Otaku Card System Book

novel - Fantasy

Otaku Card System


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  • 52 Chs

  • 4.6

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Hana Zhao never thought reality would change after one night. She fell from the top assassin in a peak organization to a powerless teen straddled with debt. Transmigrating into the mysterious Tower Between Worlds, she is now part of a world where humanity has supreme abilities. Dangerous dungeons are an integral part of life on every floor. Within this New Age, Hana will climb her way to the top as a dungeon hunter. Who cares if they can tame beasts? Her Pokemon will dominate all in battle. Elemental weapons? Check out her Zanpakuto collection. Hell if she really wanted, she could drown a city with her Djinn equips. While her predecessor thought her ability was useless, Hana knows she has the ultimate cheat. This will be the time when otakus reign supreme! Note: Cover photo isn't mine.


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