Paragon of Destruction

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What is Paragon of Destruction

Read ‘Paragon of Destruction’ Online for Free, written by the author TomVanDyke, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering MAGIC Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: When Arran decides to become a mage, he quickly discovers that magic can be more dangerous than he had ever imagined. So...


When Arran decides to become a mage, he quickly discovers that magic can be more dangerous than he had ever imagined. Soon, he finds himself hunted for powers he never knew he had. Helped by a mysterious mage with secret motives, he sets off on a journey to escape his enemies. But where will he run? And can he trust his helper? Pursued by mages and monsters alike, he knows there is only one true road to safety: to become stronger than his enemies! ——— Paragon of Destruction is classic fantasy with strong xianxia/xuanhuan influences, lots of action, and a variety of characters from different backgrounds. Release schedule: 1 chapter/day. Content advisory: strong violence, strong language, and some sexual content.

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So. You want a classical adventure, the likes of Hogwarts and the Lord of the Rings? You've come to the right place then. No seriously, you have. MC is the good guy yet.... I can see him teetering on the edge between... he might be the villain for the right reasons. Magic? Check that off the list. He has raw power, no control. He's also deceiving. He's the young-slightly-buff-dude that you can't help to scoff and ask, how is he a mage? Wizened Grandpa figure? Check. In this case, not so wizened, more like 40 years old-still-able-to-knock-ladies-AND-men-down-with- a- wink. (That was long.) The MC runs into a bunch of trouble near the ending of the first arc, novice against masters and grandmaster, that sort of thing. Overall. It's a good read. There much more I could tell you... but that just ruins the fun of unraveling the plot that is Paragon of Destruction. So add it the library and join me for the wild, magical ride. P.S: No harem. Not unless you count the gaggles of old men MC meets.... fine. Maybe a twincy wincy, old man harem. Only one romance lead.


This is a hidden gem. Finally i found another one of these few stories with a proper english sentence structure and properly used grammar! At the beginning this novel feels like a western fantasy story, where the mc just comes into his power. But this feeling shifts; the novel gets more into the eastern fantasy theme with body cultivation. Overall it‘s a very good novel: Nice magic and cultivation system, Proper English grammar, nice pacing. Thank you for this great novel.


Writing Quality: I love the authors breadth of vocabulary and effective sentence structure. The writing is clean and organized, making for an easy and enjoyable read. Stability of Updates: 12 chapters have come out so far, with basically 1 chapter a day. So far stability is 5 stars. Story Development: The story has a nice pace. The intense parts are quick, not drawn out like many novels on here. The relaxing parts are relaxed. Overall the pace is a little quicker than most, but I don't mind that. Character Design: 5 stars because it is just starting, and for 12 chapters the author does a good job of not revealing too much too quickly. There are your stereotypical characters: the ignorant, hard working main character. the mysterious and potentially dangers master/teacher. the hermetic, but kind and generous friend of the master/teacher. None of which are bad things. The story still has lots of room to develop and expand upon those basic character types. World Background: At 12 chapters there isn't a whole lot, which is to the authors credit. I like that the background is developed as the MC learns it. Being a kid from east jesus nowhere it makes sense that the kid is ignorant of the world.


Writing Quality = Good Stability Updare = Really Good But as for the rest.. Bad... Paragon of destruction = Paragon of average First point, MC doesn't seem to be logical at all, he threw golden opportunity to train just because he want to find a shortcut (that doesnt exist) or can't handle the training. Second point, MC does stupid logical decision even if the best answer/solution is slapped at his face, he goes full retard because of plot (?) Third point, the MC is AVERAGE, he doesnt have any talent whatsoever; what he has is the forbidden real, that from what is shown is not even that 'legendary', an example of a (my imaginary) scale: Common - Rare - Rare+ - Epic - Legendary The forbidden realm is only at Rare, or at max between Rare and Rare+ But the worst point is that 'this advantage' that he has on the forbidden realm IS USELESS; he has a forbidden realm that is only mentioned at the start of the novel and during chapter 50 from what I understood, and nothing. We know nothing about the forbidden realm, what it is exactly, what type it is, NOTHING, he doesn even use it; and we are already 100+ chapters in.


