419 Into Harm's Way (1)

"We're still ten barrels of water short." Arjun gestured toward the long column of carts that stood waiting in the early morning light. While the middle-aged Ranger's calm was usually difficult to break, today, his anxiousness was impossible to miss.

"Those arrived last night," Sassun said. In contrast to Arjun, he still maintained a stoic facade, with the only sign that he was equally anxious the unusually dour expression on his face. "The problem are the arrows. We still need—"

"The last batch of arrows was delivered yesterday," Kaleesh interrupted him. "The supplies are all here, and if anything is still missing, we'll just have to go without it."

Neither Arjun nor Sassun seemed content with Kaleesh's words. As soon as he finished speaking, anxious looks shot across their faces.

"But what about the salted meat—"

"What of the bandages—"


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