Reincarnated Legendary Contract Killer Book

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Reincarnated Legendary Contract Killer


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Reed Aniston grew up in an orphanage which was actually an assassin organization. He was taught everything an assassin needed to know at his age and became one of top if not the top assassin of his time. Now his time has ended. Betrayed by one of his closest colleagues, he was captured. He was interrogated for weeks, his captors used everything they could to make him speak, but nothing worked. Then,they finally used the person he cared most. Forced to the end of his wits, Reed went berserk and massacred everyone. After killing everyone, Reed dies and take his first step to another world. gonna update this probably 3 times a week. Gonna try to make my chapters the best as possible so you guys don't read terrible chapters. PS Ranking Rank 1- 6 chaps Rank 2- 5 chaps Rank 3- 4 chaps Rank 4-10 3 chaps Rank 11-25 2 chaps Ranks 26-50 1 chap After this will be PS ranking I owe you guys 11 chaps. welp ok (might die of over writing but it's fine) I DON'T FEAR DEATH ------------------- I have a patreon account but I don't have much of a stock but if you want to help out there's a one dollar option! I would appreicate it if you do Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Itz_Minh https://ko-fi.com/S6S6F3CD paypal.me/ItzMinh I have a discord as well if you want to hop in on the fun!! https://discord.gg/BUnyWKX