6 His Techniques

Chen Li then recalled the game he had played in the past, and he muttered to himself. "Open Menu!"



> Status

> Storage

> Equipment

> Technique

> Quest

> Harem - Locked

> Dual Cultivation - Locked

> Shop

> Map

> Scan

> Portal


"As expected, this Spirit Cultivation System is indeed like an MMORPG game." Chen Li muttered in amazement as soon as he saw the blue screen in front of his eyes, which excited him. "Status!"


Name: Chen Li

Age: 19/100

Race: Human

Cultivation: 1st Stage Qi Realm

> Qi Needed to breakthrough: 0/50

Yang Qi: -/50

Yin Qi: -/50

Bloodline: Five-Clawed Golden Dragon

Bloodline+ :-

Veins: Divine Profound Veins

Physique : Chaos Body

Elements : [Fire - Lower Rank]

Technique: Divine God Eyes

Body Technique: Golden Yin-Yang Body

Strength: 50

Agility: 20

Vitality: 30

Charm: 100


"What are your plans now?" Xiao Huoli asked.

Chen Li rubbed his smooth chin as he thought about his plan. "Can I go in and out of this place freely?"

"En, the Tianyi Realm used to be bound to the Master Song's soul, but now it is bound to your soul. That way, you can go in and out whenever you want, and you can also bring your closest people here." Xiao Huoli explained with a nod. "Are you going back to the outside world now?"

Chen Li shook his head. "I can't go back yet; I want to practice and improve my cultivation here first, and I also want to find some techniques that suit me first."

"Well, that's a good idea." Xiao Huoli nodded in agreement.

Chen Li sighed softly and started looking for some techniques in his system shop. "Open shop!"



> Item Shop

> Equipment Shop

> Technique Shop

> Cultivation Shop

> Dual Cultivation Shop [Locked]

> Beast Shop [Locked]

> Sex Shop

Lower Profound Stone: 500,000,000

Middle Profound Stone: 250,000,000

Upper Profound Stone: 125,000,000

Supreme Profound Stone: 60,000,000


"Sigh, I don't know how Master Song made this system; he even created a sex shop." Chen Li mumbled to himself as he massaged his forehead, but he was also quite curious to see the table of contents, and he choked hard as soon as he saw it. Because the Sex Shop has various types of BDSM equipment, aphrodisiac candles, drugs like Viagra, and various sex-related items. "Damn it! What are these things for? Aren't they useless? Open Technique Shop"


[Technique Shop]

> Normal Cultivation Techniques

> Dual Cultivation Techniques [Locked]

> Beast Technique [Locked]

> Sex Technique


Chen Li shook his head when he saw a sex technique shop, but then he opened it and read the available techniques one by one, and he decided to buy a few techniques from the technique shop.

{You have purchased Basic Fighting Technique x1, 100,000 Lower Profound Stones have been deducted.}

{You have purchased Weapon Mastery x1, 100,000 Lower Profound Stones have been deducted.}

{You have purchased Hidden Shadow Steps x1, 500,000 Lower Profound Stones have been deducted.}

{You have purchased Clone Illusion Technique x1, 500,000 Lower Profound Stones have been deducted.}

{You have purchased Dragon Fist x1, 250,000 Lower Profound Stones have been deducted.}

After he bought them all, Chen Li immediately read through the techniques one by one.

{Basic Fighting Technique: A basic technique commonly used by martial arts experts, it's only to teach basic fighting techniques, such as breathing, how to do punches and kicks correctly, etc.}

{Weapon Mastery: This only teaches the user how to use various kinds of weapons, such as swords, spears, bows, and more.}

{Hidden Shadow Steps: A movement technique that allows the user to hide in someone's shadow, and the user can also disguise his presence by taking advantage of a dark environment.}

{Clone Illusion Technique: A fighting technique that can produce several clones depending on the user's level of mastery, the technique itself has ten levels, and each level can produce one clone, so using this technique, the user can fool the enemy more easily.] (A/N: You guys don't need to argue, this is just an illusion technique and not a real clone.}

{Dragon Fist: A fist technique that can cast a dragon's shadow towards the enemy; the more Qi, the user uses, the higher the explosive power generated.}

Xiao Huoli raised her eyebrows, and she asked in confusion. "Why did you choose the Basic Fighting Technique?"

"Because my body used to be very weak, I've never practiced martial arts before, and I don't know how to fight properly. That's why I want to learn the basics of fighting first." Chen Li explained with a wry smile. He was well aware of his shortcomings; before the calamity that befell him this time, he was just a weak man who was constantly humiliated and bullied by others, and he was powerless to take revenge for their actions. Then he continued. "As for the other three techniques, they don't drain my qi too much, so I've deliberately chosen all three for now. But once my cultivation goes higher, then I'll choose some higher-level techniques."

"I see. The consideration of your technique selection is good." Xiao Huoli nodded with a smile, and she was satisfied with Chen Li's mindset, as most cultivators were greedy to learn techniques that were above their abilities and didn't consider their shortcomings.

"Hmm? Which techniques should I buy next?" Since he had inherited a lot of profound stones from Song Tianyi, Chen Li thought about searching for various techniques that were suitable for him. After he thought about it for a while, he decided to buy some disguise and sex techniques. He had purchased the sex techniques on purpose since he needed to become a dual cultivator, and they would greatly benefit him.

