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Passion Of Love


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"W-what are y-you doing?" said Meenakshi "Taking what's precious to every girl!" Dhruv growled. With a single move, he teared up her Kurti, exposing her bra. Dhruv looked at her with lust filling in his eyes. Meenakshi tried to resist him by moving her arms and legs, but he pinned her legs too with his own. He leaned in and harshly sucked her lips, biting them hard under his teeth. He pinched his waist, making her scream which gave his tongue entry into her mouth. He raptured her whole mouth with his tongue, enjoying the pleasure it gave to him. Meenakshi groaned in pain. He released her mouth and slid to her neck, biting and kissing it down. Meenakshi hissed in pain, trying to move her hands from his grip. She was feeling the same sensation coming back to her. The feeling of vulnerability. She couldn't take it. Hot tears streamed down her eyes. ********* A single promise! Who knew that one promise would change the fate of the International Mafia lord Dhruv and a simple Indian girl Meenakshi. Fate tied them under the strings of marriage during their childhood and after twenty years, they are supposed to live the promise. Dhruv is the complete definition of ruthless while Meenakshi is the harbinger of love. Being complete opposites, how can love happen? Yet Meenakshi finds herself falling for his charms. But being in love with Dhruv was like being in love with danger. She had to face every blow coming from him, each time her heart shredding another piece of pain. And with each passing moment, she found herself falling deeper into the well. Will Meenakshi ever succeed melting the stone-hearted mafia? Will love happen? Or fate has yet play it's dirty game? Cover Credit : Image solely belongs to its creator.


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