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Outdated Love

Li Shenshen

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(A sensible and strong heroine*intellectually vacant hero, the cremation ground of the chase for his wife) Meng Xiao had never imagined that the people she was once close to could deceive her so profoundly. She helped him pay off his debts, funded his education, and took on three jobs at the same time, only to accidentally discover that he came from a wealthy family, one of the richest second-generation rich kids in the city. They all laughed at her, a countrified orphan, now nothing more than plaything at the hands of the young master, left with nothing left of her own self. In this vulgar story, Yang Yi was powerful and influential, and Meng Xiao was powerless against him, she couldn't afford to provoke him and had no choice but to give up and accept her fate. But when she let go, Yang Yi did the opposite. He wouldn't let go and exploited Meng Xiao's vulnerabilities, forcing her into marriage. She thought he might have changed, that he could become her rock, only to find out that his deceit ran deeper. Meng Xiao took off her wedding ring and divorced him. ... The divorce agreement, hidden under the wedding ring in the safe, stayed there until Yang Yi saw Meng Xiao, now a rising star in the art world, in someone else's arms. That was when he realized that she had never forgiven him. There is no applying your measure to everyone else in the world. There is only returning the favor in kind. In the early part of the story, the female protagonist is at the mercy of others, and the male protagonist, thinking himself clever, abuses his love to bully her. In the latter part of the story, the female protagonist counterattacks, and the male protagonist is just a fool, with the status of a "cool-headed and unyielding" character, but not the domineering spirit of an overbearing CEO. It's not a typical male-dominated environment, so those who don't appreciate this, be cautious about entering.


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