Reveal spoiler


The characters. Ah yes, the characters. It frustrates me to no end that we have such a dumb MC. Every. Single, Fucking. Time. He always chooses the worse option. Always does something unnecessary. Always. That’s why I’m dropping this novel. Though the writing itself is good.


All right this novel great writing quality. You have good updates everyday and good world background that with some mystery insides. It has good romance, story. Butbutbutbuuuuttttt.... It has worse power level development. Power level barrier. And whacky power level of MC soooooo whacky and absurd that make it nonsense and i think i will drop this novel... Seriously how can such absurd mc still alive after all that thing happen. This novel has no sense power level on mc believe me if you want good story you can pick this. but if you do just dont think of the mc strength because this ****ty brat mc it has no sense of power level and he is so weak and pathetic to the point it absurd.


This story had promise. When I started reading this I expected somewhere along the lines of actual Mages training and honing on their respective realms and then eventually fuse or enhance the realms. The start of the novel was great up until the girl decided she wanted to tag along. I was fine with this to an extent until the author had to force the MC out of gaining experience from traveling in the wilderness. The author then inserted some stupid decisions that made some important figure help him on deaths door after a dumb conflict that could have been avoided. after that the MC just starting a training montage for a long time...again. What really made me quit this novel is when I realized after he went strolling through a city the whole story devolved into a ****ty xianxia novel With the retarded MC being overprotective of woman and angry noble sons because of MC interfering. I expected more but I guess I should not expect too much on this kind of site. The girl that tags along the MC just ruins the novel. The problem is not having a girl tag along. THE problem is how to author presented her. It's like the author is trying so hard to make her a ML but fails at it way too much.


It's a fantastic fantasy story. I love the characters. Plot is intriguing and not boring. This is perhaps the best magic story here in webnovel.


This looked like was going to be a amazing story. Kept me waiting for updates. Would have been probably one of best books on webnovel if author would not have died of corvid when first started spreading.


What a fun xianxia novel! You did a great job! I can’t help myself sneaking reading it at work! Such a shame that not much people found this novel yet.... Hopefully,,, more and more readers can get to read it!! Once again,great job!


Unfortunately this novel will never be finished because the author passed away...this is my favourite novel on this website by far and i am deeply saddened by the death of the author and the unfinished novel he leaves behind ...R.I.P Tom you shall be missed


This was a complete waste of time, and if I had to do it again I would gladly do it. We are in a phase of explosion with people translating/writing non stop with no regard to quality, however things were not this bad when this one came out and it was one of the really good ones. I would not recommend reading this normally on account of there not being an ending as author has passed away, but considering the level of work available today, fake reviews and manipulated ratings finding a good content to read is becoming harder and harder, so if you got the time do give this a try.


It has been a long time since this story has been updated and the author hasn't sent us(his reddit page) an update, going fully offline. I'm not sure whether or not anybody will read this novel because they might want to read despite knowing that there will never be an end. Regardless, I have to share my opinion on the story even if I read it months and possibly over a year ago. This story is an amazing one that truly shows how Arran grows from being a country boy. I'm sure if you're reading this and you haven't read Paragon of Destruction yet, you will be confused as to whether this atypical novel is good or bad, but I will try to provide my point of view on the debate as I see it. Many comments and reviews highlight that Arran has been as dumb as a rock with decision making without growth, but I contest this view. Arran at the start of the novel was absolutely confused and thrust into an unfamiliar world of magic, so he was constantly making incorrect decisions. Little does it help that he's a teenager with emotions who doesn't want to stay in a dark room repeating one move for centuries. Later in the novel, though, Arran is able to trick an entire government just for the sake of getting stronger. He isn't any criminal mastermind just yet, but he is able to use complicated and nuanced ways of thinking in order to further himself and reach his goals. Therefore I conclude my argument that Arran has absolutely shown growth in decision-making skills throughout PoD. Secondly, many people seem to believe that Arran is untalented and always compared to those stronger than him. To explain why this is irrelevant, I have to explain the concept of many wuxia novels. In many wuxia novels, the main character will grow strong enough that they will be the strongest in their world/region, but must then move on to a place where others match up to their strength/skills at the time. Arran does this same concept, but since the entire story has had him journey through dofferent places, it fits in well with the story rather than randomly moving to a higher realm. Arran is constantly comparing homself to those stronger than him and exceeding his limits because that is the best way for him to grow stronger. Because of this, even though it may seem like Arran is always weaker and less talented, he is realistically far more talented than his age group. Ultimately, whether or not you agree with me, please check out Paragon of Destruction because it's a wonderful novel that naturally flows as a Eastern/Western fantasy. It may be over, but this novel will always hold a place in my heart.


