking to"

"Geez what crawled up your butt lady" Lucian said nonchalantly.

Zoe didn't say anything and just drew her bow and shot her arrow in the air which landed on the right on the griffin next to Lucian's head.

"Next time I won't miss," she said, narrowing her eyes but before Artemis could reprimand her, Artemis stretched out hand and caught the arrow an inch away from Zoe's face with widened eyes.

She quickly turned her head and looked at Lucian in shock, he was looking at Zoe with a cold look in his eyes and a bow in his hand.

"It looks like you dropped something, I hope you don't mind that I returned it to its rightful owner" Lucian said coldly.

Zoe took out another arrow, while Lucian stretched out his hand to the side and conjured one of his own with his tracing magic.

They both then took aim at one another with both of them pulling on the string of their bows waiting to see who would fire their arrows first.

"Both of you lower your stance right this instance" Artemis said coldly, narrowing her eyes at the both of them.

"I'll only do it if she does it first." Lucian said not backing down.

"Then both of you lower your weapons at the same time" Artemis demanded, her voice still spoken coldly.

Zoe and Lucian stared at each in the eyes, and both slowly started lowering their weapons without taking their eyes off each other.

When they were lowered Zoe put the arrow back on her quiver and Lucian unconjured his before turning his bow back into his ring.

"Now apologize both of you"

"What! But my lady…" Zoe turned towards Artemis who was looking at her and then at him with her arms crossed.

Zoe wanted to complain but one look from Artemis was all it took for her give him, she grumbled and turned towards, Lucian, "I'm sorry for shooting my arrow at you, even if you deserved it"

Artemis then looked at Lucian with a raised brow and gave him a look, a look which reminded him of his mother when she reprimanded him and waited for an apology for his behavior.

Lucian grumbled as well, "I'm sorry for shooting your arrow back at you, even if your personality is the cause of it all."

"My lady!" Zoe shouted, complaining to her for his words.

Artemis just sighed, "Zoe… although you have stopped aging you are still a grown woman, with years and years of experience. Are we seriously having this discussion"

Lucian hearing this just snickered, "Granny".

A tick mark appeared on her forehead, she took a deep breath trying to calm herself down, "It's not worth it, it's not worth it, remember the breathing exercises. You are a mature woman, you can't be getting angry at what some snot nose brat says" she whispered to herself.

Artemis just shook her head and turned towards Thalia, as she did Lucian looked at Zoe and pulled the skin under his eye and stuck out his tongue at her.

Annabeth came behind him and smacked him on the back of the head, "Ouch" he said rubbing the back of his head causing Zoe to chuckle to herself.

"What was that for" he whined

Annabeth just gave him a deadpan look with a raised brow and an expression which just spelled out, "Really?"

"As I was saying." Artemis said to Thalia, "Join us and we'll offer you immortality, alongside my protection. You won't have to worry about how you'll be able to survive since we would have your back"

"You keep saying, you, you, you, what about my friends, you haven't once even acknowledged them, the only one is Lucian since he made you pay attention to him but not the others."

Artemis nodded her head "The little girl is also on my radar for potential recruits, she seems intelligent and skilled"

"Then what about Luke and Lucian, I'm just supposed to abandon them and go with you?"

Artemis just shook her head, "You wouldn't need to stop being friends with them or anything but it's better if you kept your distance from them, they could take care of themselves."

"What" Thalia snarled back, "There's just no way I could abandon them, I refuse your offer"

Zoe just scoffed, "Foolish girl, throwing away just a perfect opportunity and gift just for some boys."

Thalia narrowed her eyes as lightning crackled in her eyes, "What did you just say"

"You heard me, those boys aren't good company for some as strong as you. They are only using you, once they have no need for you they would just throw you away like something disposable."

"You know nothing of them, so don't assume that you do. They would never do such a thing, we are more than friends. We are family, so if you're talking bad about them, then you're talking bad about me. So if I were you I watch what I say"

The clouds in the sky started turning dark and with the sound of thunder reverberating through them, responding to Thalia's anger.

"That's enough you two" Artemis said, getting in between them.

She looked at Thalia and asked "Are you sure you want to refuse this? This is a great opportunity for you"

Thalia nodded her head without hesitation, Artemis sigh, "Very well, I won't bother with that" Artemis then took out a card with her number on it, "Here in case you change your mind and want to accept my offer"

Thalia just took the card and stored it without even looking at it, Artemis then looked at Annabeth and asked, "What about you? I can see great intelligence deep within your eyes, you wouldn't ever have to worry about getting old"

Annabeth just made her griffin scoot closer to Lucian stating her answer with just that gesture.

Zoe just shook her head, "Seriously? How could you anymore foolish"

"I'm getting really sick and tired of you, you know that?" Thalia said, bringing out her Spear.

"Zoe drop it, they already made their decisions" Artemis said, taking out a card and giving it to Annabeth.

"But my lady… they will get hurt, I just can't see them go through such a thing"

"Zoe it's better if they learn things on their own, so if they need us they already have my number"

Zoe sighed and nodded her head, "Very Well my lady"

Artemis then looked at all her girls, "Alright ladies, let's get a move on"

The girls nodded their heads and jumped back towards the trees…

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