Chapter 190: Mythical Constitution, Thousand-Year Lifespan_1

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Three years later.

On the Immortal Mist Peak, within the training field.

Zhou Sui holds a flying sword in his hand, surrounded by terrifying waves of sword qi. Countless sword qi gathering together, as if a real dragon is soaring in the sky.

A terrifying pressure radiates all around, making people's hearts tremble in fear.

The ground is oppressed by this momentum, causing cracks to appear and producing snapping sounds.

In the next second, he gently waves the sword and attacks a distant point.

A wave of soundless sword qi, not causing any ripple in the air, like a real dragon merging into the air, instantly hits a mountain peak hundreds of meters away.


In an instant, that mountain peak is pierced through by this sword, creating a fist-sized hole.

Many scattered stones are all shattered into dust.

The third stance of the True Dragon Sword Art - Dragon Swinging Tail!


Seeing the effectiveness of his sword, Zhou Sui's face showed a joyful look.