Chapter 207: The Blood Demon Tree's Riot, The Demon Tree that Swallowed Immortal Mist Island_3

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The sprawling island was now like it was enveloped within a massive red barrier, swirling with evil, gloom, terror, and cruelty.

It was like a monstrous beast that devoured the entire island.

At the heart of the island, a gigantic red tree, thousands of meters high, towered into the sky like an enormous mountain. It was as if it was an imposing god, radiating an insurmountable power.

All creatures were nothing but ants in its presence, utterly insignificant.

"What's going on? What has happened? Where does this red mist come from, and why is it engulfing the whole island?" Numerous cultivators were witnessing this scene.

They weren't fools, everyone was shocked to the core, their hearts trembling with fear.

If they had arrived a little later, wouldn't they have been trapped on the island, unable to escape?!

Just the thought of this possibility sent shivers down their spines.