1 Characters Narration

Introduction to characters and narration of its personality and development along with the story.

Year- 1750. Human world.

1. LILY- the powerful first transistor witch, creator of the golden wand and WitchLand.

2. Prince- The former Prince Tynn. Love interest of Lily. Reason for the creation of two lands.

3. Aya- Little sister of Lily. Evil. Longed for the powers as she didn't think before turning her sister in before the kingdom of Tynn.

Year- 2008. Human World.

1. Parshawna Macduff- 17 years old, Long Bond hair and ocean blue eyes. Fair completion. Height- 167 cm. Kind and strong personality. The only heir of the golden wand.

2. Gracious- A 38-years-old modest woman. Black long-tied hairs, dusky skin tone, and wrinkles due to work and pressure. Live with her only daughter. Died at the age of 38 suffering from a disease. Mother of Shawna.

3. Harney Macduff- 58 years old Powerful Regnant Queen of WitchDom. Well known by everyone for her mighty just towards her kingdom. Black & White long wavey hairs. A warm smile and pride never leave her face. Grandmother of Shawna.

4. Jonny Macduff- 45 years old strong and valiant king of WitchDom. Only son Of Harney. Father of Shawna. Tall blond muscular figure.

5. Tom- 38 years old man modest man. A father figure to Shawna.

6. Nevlin- 35 years old mean fat woman, always tries to create problems in Gracious and Shawna's life.

7. Shany- 19 years old fat girl. Moles in her face, just like her mother. Short black hair and mean personality.

Year-2009. WitchLand.

1. Princess Shawna Macduff- 18 years old. Grown to be a beautiful princess. Long wavey blond hair and ocean blue eyes. fair complexion and kind personality. Curiosity to know at its peak.

2. Harney Macduff- 59 years old regnant queen.

3. Jonny Macduff- 46 years old king, father of lost princess Shawna. Died at the age of 47 to save his daughter and WitchLand.

4. Junnie Dutcher- A 18 years old girl. Best friend of Shawna. Long blue hair and green eyes. height- 166 cm. A bold yet strong personality. daughter of a noble merchant in Neil Town, WitchDom.

5. Jenny Broker- A 16 years old sweet innocent girl. Brunette hair and black beautiful eyes. A naive and sweet personality. Height- 158 cm. Belongs to a modest family, in CrownHempton, WhiteScale kingdom. Have a brother.

6. Bradshaw Broker- A 20 years old good-looking boy. Observer and interovert. Nerdy kid. Height- 179 cm. Deep Brown eyes. Raspy Voice. Sweet bunny smile. Broken from family affairs since childhood. The big brother of Jenny.

7. John Marshal- A 20 years old charming boy with chubby cheeks. Flirty and friendly. Extrovert and generous. Black beautiful eyes. Sweet eye smile. Height- 174 cm. Son of an ex-commander of WitchWorld. Now lives in WitchDom.

8. Prince Priam Willboard- A 20 years old handsome boy. Eldest son of king Nashall and Queen Kelneir of WitchWorld. The handsome face girls drool over. Fell in love with Shawna. Sweet friendly and romantic personality. Deep voice, Beautiful brown eyes. Height-19 cm.

9. Professor Hyle- A 70 years old professor in Witchward Wizard School of Magical Arts. Strict and noble personality.

10. Headmaster Dunston- A 150 years old powerful Wizard, headmaster of WWS. Known to be the key to many secrets of the Witchland.

11. Lady Georgia- A 55 years old dead evil soul. Negative energy and powerful Witch. Secrets to be revealed later about her birth.

13. Jennifer Lenin- A 19 years old beautiful girl. Duchess of WitchWorld, Daughter of Professor Stagrid, who was one of the main authorities of WWS. Stubborn and mean personality. Long brown hair, with brunette eyes. Height- 164 cm.

14. Cresseda- A 18 years old mean girl and friend and follower of Jennifer. Died at the age of 22.

15. Cassie- A 18-years-old girl mean rich girl. Friend and follower of Jennifer. Never been seen since after the final year in WWS.

2010. WitchLand.

1. Dekker- A 27 years old knight of WitchDom. later turned to be witty and one of the servants of Lady Georgia. Never seen after the year 2009.

2. Lucifer- A 26 years old disguised student in WWS. Servant of Evil witch lady Georgia. Never seen after the year 2009.

3. Ben Dunnie- A 45 years old man. An old friend of Gracious and a childhood friend of Jonny. Turned to be an enemy of WitchDom and imprisoned in Grezel, HampshierTown, WitchDom. Sacrificed his life for the kingdom at the age of 47.

4. King Makenzie- A 28 years old, strong, and valiant king. Muscular and strong personality. King of WhiteScale Kingdom.

5. King Nashall- A 46 years old wise king. Ruler of WitchWorld and the protector of Forbidden Sword. Sacrificed his life at the age of 50 to save the WitchLand.

6. Queen Kelnier- A 41 years old modest and radiant queen. Mother of Priam and William. Sweet and gentle personality.

7. Prince William Willboard- A 19 years old handsome prince. Modest, noble, and just. hardworking and loved his family. Had a love interest in a girl named Tiara.

8. Amira- A 21 years old powerful shapeshifter witch. Follower and servant of Satanic cult. Love interest of King Tecca.

9. King Tecca- A 40 years old king, hypnotized by the beauty of Amira, lead his Kingdom Quinn in the hands of Darkness. Forced to follow Amira Killed mercilessly by Amira.

Year- 2012. WitchLand.

1. Professor Judo- A 50 years old man, Professor of Dark Arts. Accused to be a murderer of Cresseda. But managed to clear his name.

2. Professor Mecoy- A 46 years old man, Professor, and trainer of Wicca and flying arts.

3. Flinn- A pet owl of Harney.

4. Luna Megan- A 40 years old female wolves. Luna of Cynthia pack. Powerful and Vigilant.

5. Alpha Gregory- A 52 years old male wolves, Alpha of the Cynthia pack. The mate of Luna Megan. Strong personality. Died at an unknown time by the Venom.

6. Ron- A 34 years old tall dark man, pack of Venom.

7. Felix- The legendary powerful Bloodsucker Venom. Unidentified age. Disguised as a student in WWS. The former hybrid person. Fallen in love With Shawna. Son of Aya.

8. Aya- A 300-years-old powerful transferred soul of wrath. Evil and Disguised soul. Worshiper of Lucifer and a satanic cult.





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