{You have purchased Heavenly Sex Arts (Passive) x1, 500,000 Lower Profound Stones have been deducted.}

{You have purchased Heavenly Combo (Passive) x1, 500,000 Lower Profound Stones have been deducted.}

{You have purchased Heavenly Pleasure Boost (Active) x1, 500,000 Lower Profound Stones have been deducted.}

{You have purchased Vitality Boost (Active) x1, 500,000 Lower Profound Stones have been deducted.}

{You have purchased Heavenly Control (Active) x1, 500,000 Lower Profound Stones have been deducted.}

{You have purchased Heavenly Insemination (Active) x1, 500,000 Lower Profound Stones have been deducted.}

{You have purchased Heavenly Charm (Active) x1, 5,000,000 Lower Profound Stones have been deducted.}

{You have purchased Celestial Shapeshift Technique (Active) x1, 500,000 Middle Profound Stones have been deducted.}

{You have purchased Celestial Concealment Technique (Active) x1, 500,000 Middle Profound Stones have been deducted.}

"Ha ha ha!" Xiao Huoli instantly burst out laughing when he saw Chen Li buying some sex techniques. Even though she had never experienced sex, she was not an innocent woman, so she knew the usefulness of those techniques. She then teased him. "Seems like you can't wait to become a dual cultivator, huh? You even bought a lot of techniques suitable for a dual cultivator."

Chen Li smiled wryly upon hearing that, and he replied. "I have no other choice, right? You told me that I must become a dual cultivator, so I must prepare well."

"Well, that's true." Xiao Huoli nodded to him. "If you don't become a dual cultivator, then your cultivation is no different from a normal cultivator, so you have no other choice."

Chen Li sighed heavily; he then read the rest of the techniques.

{Heavenly Sex Arts (Passive): A handbook about sex that contains knowledge of various styles of making love, most of which are different from the usual.}

{Heavenly Combo (Passive): With the help of this technique, the user's weapon will become longer and stronger than before.}

{Heavenly Vitality Boost (Active): If the user activates this technique, then the user can make love for as long as the user wants.}

{Heavenly Pleasure Boost (Active): If the user activates this technique while making love, the person making love with the user will feel pleasure 2 times stronger than normal.}

{Heavenly Control (Active): Using this technique, the user can control his or her orgasm at will.}

{Heavenly Insemination (Active): This technique has two functions. The first function, the user's partner will definitely get pregnant. The second function, the user's partner will never get pregnant.}

{Heavenly Charm (Active): Using this technique, the user can easily attract the attention of the opposite sex they want, and they will definitely be greatly attracted to the user. The higher the user's charm, the higher the technique's effectiveness.}

{Celestial Shapeshift Technique (Active): A transformation technique, using this technique, the user can disguise whatever the user wants, be it beasts, plants, or other people.}

{Celestial Concealment Technique (Active): Using this technique, the user can perfectly disguise his or her Aura and Cultivation Level.}

"Phew! All the techniques in the system are simply amazing!" After that, Chen Li turned to Xiao Huoli; he was curious about her. 'Scan Xiao Huoli.'


Name: Xiao Huoli

Ages: 100,000+

Cultivation: Above Nine Mortal Realm

Race: Spirit Race

Bloodline: Spirit of Fire

Veins: Fire Profound Veins

Physique: Spirit Body


Xiao Huoli chuckled at his reaction. "My sisters and I are indeed old, Chen Li. But I'm still one of the youngest among them; the oldest among us is Big Sis Xiao Shijian, but no one knows how old she is, and she's too mysterious."

"Xiao Shijian? What spirit is she, Sister Huoli?" Chen Li asked curiously.

"Big Sis Shijian is the Spirit of Time, and she is the strongest spirit; even the Spirit Emperor submits to her.

Chen Li was dumbfounded as soon as Xiao Huoli said that. In his opinion, Xiao Shijian must be truly strong; as the Spirit of Time, she must be able to control time easily, and such an ability is genuinely terrifying. Then he took a deep breath and asked again. "How many spirits had a contract with Master Song before?"

Xiao Huoli thought for a while, counting her sisters who had contracts with Song Tianyi before; only then did she answer. "Hmm, fifteen spirit girls have had contracts with Master Song before, including me."

"Fifteen, huh?" Chen Li muttered to himself, but his eyes showed he looked excited. He then made his decision and stated. "Anyway, I will start my training and cultivating. I want to increase my cultivation as soon as possible, then return home to meet my family and also take revenge on my enemies."

Xiao Huoli nodded. "You can practice and cultivate now, and I will prepare some pills for you later."

Chen Li rushed to the training ground and began practicing all the techniques he had chosen beforehand. He decided to practice basic fighting skills before practicing other techniques, as he had no basic fighting skills.

Chen Li always divided his time between practicing techniques and cultivating, but due to the effect of his Chaos Body, his cultivation still couldn't increase as fast as expected. He kept cultivating and training without thinking about the time that had passed.

And without Chen Li realizing it, he had already spent nearly two years and eight months in the Tianyi Realm; that would mean about four months had already passed in the outside world since he entered the Tianyi Realm.

- To Be Continued -


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