Parshawna Macduff Book

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Parshawna Macduff


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"My whole life changed after my mother's death. I was an orphan just before some time and now, I am a witch, the next heir of Witchdom, a princess, the owner of the most powerful wand on earth." A 16 years old girl- a female protagonist was spending her life with her mother at her uncles' house, where she was having a difficult life. Her life changed when her mother died and she met her grandmother who was a witch and the Queen of the WitchDom, and she was the next heir. With a confused mind and situation, she began her adventure, her journey toward many mysteries. When She met a few students in WWS, they become a part of her journey. The doors of many past mysteries will open with her, She will unleash the invincible power of the most powerful wand. The long-lost revenge was on her way. So many mysteries, misunderstandings, new faces will lead her to a long journey. With the help of her friends and her love the journey to find the truth, will she succeed? What will happen when she faces the evil witch? The most dangerous creature on earth? So much suspense. So many heartbreaks, So many mysteries. So many past stories. What will she choose? What does her fate want? Will she be able to find the powers she was fated for? Witness her journey from a normal girl to the greatest witch of the decade with the help of her family, friends, and her only love.


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