Chapter 1: This is the Cultivation World_1

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"Yours truly, a girl, 18 years old, height 165, wandering female hero, dreams of finding a fellow Cultivator as a husband."

"A mature 30-year-old female Cultivator, seemingly past her prime, hoping to find a stable male cultivator to spend the rest of my days with."

"A delicate female cultivator here, adores being under the dominance of a powerful cultivator."

"Rumors say that cultivators are incredibly powerful. This young lady, being traditional, is determined to find a man to stand behind."

"Big brother cultivator, I have been in business for many years and possess substantial family wealth. I pray for an abundance of children."

In front of the Hundred Flowers Tower, in Misty Cloud City.

A host of beautiful women with radiant smiles are stationed on the second floor, throwing enticing glances at the passing cultivators, causing those just starting their cultivation journey to frequently steal a second look.

This is a world of cultivators.

Once you become a cultivator, you become an immortal among mortals, capable of ascending to heaven in one step. Even the most ordinary cultivator can live for centuries and amass enormous wealth.

It can be said that becoming a cultivator automatically grants you the right to choose a partner and attracts countless mortal women like moths to a flame.

"Humph, these seductive creatures, seeking to disrupt my spiritual focus?!"

"Do these mere mortal women dream of dating out of their league?"

"You're right, we cultivators, who possess sacred roots, should pursue the path of immortality. How could we indulge in such matters?"

"With no woman in our hearts, we find it easier to follow the path of cultivation."

Many male cultivators passing by gritted their teeth and suppressed their throbbing hearts, rapidly fleeing from the Hundred Flowers Tower, fearing to fall into the web of these femme fatales, which could potentially jeopardize their cultivation path.

Once that happens, they would undoubtedly fall into the hands of these women.

"This is the world of cultivation."

At a distance, an 18-year-old boy watched this scene transpire, an inexplicable expression on his face. To him, everything was incredibly new.

His name was Zhou Sui, a transmigrator.

Originally, he lived comfortably in his former world, the model of a standard homebody with his own car and house leading a rather satisfying life. But who would have thought, during one of his hiking trips, he would stumble and fall off a cliff.

As a result, he suddenly transcended into this world of cultivation, assuming the role of an 18-year-old teenager who shared his name.

What's more tragic is that his predecessor's parents were cultivators at the Late Qi Cultivation stage, but had unfortunately died during an adventure leaving him all alone in this world.

Adding to this, he was only a cultivator with a Ninth Grade Spirit Root, and his cultivation was still at the first layer of Qi cultivation.

Wanting to stay in Misty Cloud City, a haven for Loose Cultivators, wouldn't be an easy task.

After all, this was a lawless world of cultivation, where survival of the fittest ruled. If you weren't strong, your life could be lost at any moment with no one to save you.

Luckily, his parents had bought a house in Misty Cloud City before their death, providing him a place to live. Otherwise, considering his cultivation level, he would definitely be thrown out of the city and be homeless.

So even when he saw all these beautiful and attractive women, he wasn't fortunate enough to enjoy their companionship since he barely had any food left at home.

With this in mind, Zhou Sui quickened his pace, rapidly left the Hundred Flowers Tower, and returned to his residence.

"Oh, my dear nephew, you're back. How about the matter we discussed last time? Have you thought about my proposal?"

At this time, a sharp-mouthed middle-aged man approached Zhou Sui with a grin.

"Uncle Liu, forget about it. This house is something my parents left for me, and I don't want to sell it."

Zhou Sui immediately identified the man. His name was Liu Dong, a longtime friend of his parents.

But after the death of Zhou Sui's parents, Liu Dong's attitude changed. He tried to persuade Zhou Sui to sell the house, claiming that he could bribe the manager of the Immortal Mist Sect to let Zhou join the sect as an outer disciple.

It's crucial to know that the Immortal Mist Sect was the dominant sect in the surrounding ten thousand li area. The Sect Master was a formidable Golden Core cultivator. If Zhou Sui could really become a disciple of the Immortal Mist Sect, even just an outer disciple, it would elevate his status immensely.

However, having lived two lives, how could Zhou Sui fail to see through Liu Dong's intentions? If it were that easy to join the Immortal Mist Sect, Liu Dong would have done it himself long ago. There's no way he would leave this opportunity for Zhou Sui.

The only reason Liu Dong mentioned this proposal was that he had his eyes set on the house. If Zhou Sui sold it, the Spirit Stones he would earn from the sale would most likely fall into Liu Dong's hands.

At that point, Zhou's fate would be uncertain.

Therefore, he wasn't going to fool himself into taking Liu Dong's bait.

"Alas, dear nephew, you should think it over. Once you miss this opportunity, it's gone. This is a hard-fought opportunity that your uncle has found for you."

Liu Dong was still trying his hardest to convince Zhou Sui, "Given your Spiritual Root Aptitude, if you cultivate alone, I'm afraid there is no hope for the Foundation Establishment in this lifetime. However, if you join the Immortal Mist Sect, there might be a glimmer of hope for embarking on the path to immortality."

"No, thank you. I have no delusions about the path to immortality. Right now, I'm the only descendant of the Zhou family, responsible to continue the legacy. My parents wanted nothing more than for me to live a peaceful life and ensure the prosperity of the Zhou family. As for cultivation, I'm content to let it be."

Zhou Sui waved his hand dismissively.

He didn't say much to Liu Dong and went straight back to his house.

In all honesty, he wasn't afraid of Liu Dong harming him. Misty Cloud City was the infamous city of Loose Cultivators, established for over a hundred and twenty years, and had a powerful Foundation Establishment cultivator backing it.

A multitude of Loose Cultivators lived within, maintaining the city's order. If anyone dared to strike within the city, they'd be instantly detected. The guilty party would then be doomed to certain death.


Liu Dong wore an uncertain expression, but ultimately, he dared not make a move. All he could do was watch helplessly as Zhou Sui entered his house.

"Tsk, Liu Dong. It seems like your nephew doesn't trust you very much. Do you want me to make a move?"

At this moment, another middle-aged cultivator emerged from the shadows. He wore a sinister expression and was seasoned with murder. One glance was enough to tell that he was a ruthless cultivator who hardly hesitated to kill when it suited him.

"Shut up! Dare you make a move within Misty Cloud City?"

Hearing this, Liu Dong sneered.


The middle-aged cultivator fell silent. To tell the truth, he didn't dare to act out of line. He himself didn't want to die; he had a promising future that might even encompass the prospect of Foundation Establishment.

If he truly acted out here, it would definitely result in mutual destruction with a minor cultivator, a risk he wasn't foolish enough to take.

"Just an insignificant First Stage Qi Cultivator, what can he do? Moreover, he's just a Ninth Grade Spiritual Root cultivator. He would be lucky to advance to the Sixth Layer of Qi Cultivation before he turns fifty. He can't pose a threat to us anytime soon."

Liu Dong chuckled sarcastically, "We're in no hurry. Let's play the long game. This house worth thousands of Spirit Stones, if we get it, I might be able to advance my cultivation to the Eighth Layer of Qi Cultivation, or even the Ninth."

A glimmer of ambition revealed in his eyes.

"Hehe, never thought you could be so ruthless. Weren't you a friend of his parents?"

The brazen middle-aged cultivator chuckled.

"Heh, we were merely acquaintances. Even if we were friends, so what? For the path to immortality, there are those who abandoned their wives and children. Compared to them, what am I?"

Liu Dong dismissed the question with a sneer, "We can't make a move within Misty Cloud City. Let's find an excuse to lure this kid out of the city. Once we get him outside, we can quietly deal with him."

After finishing, they both rapidly departed the scene.