Please author, please write on! I check this series every month and now even download this app because I read online that I can read on her with using premium. I know you are discouraged because some idiots say this story isn't good especially at the beginning and it is hard for writers to earn money, your relatives died... life is hard sometimes, I hope you are feeling better now. Please continue arran's story. I loved it since chapter 1. It is one of my few all-time favorites. I told my mother for hours on end about your novel. Actually at the start of the year I wanted to PN you and wish you well and say this novel is awesome and so very well written... but I am a bit shy and didn't do it. I regret that now. I will follow you and continue to check this series in the hope of seeing chapter 420. Ah well I guess you will never read this review. Just know there are so many people out there who read and love your story so much. I made this account to write this to you and upvote this story because it deserves it. This is my first ever review for a light novel. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us!


I genuinely don't think I can give this story enough praise. It's truly a shame that the author died, as it's one of my favourite fantasy novels of all time. Writing Quality - Flawless. As in, throughout the 419 chapters, I don't think that I found a single flaw. Stability of Updates - I just put this down as 5* because I remember the story having good update stability until a couple updates before the "end". Story Development - The story in the beginning is meh, but it eventually it becomes amazing. As much as I love this novel- to the point of having read it 5 times now- It's really not the best. It's still not bad, mind you, and I would never say it's boring or unreadable, but it's significantly worse than every other category. After the initial period of getting tossed around like a ragdoll by powers far beyond his means, the story is downright amazing, though. It's a simple Hero's Journey, but perfected and devoid of any of the gimmicks and lazy tricks of other similar story. Character Design - Good. Arran is a simple man. He has average talent for magic, he has average talent for using a sword, and he has average talent for insights. His only real talent is fighting. To say that he is a natural at killing people would be an understatement. And he's not the type to feel morally conflicted about it either. The other characters are also relatively simple. Despite this, I can't really call any of them bad. It's just good, basic character design, to go along with the good, basic story. World Background - Amazing. It's unfortunately never plumbed to its truest depths, but there are plenty of hints of threats that lie beyond the veil of secrecy. Every time I reread this, I can't help but feel like there's so much left untold about the world. I really can't express how sad I am that this story will never be finished. It's truly an amazing piece of writing, and I wish that he had at least uploaded his notes on the story and world somewhere. It takes everything I love about simple high fantasy and puts it all into one neat, simple package. It truly belongs in the hall of fame of fantasy webnovels, alongside the likes of The Wandering Inn and Mother of Learning.


It is fair enough to call this book a hidden gem with all of its backgrounds, struggels and character eevelopment Dear Tommy whether you are still struggling against or watching us from Heaven I loved reading your Masterpiece Thank you for this book


Its been almost a year since the novel has been last updated and I have read many other books in that time but I still come back to check if Paragon of Destruction has been updated once a week because it is one of if not the best book I have read on this site. The world building really stands out and is done phenomenally well in my opinion as well as the character development, the story is fast paced and keeps the readers attention through out all 419 chapters. I truly hope that Tom comes back to finish this Novel because it has so much potential to become even better.


So, from the first 5 chapters I have read till now, I have felt the following opinions: 1) I could immediately find and relate to the storyline 2) The mc has gained some depth to his character already 3) Some words need to be changed to make it better sounding. I lost my immersion into the story a few times when certain words couldn't bring out the intended effect 4) The mental state of the mc has not been fixed. It's like he can read too much into a situation, trust others easily ( I'm not sure about this point, but something about the MC's behavior put me off a bit) 5) but the story is quite immersive, it may not seem like a unique plot but it sure is interesting to read. I'm completely hooked up to the plot. 👍👍👍


One of the first LN that captured me. Well written, with a huge world and a smart but not op MC. Givebit a try and you will not be disappointed.


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