Percy Jackson: Son of Hades - Prince of the Underworld

An orphan gets reincarnated as the Son of Hades, as his mother a powerful witch, with such a powerful lineage how will his fair in the Percy Jackson Universe, well read and Find out. ... Fair warning I'm closely following the books, while changing some things like how strong their abilities actually are and how strong the God's actually are since they're in fact Gods and stuff.

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Chapter 25

[Third Person's PoV]

Lucian just sighed when he heard Thalia's question, "So basically there is a pact or oath whatever you want to call it between the three big gods of Olympus, Zeus, Poseidon, and my dad Hades.

It was about not fathering any more children, which as you can clearly see didn't workout since we're here"

"I see." Luke said as he put on a pondering expression, "That's why they each want to kill you, since your existence is a sign that they both broke the oath."

Lucian nodded his head, "It's better if we stick together, Although we would attract more monsters together, we have a better chance of surviving if we fight together"

Luke and Annabeth nodded their head, while Thalia just narrowed her eyes,

"Why should we do that, we are only in this mess because of you, If your father hadn't threatened mine this wouldn't have happened"

Lucian looked at her like she was the biggest idiot in the world.

Annabeth went and reached for her daggers and looked at Thalia with a warning look, while Luke reached for his dagger, which he recently received as a parting gift.

"Are you retarded?" Lucian asked in a cold voice, taking Annabeth by surprise as she had never heard Lucian speak in that tone of voice before.

Even Luke and Thalia were taken by surprise, Thalia looked offended and looked at Lucian angrily, "What did you just call me you little punk."

Lucian stood up from the ground and started dusting himself off, "We are in this mess in the first place because of your father. He broke the oath first, he couldn't keep it in his pants and had you.

So when my dad called him out for it, he decided to be petty and is now trying to kill me, and so since he's trying to kill me, my dad is trying to kill you as a counter.

So don't try to blame this on me, if you want to put the blame on someone blame it on your father"

Lucian said standing face to face with Thalia. She clenched fist and gritted her teeth, but before she could do anything Luke and Annabeth stood in between the both of us and tried to diffuse the situation.

"He's right, you know. It's not right to blame him, the one to blame are the gods, he's a victim much like you and the rest of us are" Luke said to Thalia trying to calm her down.

"What did you call me?" Lucian said, narrowing his eyes at Luke.

Luke turned towards Lucian and nodded his head, "I said you're a victim, just like the rest of us. Don't you see how the Gods are only playing with our lives like they're disposable."

"Don't call me that, I hate it. Don't make it sound like we are helpless and are being taken advantage of, since we are not.

Maybe for you, yes since you're weak but don't put me in the same category as you. I'm nobody's victim except my own. The only reason I said that it's best to stick together is because you guys need help and I was trying to be that help. Without it you guys won't make it far" Lucian said stepping away from Annabeth.

Which caused her to sigh at how Lucian has been acting recently, although she finds it that it's the right thing to do.

Thalia didn't say anything and ran towards Lucian with her fist cocked back ready to punch him but Lucian ducks under it and punches her in the liver causing her to drop to the ground in pain.

"THALIA!" Luke yelled and withdrew his dagger and ran towards Lucian ready to attack him and protect Thalia.

Luke swung his dagger but he leaned back making it miss. Lucian stepped on Luke's foot to hold him in place, which made Luke swing his dagger much faster, making Lucian start to concentrate.

He started moving his body dodging the dagger without moving his foot making the dagger miss.

Lucian punched Luke in the stomach, dodge, and punched him again on the rib, making him grimace in pain.

Lucian let go of his foot and dodge the dagger that came overhead. Lucian moved his body and positioned himself right underneath Luke's outstretched arm as he did an overhead slash, taking a hold of it.

Lucian used Luke's momentum against him and threw him over his shoulder. But Luke recovered mid air and landed with both feet on the ground.

He twisted himself back to face Lucian and stretched out his dagger, swinging it, trying to cut him.

When Lucian saw the dagger coming, he leaned back once again, but Luke tried to take advantage of that and tried to reach him.

Lucian blocked Luke's wrist with his forearm and grabbed his outstretched arm with his other hand, pulling him off balance.

Lucian stuck out his foot making Luke trip and fall face first into the ground, Lucian quickly stepped onLuke's hand making him scream in pain and release the dagger.

Which Lucian quickly took a hold of, he twisted Luke's arm behind his back and pressed his knee on top of it while pressing Luke's dagger by his throat.

"You are only the victim if you call yourself the victim. I call myself a survivor and fighter living in this world full of gods and monsters.

If you want to blame them for your suffering then do it, I couldn't care less but don't bring me down to your level, do I make myself clear."

Luke reluctantly nodded his head with gritted teeth, making Lucian nod his head in return.

He released Luke and gave him his dagger back.

Annabeth, who was watching everything, looked at Lucian in admiration, "He didn't use any of his abilities in that fight. Just his fighting skills… amazing" she whispered.

Thalia, who was standing up while holding his side, looked at Annabeth in surprise. 'That's right, he's the son of Hades, he didn't summon anything to defeat Luke just his martial arts, just how strong is he'

Thalia then smiled to herself slightly, "You are only the victim if you call yourself the victim… I guess he's right about that." Thalia whispered to herself.

She sighed and walked up to Lucian and bowed her head slightly while closing her eyes, "I'm sorry for blaming you" she said sincerely.

Which took both Lucian and Luke by surprise, "I…I was looking for someone to blame for all this, I know it wasn't right. I was scared and took out my anger on you which wasn't right and I'm sorry for it"

Lucian let out a sigh as he nodded his head, "I can see why you would be scared so I forgive you, and so I'm sorry for calling you retarded"

Thalia let out a sigh of relief and smiled which caused Annabeth, Luke, and Lucian to smile as well.

Lucian then nodded his head and stretched out his hand to Thalia with a cheeky grin, "Let's introduce ourselves and start over, I'm Lucian Blackheart, the son of Hades, it's a nice to meet you"

Thalia chuckled and shook his hand, "Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus, it's nice to meet you as well"

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