A child in the (A) Marvel Verse accidentally discovers the truth about his life. Discovering his ability is a lot more powerful now that he knows how the world will change. Trying to ensure he is safe from the coming storm and finding the mutants might just be his best way to do this.

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"Joel, the Dr. you mentioned showed up at the base. Do you want me to set up a strike team?"

"No Lilly, this one I will be doing alone, please make sure no one leaves that base, if they do I need to be able to locate them right away."

"Are there any mutants on the base?"

"Not yet, although soon after arrival the tone in the bases changed."

This was the other high-level leader we meant our show on for, the main reason mutants were hunted. Now, with the actions we have taken he was forced to make a move, Dr Sublime, this was the period he should have been resting without any help. We forced him to move early so I could take action.

This is something I do not want the other to be part of, there are sure to be innocent people there, but Sublime is very special, he is actually a bacteria, that can infect and control those close to him, so everyone in the base needs to disappear.

I disappear instantly and appear over what seems to be a snow-logged laboratory. I throw up a mental shield around the place, then an energy one, "Did anyone leave?" "No Joel, you sure you want to do this, I can do it and delete it from my memory you know."

I snort and gather a large portion of solar energy, then without hesitation throw a solar flare at the laboratory. I focus on the area, no signs of life at all, no matter how small, this area is a dead zone.

I stay for a while as the moment I remove the shield the heat inside will start to impact the surroundings. once I am sure it will cause no disasters I remove the shields and disappear.

I am fully aware of what I did, but it had to happen. My people come first, then my world. Unless I get a pet that's the way it's staying, wait, is Felicia classed as a pet?

It does not take long for my mind to move on, I am not sure if this is normal or not, but it's me.

A week later we received a group of guests, they seemed surprised we had homes ready for them. We repeat what we told their scouts about the realm of gods, the temple, and the life options available to them. When you consider how hard they had to work for nothing before, this is a literal heaven to them. 

As expected, two days later I sense a group of upper caste arrive on the island. I have already made my people aware of their powers and who they are, so I am amused to see how Eric looks down at them.

"So, you came running after your people left because they could no longer stand your rule?" Eric went right in for the neck.

Medusa looks to Black Bolt but Eric speaks again, "He can speak for himself, the Goddess Gia has removed only his power to allow him to speak."

The Inhumans look around in panic, they see no actions, no effect, What makes them even more shocked is Black Bolt's soft and careful voice "Hello?" and then the look of surprise on his face as looks at Medusa with shock. Medusa is smiling brightly at him while Eric seems bored events.

Turning back to Eric, he spoke clearly, "Hello, and thank you, my name is Black Bolt, and I am the ruler of Attilan. We have come to see if our people are safe," it is surprising how well he spoke for someone who hardly ever utters a sound.

Eric nods, "They arrived here of their own accord and asked if we would take them in, as Lord Paragon is the God of all Awakened beings, we naturally made room for them in the divine realm. You are free to go see them, or just walk around, but be aware, that Goddess Gia is the protector of this realm, any aggressive actions will be dealt with by her. If you want your power back, just ask her nicely." With that, Eric nodded once more and walked away to a little girl not far away surrounded by animals she seemed to be talking to.

I am currently considering more gods for the pantheon, when I mentioned it to Lilly she said for once I need to stop thinking only about what they can do to benefit me, but the image that they can convey.

So, I started thinking about the ones I wanted and how I could package them to the image I needed them to convey.

As I focus on my thoughts, my attention is drawn to the vast source of divinity, following it back to its origin I find that it leads to one of the squirrels currently playing tag with Magneto's daughter. Only an Elder God could get in here without Gia's detection, and no one would take the time to play tag. I guess that little girl is the right choice for a future goddess.

A voice that sounds like the gently rustling of leaves suddenly speaks to me, "Lord Paragon, I have removed the abilities of the upper caste visitor Maximus as I found he was attempting to use it to influence the lower caste Inhumans. I have had Xavier look them over and it seems he has been conditioning them for a while, Xavier has easily removed this influence. We have detained him though, we might need you to look into this."

"Thank you, Gia." I think it might be time to create two new gods.

One will be the Judge, someone who can impartially judge events from the perspective of the victim, then we need a hunter, someone to locate the accused and doggedly hunt them without fail. 

For both of these roles I had people in mind, the first was the Judge, as we needed him now.

I vanish and appear within a dimension that seems to only contain a grey thick mist, it is silent here, deathly silent.

I focus and find the one I am looking for, he is been here since he changed, currently unaware of his past.

I appear next to a man with deathly pale chalk-like skin, a black cloak hangs over him although it is uncertain if it is actually clothing or just another part of him.

He looks up listlessly at my arrival, I smile and greet him, "Hello Michael, I am Lord Paragon. Have the dead here told you your story yet?"

The man looks up and slowly shakes his head, "All they do is talk about themselves, about the injustice done to them, Michael, is that my name?"

"Yes, you were called Michael Hart, you would be one of them, but your dead wife gave up her eternal soul to save you. But as you can see this was all a mortal soul could manage."

"I had someone who loved me that much? So she died for me, was I trying to avenge her then?"

I smirk, "I see your brain still works well, I came here to offer you a role in my pantheon. You see souls here can see Karma, they are a perfect jury, but without a Judge to guide them they will act solely based on Karma and their lives injustice. I will return your memories if you like, or just your knowledge. You fought on both sides of the law and will bring the balance they need."

Michael seems to consider for a time, "My knowledge, my memories of my wife, that is all I need."

I am slightly taken aback, why would you burden yourself like that, I nod. 

I now have my God of Judgement who I have given a much deeper understanding of Souls and complete domain within his own Temple/Courtroom, naturally not applied to me.

Now for my God of the Hunt, mine will differ slightly from the Greek one though.