No he isn't.

Douluo Continent

Shrek City.

A taxi stopped near Shrek Academy and Fan Lin got out of it.

'I hate transportation."

Two hours of trip that he took, he went towards his small shop to calm his mind and began the next part of the failsafe.

"Leave when you see fit." [Fan Lin]

He said to the four women and found a place to sit. In their silent eyes, he began to bite down on a tomato while dialing a number that he had previously blocked.


The four former brokers silently nodded their head and began to ignore him like usual, while doing whatever they were previously doing aka lazing around in the small shop.

They knew that something wrong has happened and they had to leave as soon as they can. But just because they knew doesn't mean they will panic and scream for the whole world to know. They remained silent, acting as if nothing had happened and once Fan Lin was gone, they will pack their stuff and stealthily leave the city.

They all glanced at each other and mentally sighed and continued to laze like deflated dolls on the ground.

"Hello sir, can I request you to keep my workers safe for a while? A month or two would be fine." [Fan Lin]

Fan Lin, in his most emotionless tone of voice, and a face that was equally emotionless, talked to the former Headmaster of the Outer court in a manner that seemed like they chatted regularly.

His words catching everyone that was listening to him by surprise. He was actually asking someone to protect his employees!

Did they have that much value to him? They once again glanced at each other but no one could answer the question.

{... I can, but... okay} [Former Headmaster]

The former Headmaster of the outer court answered after a while. To him, this wasn't a situation that he had ever expected. It happened out of nowhere and neither was there any sign that Fan Lin would call him.

"Thanks" [Fan Lin]

Fan Lin cut the call and began to call someone else but the former Headmaster called him at that moment.

"Do you need anything from me?" [Fan Lin]

He asked. As if the previous conversation never happened.

{Did something happen to you kid? You are showing your true colours?} [Former Headmaster}

The Former Headmaster asked with concern in his voice. He knew about Fan Lin's Spirit Soul Tower challenge that was going to happen and Fan Lin showcasing his unruly attitude without any hindrance meant that the trial had gone awry.

"When it comes to me, not everyone can keep their calm. Some stuff happened again. Kinda." [Fan Lin]

Fan Lin ambiguously replied, as if not wanting to completely explain the situation.

{...That's true}

Knowing full well how Fan Lin actually was, the Former Headmaster agreed to his statement. Fan Lin wasn't that likable once his showed his inner self.


{So anything else}

As no one talked and neither did they cut the call, they both waited for the other to talk. So the Former Headmaster took the lead and began the conversation but Fan Lin had nothing special to talk about, so he just made some small talk.

"Nothing." [Fan Lin]

"The Tang Sect headquarters is in the Heaven Dou city, right?" [Fan Lin]

{Why do you want to know about that? And yes it is in the Heaven Dou city. It's common knowledge.}

"I was curious of the rumours, nothing else. Once again, thanks for your help." [Fan Lin]

Fan Lin cut the call again. The former Headmaster looked at his soul communicator in confusion. He then stared at the figure of Fan Lin who was silently munching down on his tomato while calling someone else before the space constricted.

"Did he call me on purpose? Or was it something else? Does he seriously need my help?"


"You must have taken a day off if you came to visit me." [Fan Lin]

He called the person whom he was previously going to call and it was obviously Gu Yue.

{You left nearly two hours ago. Why didn't you call me that time? I would have left with you as well.} [Gu Yue]

"I never thought you would waste time on something stupid like this. So why did you come to see the challenge?" [Fan Lin]

{Hiding your actual question behind a taunt? Or did the failure of your plan leave you in such a despair that you are now unable to form proper sentence flow?}

"I talk like this. Why are you mad though? Did you fail as well? I wonder what that might be." [Fan Lin]

As Fan Lin's words nearly caused a heart attack in the Great Beasts, his next words eased them out of their uncomfortable atmosphere while dipping them in a far more weird one.

"Don't get angry at my next request." [Fan Lin]

"Can you give me some of your clothes? You don't need to give the under clothes though, I don't need them." [Fan Lin]

{...Are you out of your mind?}

A second of silence before the sound of her gritting teeth and cold voice reverted through Fan Lin's soul communicator, he took another tomato to eat.

