21 Chapter 21: First time as a king








I slowly open my eyes and I find myself in the real word inside my capsul.


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I slowly opened my eyes and found myself still sitting on my beautiful majestic throne. I check my vision and find that there is not game interface as well as HP and MP bar meaning a single thing.

'I made it!'

"He...hehe...hehehahaHAAAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAGH!" I placed my forehead on my palm that was held with the help of my elbow resting on the soft handle of the throne.

"My lord, are you okay?" Laila, the guardian overseer and my secretary. Her duty is to do the all paper work and small tasks and needs I have as well as supervising the guardians, so she most of the times stay next to me.

"Hehehe, yeah haha, im more than fine, im actualy in the best from of my life and the happiest person Laila... Do you know why?" I asked with a happy smile making me look like a kid. Out of happiness I even took the black crown and spinned it on my index finger.

"No Viriako-sama im afraid that I do not know why." She bowed her head feeling guilty as if not knowing why I was happy is considered a crime.

"It's because me! As a supreme being and your king will be here for good and always and we have been transported into a new world." She didn't understand most of what I said but she realised what I said about being tranfered into a new world.

"In that case I will start the urgence protocols immedietly." She believed my words immedietly without even questionning it, it was as if my world were the absolute truth and logic of the world.

"Wait, before anything here take those..." I took out two rings out of my storage ring and gave them to her, they were the Authority ring and the Telekeneisis ring.

"This is the telekeneisis ring give it to the Blizzard guardian, as for the other its the authority ring it allows you to talk to all people of the castle, I have two of it so I decided to give you this one since you will need it to accomplish you duties more effectively as the guardians overseer."

Seeing that I gave her a gift, Laila's face blushed to the ears, she lowered herself to one knee and gently bowed her head, carefully bringing her eyes down to the ground as a sign of devotion and reverence. She then expressed herself.

"Viriako-sama I do not deserve those gifts but I will devote my body and soul to not make you regret trusting me with those treasures."

"Laila those are not treasures, they are garbage, just lifeless items. My real treasures are you, the gods, guardians and all the people serving in this castle." I said putting my crown back on my red hair.

I could see that she was shaking while kneeling, looking down to hide her face, but I could clearly see her azure red ears that are about to let smoke come out of them.

'C-calm down Laila, Hufff huuffff, this is not the moment to do that, the castle is in a serious situation. Inhaaaale... Exhaaale, now calm down.' Laila's head was a mess after what I said but she managed to control herself.

"Laila tell Amon to scan the area around the castle to know our location, as well as to see how much of the city was teleported here. Also gather all the Gods in the important meetings rooms except for Ruin in 45 minutes, Amon must join us there too after he finishes his expedition in order to share the informations with us."

I ordered her checking her breath-taking delicious body without exagerating. Of course I could look at her however I want, she would even be glad about it but right now I must stay professional since I dont even know where we have been teleported to, but I just can't help it she's so gorgeous!

"At once my lord." And like that she left the room to execute her orders leaving me and my personal maid. Please allow me to explain to you.

In this castle the one with the highest authority is obliviously me, but the other two right after me are my kids. Yes you heard it right I have kids here. So as the people with the most important roles in here, we have our personnal maids.

Each one of us have a maid, and the maids the three of us have are actualy sisters, I named each one of them 'White' in a different language because of their white hair. So my maid is called Blanc.

(Picture of Blanc here)

"Blanc, bring me the kids!" I waved my hand at her allowing her to go.

"Yes master." She bowed her head and went to bring my two children.

Now that she left, let me explain to you the system inside the castle. As I already explained before the three with the highest authority are me and my kids, then comes Laila the guardians overseer.

Then right after Laila comes the Gods that I told her to gather in the meeting room. The gods are a part of the guardians but they are special individuals with special abilities, it can be special strengh, magic or even intellect. They are the pillars of strengh of the castle and our new kingdoom.

After the Gods there is the guardians. They are strong individuals, not as strong as the Gods of course but still they deserve the title of guardians. Each one of them have a special task inside the castle.

In last there are the maids, butlers and lower servants of the castle. They manage the small tasks and keep the place clean and organized.

"Did you call for us daddy~" A young girl spoke in a seductive tone walking towards my direction waving her waist making her short skirt jump and reveal her panties in the process.

Serena Cor Ignis II, my 39 years old daughter and one of the guardians of the castle. She is a frost dragon with blue hair, my complete opposite. Even though her age is 39, it actualy is in dragon age line, if we convert it to human age its equivalent to 18 years, so she is still very young.

(Picture of Serena here)

"Yes I did call for you Serena, there will be an urgent meeting and I need you to be there to in order to understand what is going on."

"Oh I see...~" Once again with her seductive tone, she sat on my lap facing me, and started rubbing her croatch on my dick.

'Well, this was completely unexpected...'

She came very close to my face, dodged it aiming for my ear, she sofly bit my ear and spoke right next to it in a sexy and seductive manner "You know that I really missed you daddy right?~"

She placed her hands on my chest, and focused in warming both my ear with her breath and my dick with her warm fluffy pussy.

'This girl is copying me or what?' (Refering to chapter 6)



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