Pansy Parkinson - doing it right this time -

I was always interested in Pansy Parkinson, she was different. She seemed more like a lonely and misunderstood girl rather than a villainous one. Once I died because of my chronic illness I thought about pansy and how fortunate she was even as a villain. Then the next time I wake up I am in the body of a young child, a young child named Pansy Parkinson. Disclaimer! I saw people getting confused because of the synopsis, this is a story where the mc (girl) got reborn into Pansy Parkinson (Girl) also there are a lot of chapters ahead on my pa-tre-on be sure to support me of you can the link is in the first chapter :)

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Chapter Fifty

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It had become dark and we could arrive at Hogwarts any minute now, I mostly read my book while Ron and Harry spoke. Every so often I would speak and talk a little before going back to reading. It was comforting and the best I've felt in years. I always feel like I have several chains around my neck when I am near purebloods, I always try my best not to look it but it still felt like that. It felt like I would be able to die at any second while treading on thin ice.

But when I was with Ron and harry it felt like I had only one chain wrapped around my neck. It felt like I had a tree branch to hold on to if I fell through the ice. Maybe it was because of my reader connection with both of them.

I felt the train stop almost making me fall out of my warm seat. I stood up and waved my wand which moved all three trunks on the floor. "Thanks," Harry said and Ron just shrugged and smiled at me. I felt warm inside and nodded as I took my trunk and placed my book inside before leaving the compartment. Leaving my trunk behind.

Lots of people were out of their compartments and going at it to try and leave as soon as possible. As brilliant as the train may be, Hogwarts is even better. I felt myself being slurred around by a skilled Ron and he pushed people out of the way and lead Harry and me through.

"All 'irst years on 'he boats, " A ruff yell echoed through the small hogsmeade.

"Ah ther' yeh re 'Arry," A big ruffed haired man said. He was enormous, and I felt tiny compared to him. "I am getting on the boat, I will see you both later," I said loudly talking over the cacophony around me. I smiled at Ron before leaving, he almost looked nervous at me leaving on my own but I just gave a reassuring nod.

After all, no matter how much I liked them it was best to keep a distance, I already met Quirrel and I don't need him thinking I am a pawn to be used to get to Harry. I got on one of the last boats and sat down. I kinda wished I had some sort of entertainment, and regretted leaving my book inside the trunk. I could sigh looking back at it.

I felt my boat rock and I immediately looked around to see the girl who had glared at me in the compartment, sit down in the boat with me. She had pretty auburn hair and dark brown eyes. I looked away from her and looked behind her where I tried to find Daphne, Theodore and Draco. Albeit with no luck, as they were nowhere to be found.

"What are you doing here, trying to get hexed by me, " I snarked in annoyance, although my ace betrayed nothing as I looked ahead instead of at her. She let out an ungirly chuckle and looked at me with a small smile. "I came to say am sorry, alright, " she said.