"I may, and do, sound like a creepy degenerated pervert with fat on all the wrong places but please hear me out. I really didn't want to ask you this but I need them and you are the only female that I know who won't mind doing so." [Fan Lin]

{YOU! *SIGH* ...Why? Why do you need them? What are you plotting on me now?" [Gu Yue]

"Why did you come to visit me? Answer me that and I will give you your answer as well." [Fan Lin]

{I came so that if Qiangu Dongfeng tried some underhanded means, I can intervene at that time. It's not my fault that you are insouciant.} [Gu Yue]

"That's the best lie you could come up with? You could have just said that you were afraid of me betraying you and were there to spy on my behaviourial changes. I would have accepted that as a better answer than this lie." [Fan Lin]

{I will do whatever I want. Now stop spinning your words and get to the point. I am not in the mood to joke now.} [Gu Yue]

"My deal with Qiangu Dongfeng is most likely gone." [Fan Lin]

{What are you going to do now? Focus on your previous plans or make a new one again?}

"Well~" [Fan Lin]

He fiddled with his soul communicator and an audio began to play.

"I am going to finish these then proceed to the next part." [Fan Lin]

He said while stopping the call recording that he had of Qiangu Dongfeng.

{You didn't need to do all this to get closer to Qiangu Dongfeng, right? You could have just agreed on that day and you would have somehow gotten what you wanted. Why do all this?}

"I wanted the information now. Though the situation had made it so that I can never have the information again." [Fan Lin]

{What did you want from him?} [Gu Yue]

"Peace of mind, now nothing. His worth has ended with today's deal. Any interaction with him is just a waste of time from now on. I need to find someone new to take his place." [Fan Lin]

{Then why are you doing the areas that he wanted.} [Gu Yue]

"It's a surprise tool that will help us later. Now can you give me your clothes?" [Fan Lin]

{Exactly what do you think I am?} [Gu Yue]

"You don't know?" [Fan Lin]

{...} [Gu Yue]

{Anything else do you need?} [Gu Yue]

"Some perfumes or scents that girls your age use. Forget it, you would not know them. Just give me a few pair of your clothes; washed and clean." [Fan Lin]

{Where are you now? How much time are you staying there for?}

"At my shop. I will wait for you." [Fan Lin]

{Okay. Good. Stay there. Don't leave. Just stay there.} [Gu Yue]

"How's your classes?" [Fan Lin]

{Nothing's changed from what I told you a week ago. What about you?} [Gu Yue]

"I was sleeping in the Absolute North before a bunch of scientists there dug me out from my sleep." [Fan Lin]

{I have lots of questions regarding what you said but answer just one of them now. Why did you go there?} [Gu Yue]

"I wanted to see the Ice Jade Scorpion." [Fan Lin]

{That's it.} [Gu Yue]

"That's it." [Fan Lin]

{They are indeed beautiful.}

"They are." [Fan Lin]

{So did you find any? And weren't you going to be late if those people didn't dig you up? How did they even get so close to you that they can dig you out? With your spiritual power, you should have known their presence before they even enter a100m radius around you?}

"About that, I couldn't find any. I also set a timer before I sleep so I always wake up on time." [Fan Lin]


"I don't use my spiritual power in my everyday life. Just only during battles and such. Plus I don't like to be disturbed while sleeping so I often cut my consciousness from my body whenever I sleep. I also cut my senses and emotions sometimes as well."

{... Let's put the spiritual power aside for now. What do you mean you cut your consciousness from your body when you sleep? Why do you even need - forget that I ask, you are you, of course it would be something of a secret that you can't tell.}

"I just shut down my mind and body, cease my emotions and just sleep like that. It always calms me down." [Fan Lin]

{That's basically death, not even coma. How do you even do that? Why do you, well okay cut this question as well.}

{So you are saying that you are completely defenseless whenever you sleep.}

"I was never alive. Death means nothing to me and you can say that. That's also why I don't sleep often." [Fan Lin]

{Don't sleep often, my foot! you shouldn't even need to sleep. Have you heard of any cultivator who sleeps?}

"Looks like you aren't knowledgeable on how children are made." [Fan Lin]

{I was not talking about that kind of sleeping. Don't you dare divert the topic onto weird things.}

"You started it." [Fan Lin]

{Let's start the conversation afresh. Why do you not use your spiritual power? Do you seriously not care about your life? Just know that your immortal skill is just draining your lifespan for healing, you don't have that much left, more so after today's bouts. Use your time wisely, you haven't even planted a tenth of the Previous Star Dou Forest.}

"You care for me quite a lot. I don't use my spiritual power because I know... things. I know what the two bodies huddled together in the park means. I know what the person sitting in bathrooms do. I know what those hote-"

{STOP! Stop right now! Do you not know about spiritual power control. Just control your spiritual power to ignore those stuff and focus on the spiritual aspects, like danger, extreme sounds, explosion, soul energy, spiritual energy and disturbance in the atmosphere etc etc. what in the world are you focusing on?}

"I am a Rank 7 Mecha Designer and pseudo Mecha Maker, you really think I lack control or haven't tried that. I told you, my spiritual power seems to be bogus, it's different from the others and I kinda know the reason as well (it's all that God)."

