34 Chapter 34: Busquets

I got to the training grounds after a few minutes of walk, waiting for me, I found Gojo Satoru and the dragon, they seem to have a conversation.

"Well,well, well. The old lizards is making friends huh?" I asked with a smile walking towards them.

"Your majesty!" x2 They both bowed their heads down after hearing my voice and turning towards me.

I was wearing today a black tank top with white shorts since it was really hot, probably 34°. Of course I could ask one of the maids to change the weather, but it everything will lose it natural taste.

Some maid were walking from there and saw us talking. "Oh look its his majesty!" The first one said.

"Oh my god! He so hot." The other one expressed.

"Look at his body, its so perfect~" The one next to them added.

They think we can't hear them, but yeah I'll just ignore them. "Guys I think that Laila explained everything for you right?"

"Yes your majesty, we understand the situation very well. You can rest reassured, I will execute my mission extremly well. I shall not disapoint!" Gojo confidently said.

"Haha, this is what I love about you Satoru! Always optimistique." I slapped his back a few time while laughting.

"Haha thank you Nouflex-sama." His had a wide smile.

At that moment Blanc finally came, holding in her tiny hands a small golden box. "Im sorry to make you wait you majesty."

"It's okay, it's okay. You actualy came at the right time." She walked towards me and opened the box revealing 10 submarines ready to go." I took one of them and placed it on my lips.

"What type of cannabis is that Blanc?" I asked her pulling a golden lighter from the pockets of my shorts.

"Its morocan hashish my lord, the best we have!" She proudly said.

"Great! Im gonna have to visit the goddess of nature to thank her for those rockets she's taking care of." I lit the joint up and inhaled the smoke.

When I inhaled the weed, my brain began to experience the effects of the drug and my perception of reality began to change. My thought process have also became more relaxed and creative, as my brain processed the information in different and unusual ways.

My vision might have also become more vivid and enhanced, with colors and shapes appearing more distinctive and fascinating. Finally, my mood immedietly improved, as I felt relaxed and chilled, and possibly entertained by what I experienced.

"Damn, that's a good one." I enjoyed what I consumed then continued.

"I called you guys here because I forgot to give you a name, lizard. You can't introduce yourself to people as one of my subordinates while not having a name, can you?" I said with my left hand on my waist.

"Ohhh! It would be an honor to receive a name from your majesty!" He furthur bowed his head.

"I already thought of a name for you, you shall be called by the name of Busquets, because you look like him. The only difference between you is that he is skin and bones while you're only bones." I proudly annouced his new name.

"Thank you your majesty. I shall make myself worthy of shuch name." The dragon expressed his gratitude.

"Perfect! Now that this is done, you can leave for your mission whenever you want..." Turning towards Gojo I continued. "And Satoru, I leave Busquets under your care."

He nodded his head, I then turned around and went to finish some of the work I didnt complete.

"I can trust Gojo on this." I said to myself.

*Gojo Satoru POV*

"Well, you heard what his majesty said. There is no time to waist let's get into work." I started turning my index finger making circles with the tip indicating to Busquets that we are leaving now.

As I mounted the dragon, it started flapping its wings creating strong wind currents as we took to the skies, I was met with a breathtaking sight. The green forest stretched out before me, filled with towering trees and deep green foliage. The sun beamed through the branches and leaves, casting a beautiful and mystical light.

The sky was also a vibrant blue, with clouds and sun rays creating a lovely spectacle. The gentle breeze and bird calls added to the serene and peaceful atmosphere, and the entire scene was surreal and enchanting.

It was a moment of pure bliss, as me and Busquets flew through the sky and took in beautiful and magical sights. We are now heading to a cave called the Crimson Grotto inside the forest of Mariol.

Its a cave where the city of vampires is. These informations were guathered by the castel's spies, they really excel at their job since they brought us information about everything without creating a single problem or a suspicion.

'This again proves his majesty's powers and wisdom, since he is the one to created them after all.' Proudly thought Gojo.

"Gojo-dono we're almost there. I can already see the entrance of the cave. Shall I land?" Busquets asked.

"Yes." I ordered him standing on his skull with both hands folded on my chest.

'They usually can't support getting exposed to sun light, only the elite of them can do that...' I thought with my hand on my chin.

"Humu, in that case let's give them a visit." I walked with Busquets past the entrance of the cave, and the smell was already insupportable.

"Shit! Thank god Nouflex-sama didn't come here himself." Getting deeper into the cave, it kept getting wider and blood traces were getting more frequent until reaching places where really skinny body parts of different creatures were throws on the ground.

"Hum, I can already see what kind of place we're getting into."



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