Parasite (Gu) Breeding Longveity Path: Starting from the love-enamored Gu

Author: Thousand Lakes True Person
Eastern Fantasy
Ongoing · 1.8M Views
  • 522 Chs
  • 3.9
    19 ratings
  • NO.30

What is Parasite (Gu) Breeding Longveity Path: Starting from the love-enamored Gu

Read ‘Parasite (Gu) Breeding Longveity Path: Starting from the love-enamored Gu’ Online for Free, written by the author Thousand Lakes True Person, This book is a Eastern Fantasy Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Upon awakening, Zhou Sui finds himself a low-level Qi Refiner in the Cultivation World. Fortunately, he obtains the Supr...


Upon awakening, Zhou Sui finds himself a low-level Qi Refiner in the Cultivation World. Fortunately, he obtains the Supreme Gu God Bowl, which allows him to cultivate various Gu Insects. Cultivating the Spring Autumn Gu can prolong his life and bestow immortality. Cultivating the Golden Cicada Gu grants the ability to revive the dead and regenerate flesh and bone. Cultivating the Dragon Elephant Gu gives him the Power of Dragon Elephant and the Dragon Elephant's Body, making him invulnerable. Yet, the first Gu Insect he cultivates happens to be the Obsession Gu. From then on, he discovers a broad path of cultivation. As time changes and landscapes shift, the only constants are my eternal life and the everlasting Zhou family.

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Spring Autumn ? Cicada ? the author is playing with fire I see. LET ME BE THE WITNESS !!!!!!


have read 527 chapters. its a good novel,ofcourse girls are the issue,like in every few chapters "taoist sound starts to play" .At the start i couldnt read this,like he chases every girl ,if there is mention of any girls then mc will marry them.but as you read you will get used to it and mc improves a bit. now for the good part :world background is solid.MC is op asf. random person pov is good .if you liken world development or clan development novel ,do read it. mc has 26 wife and hes not stopping ,lets see what will be his score


Alternate translation title at the bottom of this review. You can read this and keep most of your brain cells. MC is reasonably intelligent and with common sense, power scaling is respectable, and the ’partners’ are somewhat more than 2 dimensional. Though many of the women seem introduced only to interact with the MC long term. My favorite part of this book is probably the foresight and schemes cooked up by the MC. Recommended read for fun— but don’t expect anything grand. Get past the first 20-30 ch and then decide. You won’t find anything looking under the original title so here’s the alternate— Longevity Gu Dao: Start From Refining Infatuation Gu


really liking it so far although this is a rather "casual" novel with somewhat fast pacing i actually dont really mind it also not really many romance moments which is a bit of a shame


I’m enjoying the novel so far. It’s entertaining enough to keep my interest. Currently only has 112 chapters with 30ish of those privilege chapters. Was disappointed that it has missed updates the last few days. I feel like more books are starting to miss their scheduled updates at the end of the month then mass release the withheld chapters when it resets. It’s why I no long fall for the paying for privilege.


Not really sure what all the hype is about, to be perfectly honest. MC makes dumb choices, becomes OP immediately, and somehow fumbles his way through everything with his absurdly unbalanced cheat. Really just feels like a chinsy dime-a-dozen story that is trying to mooch off of Reverend Insanity’s popularity.


came here to vent to author ,,,the immortal sect took the ownership of the city but mc doesnt' need to pay for rent cause he can be a miner cause he got a clone ...so him paying rent is such a waste really....!!!!


this book is good if not AI translate it would on top 10


female characters can be made more diverse or unique.. . everyone fits the same templet.. but cant be blamed too much as they are all under a spell.. if u think them as slaves for the spell then makes sense... or else too much negligence on the part of author while writing them.. the powers and fantasy elements are good.. and overall a good causual binge read


Leaving another review after reading it. Dissaponting.


Love the story about gu worms need more


Good [img=update]




A good story is one where one enjoys reading it, it does not matter if it is cliche or does not make much sense, after all having fun and finding joy in reading it is all that matters


I was hesitant about reading this book at first but I found that it is really good. what I like the most about this book is that it's characters are not without their own flaws and I find that to be a good thing.


good novel . 500+chapters and ongoing


At-the-standard for world building, nothing exceptional. Has Gu, much like reverend insanity, but they are not at the center of the martial arts in this, as from the first 20 or so chapters, no one but the MC seems to have any. Importantly, whatever the update schedule for this, you may be best served if you only read 1 chapter per day, or space them out as needed so you forget what's going on in the story, because if you don't forget, the chapters will remind you of everything each chapter. It is excessively repetitive, and frequently will pull things like "he beat cultivators above his cultivation. he was able to contend with those stonger than himself. this meant he could beat people he normally could not." If that^ reads poorly to you, I really can't say the style of this story will treat you much better. TL;DR Entertaining, headache inducing repetitiveness (personal experience)


Overall, its ok. There is nothing special about the characters or world but I don't see any major flaws either. Story so far is the overpowered cautious MC with a generic harem. If your looking for a book to pass the time, you could do worse.


Good book. More chapters should be made available.


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