Chapter 211: He has married two Golden Core female cultivators, does he still want to marry Lin Sect Master?!_2

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A Golden Core Master being dominant on Immortal Mist Island is indeed not without reason.

"My lord, you are truly too formidable."

"Together, we can definitely sweep away any Golden Core Master."

Shen Biqian looked at Zhou Sui with an expression full of admiration, her eyes as charming as silk.

Apparently, if it had been left to her alone, killing the three Wu's would not have been as simple.

A slight carelessness might have allowed them to counterattack and kill her instead.

After all, they been able to roam freely in these waters for so long, their methods must be unfathomable.

But now, Zhou Sui controls the power of Dream Soul Gu and Teleportation Insect — one for control, one for teleportation.

Though he may not be able to inflict much harm on a Golden Core Master, he's the perfect assistant.

He could create openings in enemies, helping Shen Biqian and others to kill the other Golden Core Masters.