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Read OUR FLAME: ALWAYS AND FOREVER novel written by the author Uzowei_Tehillah on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Teen stories, covering action, romance, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The whole of Freeland was thrown into grief as desolation consumes the Western family after the Lost of their eldest son Clark western which drove his cousin and best friend Kylie western almost crazy to the point of attempting suicide which lead to her losing her memories of who she was before the accident. 13 years later Faith brought Jordan and Kylie together. Sparks flys as they both grow from friends to best friends and into lovers. but their happiness was short-lived as they both have too fight their families and enemies in order to be together. will love win or will envy, jealousy, lost and deceit prevail??.

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i have read the prolouge of this novel and i kinda like it, i think it's going to be an interesting novel, can't wait for the next chapter, please update soon.[img=update][img=update][img=update]


i don't really know if other chapters will be as good as this but i like the beginning anyways. am still waiting for the update duo.[img=update]


i can't really say much about this book because i have read all of it yet but the prologue is interesting. looking forward for the next chapter 👍🏾


reminds me of one tree hill. however, 'blossom' family and the murder or death at the beginning may be end of the resemblances. Author does a good job of writing.


It was a good read. Finally a webnovel where the first chapter in series is satisfactory. Author, lot's of love to you and your novel, I really wish to see where it goes


Author, I was hooked after the first chapter. I love the MC and using the memory loss as a plot element is a great tool that propelled the story. However, some of your chapters were not so easily to decipher who was saying what to whom or when the MC was thinking as quotation marks were missing for a three person conversation. It became a little confusing. Overall, great storyline! Keep updating and keep writing! Cheers, Ra!


First of all, congratulations on writing this book! I know myself it's not an easy feat! I liked the story premise, it really attracted me, and the way you transmitted the characters' feelings is top-notch, which I envied a little ;D Cough, I liked the background for the characters too, it makes me remember some Hollywood movies, in a good way.


I must say the story is quite nice. I like the prologue and the plot.Heck,I love everything except for the low amount of chapters. I would also recommend dimensional overhaul of your into action


Wow! Just amazing. I really enjoyed the plot, the story dynamics and the character design. There is something that just makes you immerse yourself in the book. Keep it up


It was good. I've read the prologue and I like the elements in it. Although, I think that the synopsis and prologue could be improved and worked out a bit more. The plotline was great nonetheless.


What.. what is this? Where are the rest? Author please update fast, can't wait at all. Totally running out of patience here. It was so good that just after looking through the prologue for a little I didn't even remember when I have completed reading the rest. It was awesome. Please update fast


Overall : the story is a great read for those who likes the romance genre, the prologue was a great hook to attract the readers! The flow of the story was great and understandable. Writing quality : The writing style was okay and the quality was great! Though I think you can maybe add in quotation marks for the dialogues? It’s just a suggestion from me, it is still understandable even without it! Updating : The updates are stable and on track! Really hope to see more chapters on this!! Characters : the characters seemed uniquely interesting! I can see that they each have their own set of personalities and the character emotions were well brought out by the author! There were also some good descriptions about the characters! World background : the world background was not much described by the author and I was wondering if this is a werewolf kind of story in a modern world setting? It would be good to describe it a little to let the readers know more about the world! My thoughts : I really love the romance genre and this story is just my cup of tea! I really liked the story flow and I really want to see more of it! I hope you keep up the great work and good job author!! ✨✨


This novel is so sweet that it could give diabets. A love story with many fascinating characters with different personalities, not jus the generic robotic behavior we see often.


It's so early to judge a book with initial chapters, So far the way it's written is commendable. The characters are engaging hope the author will update with the stable release.


woah i'm really shocked abt the flow of the story, it's really unbelievable. i love it. i love how u play with ur words. nice job author i'll keep waiting for the upcoming chaps.


Prologue itself could make the reader add it on library. The descriptive words could help the reader imagine the story. The author should write more especially its already contracted.


I think this is the first novel I am giving a five-star. IT WAS THAT GOOOD. I really really enjoyed it, like I had to stop myself from reading like honestly, no cap here. it was pretty good and I'm gonna be reading this in my spare time. please update more, your writing is great. I really love this book. kudos to the author


This story is very well written. The beginning is awesome. After the first chapter, the story's pace slowed down a little and moves smoothly. Then, the interaction between Kylee and Jazz amused me a little. All in all, it's a good read. Keep it up, author!


OMD that is crazy different background back story, I like it :D. it is very interesting story. I can't wait to read more chapters. It is a very sweet, romantic, and lovely story. Highly recommended.


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