[Poor God]

{What do you mean kinda?}

"I made a mess of what I was given, these might be the result of it. One of the many results of it. Anyways, I am a genius. I will figure something out later on. For now, I am not using my spiritual power in my everyday life." [Fan Lin]

"Seeing things like that-" [Fan Lin]

(Just skip, you would not get this bit until a while later)


[In the meeting room]

Net Geek : I am a cutie, I would get girls flocking over me. You should care about yourself with your inherited face.

Chuunibyou : You wanna die!

Net Geek : The truth hurts, doesn't it?

Rational one : Virgins and their excuses.

Net Geek : The truth hurts again. I hate you.

Altruist one : Rational had more women than you think. Hate him for that as well.

Rational one : Don't even think about it.

Net Geek : Heh! Just because I am inexperienced doesn't mean you can lie to me.I know that when it comes to these things, the face is all that it matters. With that face, Hmph!

Altruist one : it's [hmm].

Chuunibyou : !!!

Net Geek : Naaaa. Not a chance.

Rational one : How do you know that?

Chuunibyou : Why do you know that it's true? Were you counting? You disgusting roach!!

Rational one : Why do you know that? Answer me.

Altruist one : Family secret.

Gloomy Forest : Verdreht... he he hahahaha hahahahahaa hahahaha~

Rational one : Why do you know that!

With the consistent laughter of Gloomy Forest, Rational one killed Altruist for the third time that day as I just wondered in confusion on why he did that and who was going to clean the blood and flesh. They are definitely going to make me do it.

Rational one/Gloomy Forest : We can hear you.

[Flashback ends]

"Talk to you later."

He cut the call as he tried his hardest to control the laughter that seem to rise from the very depths of his soul after he recalled that memory.

"Ha hah haha hahaha hahahahaha hahahaha hahahahahaa."

As he laughed, the last piece of chain that was keeping his his from falling apart began to crumble.





[Crack] [Crack] [Crack] [Crack] [Crack] [Crack] [Crack] [Crack] [Crack] [Crack] [Crack] [Crack] [Crack] [Crack] [Crack]





"Am free."

As the final bounds that was keeping him in place shattered under the remembrance of an old memory, he finally felt alive in a long while.


"What happened? How did he suddenly unleashed his self?" [Planar Lord]

The Planar Lord asked the Planar Energy Core as he didn't know what changed in the small talk that Gu Yue and Fan Lin shared. He had no idea of the things that Fan Lin went through at that moment but the results was in front of him.

The Spiritual power seal that they had placed on him had shattered. Now Fan Lin can easily reach the Spirit Domain realm and they could do nothing about it.

"I don't know. He didn't use soul power or spiritual energy." [Planar Energy Core]

The Planar Energy Core answered, equally surprised and terrified of the sudden events. They were the god like beings of the Douluo realm and every being, till the time they were not gods, came under them. They knew everything that happened in the Douluo realm, they controlled every date that existed in their plane.

Now apparently, they don't know everything, they can't every fate and the person they can't interfere with is the one that they wanted to kill.

Now they can't. Now he can become a god. Now he will definitely become a god.

"What do we do now?" [Planar Energy Core]

"I don't know. Let's keep Wulin away from him." [Planar Lord]

"We will just continue to observe him and if he is going to do something outrageous, we will protect those that are needed." [Planar Lord]

"We need to complete the thousand year plan..." [Planar Lord]

"And in case we can't deal with him even after the thousand year plan, we will hold on until Tang San and the rest returns." [Planar Lord]

"Should I use some of my strength and go kill him?" [Planar Energy Core]

"No, you shouldn't! You will harm yourself too much and the attack of the abyssal plane will be advanced. They are not ready yet, we have to give them time at all costs." [Planar Lord]

"So we can do nothing." [Planar Energy Core]

"Fate isn't on our side at the moment." [Planar Lord]

The Planar Lord said and they both silently continued to watch the events that they had started, regretting their actions.

There folly had become the reason why the Fan Lin [ can't read it now] some other universe.


☄️ The boundary that distinguished Fan Lin and Surya Jayavardhan had ended.

🌀 I can see that. This doesn't answer why you interfered.

☄️ I take you here to talk about it. Now at this exact moment, we just lost the best Fan Lin route.

☄️ But this also means that we can use all that as What if material and finally start the What ifs. They were not wastes, I had a purpose for doing so.

🌀 You broke the agreement.

☄️ I am sorry for that. But let me explain...

To be continued...