Dear younger me.

"Time is too young to be old, Adelaide." In a dark place grew a rose. white in color. As white as snow, its shadow shaded Light.The Crystal ice fell like it was Christmas Eve.Circulating on the horizon like Autumn leaves.[Still stranded in those haunted dreams]

A message whispers in his mind ear: Come wish you farewell in the Garden of Eden. A little sense it makes, it is a woman's voice. Peaceful it sounds but the pace says otherwise. All he can see is a white shadow walking away from his sight. Vanishing to complete nothingness.

He Wakes up, with a blurred face in a room scattered with loose documents. A lonely house accompanied by emptiness. 'Earth has music for those who listen'.He stares at the framed quote hung opposite a shelf every single day.

On top of the shelf lay a thick book. An old dusty book. Probably its remains had either been scattered or torn away. Wiping the dust off with one of the cloth from the cupboard. The book suddenly got its glow, it wasn't that bad. It just needed good taking care of. He places it gently on the brown wooden table which looked ancient because its decoration was so royal. Positioned at the centre of the library. One can say it looked like a king piece. The tiles opposite it were grey, which blended well with the walls around them. Even in daylight, the library depicted a night view.

Turning the front page.

Day :



Those are the bold texts separately written underneath each page, some filled and some completely blank. Opening the centre of the book where a black pen with a red cap had been placed. He has written from the end to the centre. Page 105 flipping backward were still empty but page 200 flicking forward were inked. He looks at his surroundings seemingly blue. He then slowly picks the pen and writes:

'I might not remember this in the upcoming years. My memory has been fading. Lately there have been times when I couldn't seem to properly recall the moments I've spent with my parents during my younger days. My mom turned Nine not long ago and my dad has started Kindergarten. Despite their age gap, I can still see the chemistry they shared, a beautiful view. At the moment I've left them in the care of our family's nanny as I attend classes. Today is the 26th of February 1963, I am doing my last year in university, pursuing a Degree in Astronomy.

Before I forget, I dreamt about the white rose once again, twice this week but this time I got a place and a name. Garden of Eden and Adelaide.

I am currently living in Ecnarf in the city of Sirap. I've located here 5 years ago to fulfil my parents wishes to see the Leffie tower, so I ended up enrolling in the Universitè de Sirap, renting a house close to school. I met some new friends on the way. Some dull and gloomy, some mostly excited and vivid. Nivlek has been calling me Yrrah. Even at school I am known as Yrrah. A strange feeling I get hearing my own name feeling as if some part of me is missing, like my life was more than this.'

He Places the book back on the shelf and heads out. Leaving no trail. The book's title is visible from this angle: it is written in an italic font 'Dear younger me'. With a bold date underneath the heading.

From 'Dear younger me'. Motion interpretation:

Chair slides. Pen softly gets placed on the table as the book gets opened. Pages flipped, one to the next. Sound of a pen being roughly pressed on the page, moving up, down, and sideways. You can hear the birds debating as the dog interrupts with its vicious bark.

He reads a certain text below the page as he writes on those empty unfilled spaces. It says 'Thursday 26th of February'

There is a slow-paced voice repeating the same words the main voice had said as he reads what he writes. A little bizarre. It is his consciousness dozing off. It disappears at a certain point. Slipping as his main voice stumbles to pronounce Adelaide. Then it catches up on the main voice once more before disappearing again. Allowing the main voice to do the same. He keeps on writing but no sound is present.

Volume 2: Boys & Girls

Backpacks on the tables unpacked and notebooks slightly open. Every seat seems occupied. Students sitting on the sideline of the passage, some sharing seats. One can barely fit in the reserved seat squeezing her way in. "Hey, Teddy!" She looks down with shame in her eyes as she tries to avoid the mocking greeting aimed straight at her. A chubby girl with curly hair.

At the front row is a single-seat left untouched. "Alienad isn't coming" one voice slips but is ignored. The seat remains empty until one girl with red hair walks in, her eyes aimed straight at the empty seat "You are finally here Alei" a mini barbie-looking girl creates a way for her.

At the back of the class stood a group of girls and boys. One has his face covered by a jersey. A football jersey. He seems deep asleep. Beside him is a slightly tallboy. "Nivlek can you pass me my backpack, that one next to Rainbow." A boy named Kciwdahc instructs him. The tall boy barely reacts. A girl passes the bag forward. "Thanks for nothing Nivlek."My bad didn't hear ya" responds the boy.

" Eillib!" a girl calls that name aloud but only Rainbow seems to be concerned. Looking left and right to catch the eyes of the person who had called. "Heyy Eillib, I've been callin' ya, how have you been? I hope you are well" says Yssim. A pale-looking girl with a big smile. Eillib is her real name. Why do they call her rainbow though? One boy bumps her as he tries to fit himself in the crowd "Sorry Eillib, love your hairstyle by the way." The boy vanishes leaving a smirk on her face.

"Y'all better wake Yrrah up, I bumped into Mrs. Edison across the hall on my way here. "I'm up Mloclam " moving the jersey off his face." Here is your stinking jersey Nivlek."

"ungrateful" the boy responds [Smiling as he grabs his jersey-wearing it in the process.] At the back, it is written. Heavy is the crown for the weak.