1 Prologue


Nosirrah's funeral took place in 1986, a joyous day it was, that was the day he was born, old, pale and barely could see. That day he was a minute younger and seconds away from being wise. His Father Leinad was 29 years young when Nosirrah was born. His Mother Ava was three years younger than Leinad. So much knowledge of the world you have just been born to, intelligent Nosirrah is at this age with a fine inheritance. Hiasan was younger than Nosirrah, his funeral had roses, orchards with a sprinkle of lilies. He became someone close to Nosirrah, a friend, brother, and a King of Dnalgne.

Nosirrah was 36 years young when he met Delilah in Dnaleri, who was a year younger. Which means she had seen this world before him.

This is a captivating world, where age itself is stripped of and youth is feared for the older one becomes the younger they turn. Age never grew, it depleted like bundles. One grew to die mentally becoming the younger version of himself for his memory fades making his ability to recall diminish. He can no longer remember who he was. Part of him has been erased. An upside down sphere with a limitless clock to guide. A joyous funeral for that's where birth lay, static as a corpse long forgotten. It is said that all those who aged until zero transcended to another world becoming newborns. A small portion of those who never reached their checkpoint would take shelter in the stars as their body particles soar through the sky whenever life had ceased to exist. With that said, those who'd have died in the other world would be born here with few or no memories of their past lives. This would mean, part of ourselves exists in those places, just wandering endlessly until we make ends meet with the light. It takes an estimation of 15 years for one to start to lose their memories prior to the actions they had explored during that age but a film of their past selves would pop up in their mind from time to time like a shattered dream. For the most part, their memory loss would be mild enough that they can still live their day-to-day lives without interruption.

12 years later:

"Look at those eyes. They are becoming more widespread. He is more cautious and less observant, take a deep stare doctor at his pupil, don't you think it has become much darker? Don't you ignore his iris; it is much more visible and bluer than before." She added.

Dr Nahte: I've seen this before, it is nothing to worry about.

"What is it then?" She replied.

Dr Nahte: It is a reciprocal within the cells of the body as they expand, combining to single larger microscopic cells. They get attached as one grows younger, this happens from time to time. It's just that some changes aren't recognizable. Your husband will be okay. He just needs to let go of his usual living habit and start adjusting to growing young.

"You heard the doctor Ava. I am fine, like I said before you started insisting we make an appointment to meet with Nahte. I am just a little more energised than before that is all" Says Leinad.

Ava Deusa: That is not good.

In the car:

Ava: [looking outside the window] I still think we should explore the world, we are not getting any older.

" We will be enrolling in high school soon, so I don't know how we would make that work and what about Nosirrah?" Respond Leinad.

Ava: He will be fine, he needs to grow unattached from his parents.

Leinad: [turning the steering wheel, taking another route] He is 32 after all, I guess you are right. He sure is observant than we are.

Ava: I wish we could have much time with him, but from the looks of it, that won't be possible.

A few minutes later:

Leinad: You know, I had a dream of a world. A world opposite to ours, where birth lay on death's bed and life was its partner. In this world we spent all the time we had with him, he'd hold onto us as we watched him grow to the best man he could be. To see him marry and have kids of his own. A beautiful portrait.

It begins with an old poem. Which goes like, 10 Birds flew upon a gallows tree with no Leaves. As they glanced at a haven with no Angels to seize.

Ever wondered about the leaves that fell from those Autumn trees. As they tried to hold onto the twigs whilst still floating in the air with the need to surpass the force of gravity, falling swiftly to the ground. Just to Find those yester-week leaves laying still as if awaiting trial. Until they lost hope and eventually grew pale for they were once green. Where did they head to? For a week later 20 of them are missing, some replaced by others who'd foregone the same phase.

Outlandish Impulse.

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