At the town's poverty alleviation hospital.

Tang Ying, who was unconscious, was sent to the emergency room. Two intern teachers stood anxiously in the corridor, waiting.

Xiao Lin furrowed his brows tightly. His hands, which were stained with blood, were crossed together.

He could not help but feel nervous:

"Recently, she has been in and out of the hospital too many times. I think Principal Tang's body really needs to rest for a period of time!"

"She just likes to be busy and worried. No one can stop her!"

Xiao Ai leaned against the hospital wall and said nonchalantly.

Only she knew that her legs had gone soft from the fright.

On the way here, the unconscious Tang Ying kept bleeding from her mouth. Xiao Ai had never seen such a terrifying scene in her life.

What did the principal mean to this school and thousands of children?

She was their hope, their pillar of support!

If she collapsed now, Xiao Ai did not know who else could shoulder this heavy responsibility.

The situation in the small town had just only improved, and the school renovation project had been put on the agenda. However, Principal Tang, who had worked hard for more than ten years, had collapsed.

Xiao Ai turned her head, and tears flowed out of her eyes.

After a long while...

while the two of them were silent, the light in the emergency room suddenly dimmed!

A doctor walked out and said with a solemn expression,

"You should know the patient's situation, right? She is already in the advanced stage. In addition to overwork and sudden changes in her mood, the patient has now fallen into a severe coma!"

"A severe coma!? Can she still wake up?"

Xiao Lin's expression changed as he asked.

Without waiting for him to finish his question, Xiao Ai, who was beside him, hurriedly walked forward and interrupted him:


"What did you just say... What terminal stage!?"

Xiao Ai's face was filled with surprise as she asked.

Looking at the two people in front of him who were in disbelief, the doctor frowned and asked in return,

"She's already in the terminal stage of cancer. Don't you know that?"

As soon as he finished speaking..,

Both of them were dumbfounded!


Xiao Ai's tears instantly fell uncontrollably onto the floor of the corridor of the hospital. Her voice was exceptionally dull.

Xiao Lin's eyes were red and his hands were trembling.

Seeing this, the doctor finally understood that the patient had been hiding her condition!

Xiao Ai wiped away her tears and continued to ask while holding back her tears:

"Then how is she now? Can she still wake up?"


The doctor hesitated for a moment before telling the truth:

"According to the patient's condition, there is a high chance that she will not wake up from the coma. Our suggestion is: contact her family and friends in advance!"


In the emergency room.

Tang Ying was lying quietly on the bed. She was very quiet and peaceful. Her eyes were closed as if she had fallen asleep.

In the entire emergency room, there was only the sound of medical equipment running and her shallow breathing.

She was very tired. It had been a long time since she had slept like this.

She closed her eyes and her mind seemed to recall the first day she had arrived in the small town eighteen years ago.

At that time, the death of her lover had made her heartbroken. She was determined to forget the pain of parting in this remote place. However, she saw the innocent faces of the poor children in the mountain area who yearned for knowledge. The instinct of love allowed her to take root here.

Life here was far more difficult than she imagined. Every penny was split into two halves. Sometimes, a single steamed bun would be her food for the entire day. There was not a decent school in all the villages. The children had not even seen the appearance of books, let alone had the opportunity to read. The difficult conditions made many of the teaching staff shy away, but she resolutely persevered.

In order to improve the children's lives and study conditions, she cut back on food and clothing. She saved every day's living expenses, and every penny she saved was used on the students.

Over time, she donated hundreds of thousands of yuan.

What made her proud was that none of her students dropped out of school because of poverty.

Now that she thought about it, even she did not expect that she would be able to take root for 18 years on Impulse!

Over the past 12 years since the school was founded, thousands of children from the mountains had entered the university and completed their studies, making contributions in all walks of life. While the school was producing good results, her body worsened and she suffered from more than 10 diseases. It was really disappointing. In order to not let the students worry, she had been hiding her illness.

Her life seemed to have been a little hard, but she never hesitated!

If she had another chance, she would still be willing to devote her life to the cause of education. She would lead more children from the mountains to the outside world!

The only regret she had was that she did not see her sister one last time?

A tear slowly flowed out of her tear and slid down her weathered cheeks.


In the hospital.

The news that Tang Ying had fallen into a serious coma and could be in mortal danger at any moment had spread.

The two intern teachers were still unsure of what to do next.

They had contacted all of Principal Tang's relatives and friends, but none of Principal Tang's family members were present!

"Why didn't you contact the patient's immediate family?"

The doctor asked the two of them.

Xiao Ai's eyes were red and she did not say a word.

Xiao Lin slowly told them about principal Tang's situation:

"Principal Tang originally had an older sister. Unfortunately, her older sister passed away last year."

When Sister Tang Ying was in critical condition, she wanted to see her younger sister whom she had not seen for nearly twenty years. She had specially sent over a sum of money. Unexpectedly, she had met a sick student who could not afford the hospital fees, Principal Tang had paid the hospital fees for this child. No one had expected that when Principal Tang finally returned, she would be faced with her sister's funeral.

Her only family member in the world had left in a hurry.

"So what you're saying is that this patient has no family and no home?"

The doctor was very surprised and brought up this cruel question.

His voice echoed throughout the entire corridor of the hospital, sounding exceptionally cold.

At this moment, an ancient voice suddenly sounded:

"Who says there isn't? I am her family!"

The three of them quickly looked over and saw an elderly figure appear at the entrance of the stairs, trembling.

He was the one who had said the words just now.

"Grandpa Bai, why are you here!?"

The two intern teachers were a little surprised when they saw the old man.

Soon, another petite figure appeared at the entrance of the stairs. It was Bai Xiaonian.

She walked to her grandfather's side and said to the doctor seriously with her big watery eyes,

"And me! I'm also Principal Tang's relative!"

Faced with the sudden scene, Xiao Lin and Xiao Ai's tears began to flood their eyes.

Then, one figure after another appeared from the stairway.

Most of them were old people and children. They were all people from Huayi Town.

The elder of the Bai family, who was in the lead, took two steps forward. His hoarse voice was a little shaky:

"Eighteen years ago, Principal Tang chose to settle here for the children of our Huayi Town.

"The children didn't have the money, so she took it out of her own pocket. Even if she had to knock on every door and beg for money, she would ensure the children went to school! We, the people of Huayi Town, are not ingrates! We are also people of flesh and blood!"

"Yes, the principal has helped us all these years. We will never forget it!"

Behind them, someone wiped away his tears and said.

The sound of crying also began to spread. Everyone's feelings for Principal Tang could no longer be described in terms of simple relationships.

The elder from the Bai family was also sobbing. His large trembling hand took out a stack of folded money from his waist. He walked forward with great difficulty and stuffed the money into Xiao Ai and Xiao Lin's hands.

"Eighteen years ago, Principal Tang took root here for our Huayi town.

"Eighteen years later, our family in Huayi Town will not forget her!

"Speaking of family, everyone in our Huayi Town is Principal Tang's family!

"Huayi Town is Principal Tang's Home!

"If she leaves here, we... "will send her off!"

The old man's hoarse voice echoed throughout the entire corridor.

The children's words were the most sincere.

The tears of the old man touched the hearts of the people the most.

Even the doctors who were used to seeing people separated by death could not help but shed tears at that moment...

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