7 The Fierce Feng Xian'er I

Tianyi Realm

"Why don't you meet your family first?" Xiao Huoli asked in confusion. Since Chen Li only briefly left the Tianyi Realm, he just left a letter with someone and asked that person to send the letter to his mother.

Chen Li smiled at her and explained. "I still can't go back now, Sister Huoli. If I return now, those people will know my whereabouts immediately. So I want to prepare my revenge plan well in advance; if everything is ready, I will return to the outside world and begin my revenge against my enemies."

"Since your cultivation has already reached the Peak Qi Realm, you can swallow these two pills." Xiao Huoli said as she handed him two pills. "Although these two pills do not affect your cultivation directly, this Body Cleansing Pill can remove impurities from your body, and this Bone Strengthening Pill will also make your body and bones stronger."

Chen Li accepted the pill with a nod, then walked towards the small lake. When he arrived, Chen Li immediately removed his clothes, jumped into the lake, and simultaneously swallowed the two pills.

'Damn it! He took off his clothes without paying any heed to me!' Xiao Huoli muttered with a bright red face, then she sighed softly. 'If it wasn't for his Chaos Body, with his talent, then his cultivation would have already reached the Foundation Realm by now.'

Seeing Chen Li's current physique, Xiao Huoli also smiled with satisfaction because he was no longer as scrawny as he used to be, but now his body was more robust and muscular. For nearly two years and eight months, he had always cultivated, practiced his techniques, and built his physique non-stop.

'You must leave the Tianyi Realm as soon as possible, and start your dual cultivation path, Chen Li. Then your cultivation speed will increase drastically, and you will become powerful in no time.' Xiao Huoli inwardly muttered; she wanted Chen Li to become stronger soon.




A middle-aged woman in her forties was seen sitting side by side with a young woman in her twenties on a garden chair; the middle-aged woman was wearing a red and black striped dress.

Even though she was in her forties, her face still looked as beautiful as the young woman beside her. She has wide, clear black eyes combined with thin eyebrows. She also has a sharp nose and thin, seductive red lips.

The young woman was no different from her; one could say that she was the younger version of the middle-aged woman; their faces looked so much alike, almost like twin sisters.

They also had the same slender build; the only difference was that the middle-aged woman's breasts were more prominent around D-Cup. While the young woman's breasts are around B-Cup.

The two women were none other than Chen Li's mother and big sister, Lin Qingzhu and Chen Meiyi.

"It's been four months since Li'er disappeared, but we still haven't heard anything about him." Lin Qingzhu said with a sigh as she continued to stare at the rainbow in the sky, her face was haggard, and her eyes were swollen from crying too much.

Chen Meiyi inwardly sighed, then she embraced her mother as she said softly. "You can't continue to think negatively, and we should pray that nothing happens to little brother, Mom."

"I know, Meiyi." Lin Qingzhu replied weakly. "But I'm perturbed about Li'er, and my heart won't be able to rest until I get news of him."

Chen Meiyi was speechless as she comforted her mother. She was also worried about her little brother, but she couldn't do anything and could only wait for news from her aunt and the police, who were still looking for Chen Li's whereabouts.


Lin Qingzhu and Chen Meiyi immediately turned toward the voice, and they saw a postman waving with a letter in his hand.

Chen Meiyi immediately ran over to him and received the letter, then she hurried back to sit by her mother's side and immediately opened the letter.

Their eyes widened when they saw the writing because it was the handwriting of the person they had been waiting for four months. Then they read the letter together.

[I'm sorry, Mom and Big Sis! I had an accident four months ago, so I can't give you any news, but I'm fine and healthy now, so you two don't have to worry about me anymore. However, I'm currently in a faraway place to train with my savior, so I still can't go home right now, but I'll return when I get stronger. Love you both.]

"It's my little brother's handwriting, Mom! It means he's fine and will be back by our side soon." Chen Meiyi said excitedly since she was sure it was Chen Li's handwriting.

Lin Qingzhu nodded in agreement as she wiped her tears; she was also sure that her son had indeed written the letter. "En, this is indeed Li'er's handwriting, I can't possibly misrecognize his handwriting, and I'm glad that he's okay."

Although she was sure it was her little brother's handwriting, his words made Chen Meiyi wonder in her heart. 'How can he train with such a weak body?'




Dining Room

Five people were sitting together at a dining table; seated on the left of the table was an old man with white hair, and on his left was a young man with shoulder-length green hair. To his right was a young girl with shoulder-length black hair and wearing large glasses.

Sitting to the right of the table was a middle-aged man with short brunette hair. And on his right is a young woman with crimson hair tied behind her head; she is gorgeous and elegant. She has obviously slanted brown eyes combined with long thin eyebrows. She also has a sharp and slender nose and alluring red lips. Her figure is quite tall and slender; she has perfect hourglass curves. Her twin peaks look perfectly round and supple, and her round buttocks are not too plump but not flat.

The atmosphere in the dining room was warm, the old man seemed to be busy chatting and joking with the middle-aged man, but suddenly the atmosphere became tense when the old man said something sensitive. "Feng Ao, I came here to propose to my niece Xian'er to be Qiang'ers's wife. If-"

"I refuse!" Feng Xian'er immediately interrupted him. "I will never marry your son, Uncle Bei Xiang. If I wanted to marry someone, that person would be Chen Li and no one else could take his place."

- To Be Continued -


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