Pay 99 Yuan: Arranging A Mysterious Funeral For You Book

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Pay 99 Yuan: Arranging A Mysterious Funeral For You

Hotpot With Cilantro

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Su Chen transmigrated to a parallel world and inherited a funeral company. To his surprise, he awakened the God-tier Funeral System because of it. Regardless of whether a person wanted to leave behind a legendary tale in the world, or they wanted to create a mysterious and extraordinary history so that others would suspect that they were bigwigs, they could do so through Su Chen’s funeral company. [With only 99 Yuan, I will appear personally at your funeral with a black tuxedo. With a black umbrella in my hand, I will silently observe the entire funeral.] [With 10,000 Yuan, there will be 100 men in black at your funeral. A Maybach will drive through your funeral and an old man, dressed in a Chinese tunic suit, will bow and put flowers on your tombstone. He will then leave with a stern expression.] [With 100,000 Yuan, 3000 men in black will appear at your funeral with black umbrellas. It will be a gray and drizzly day. A military helicopter will circle the sky. Three old men dressed in black Chinese tunic suits, and two teary women, will pay their respects at your tombstone.] … [With 10 billion Yuan, your funeral will be broadcast to the public via Livestream. The heavens and the earth will shake while your coffin is carried to its final destination by nine dragons. The entire world will dim! All the world leaders will kneel and bow before your grave. Bizarre phenomena will appear in the sky while dark clouds will loom over the vast space. All the stars in the sky shall decorate your tombstone while the sun and the moon bid farewell to you.] [The company can fulfill all kinds of requests as long as you pay us enough.] [Place an order now and you will have a mysterious past immediately.]


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