Chapter 208: Three Core Formation Spiritual Objects, the Wealth of the Golden Core Master_3

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Leng Yuexi asked curiously.

"Well, after much thought, we should go to the Wuji Alliance."

"Although other Nascent Soul powers also recruit subordinate forces, there are too many restrictions."

"However, the Wuji Alliance is different, it is essentially a Loose Practitioner Alliance, almost accepting all who come."

"Especially since you all are Golden Core Masters, you will certainly be welcomed by the Loose Practitioner Alliance, and can establish a Golden Core force."

"It is said that after joining the Wuji Alliance, islands can be assigned, helping us quickly integrate into the Canglan Sea area."

Zhou Sui said solemnly.

This was the choice he made after investigating many sources of information, which was to join the Wuji Alliance.

After all, he held too many secrets and was absolutely unsuitable to join those Sect powers.

It would be better to join the Wuji Alliance, the Loose Practitioner Alliance.