Douluo Continent.

"So what do you think would happen if I drop the moon on this continent?" [Leng Yaozhu]

Leng Yaozhu asked while looking over some paperworks of the additional reforestation done by Fan Lin. 

"That's a fascinatingly weird question to ask me. I never expected your thoughts to be in line with me." [Fan Lin]

Fan Lin replied while doing his replantation near the west desert below the Bright City.

"I thought you would find it funny, not relate to me." [Leng Yaozhu]

She answered while keeping a serious face, leaving the Holy Angel Douluo wondering by the side on how that was funny or why they were talking about something so ominous like that.

"*It's in line with our agreement, pay us by the end of the week please.*" [Leng Yaozhu]

"When I said that I have a broken humour, I didn't mean this. Good try though." [Fan Lin]

He commented as he observed the replantation area for a few seconds before moving on to the next one.

"Then what do you find funny?*If you have anything more to ask or nay questions regarding the pricing or any more areas to add, contact the Headquarters and they will explain the basic rates to you.*" 

She asked Fan Lin and said to the Holy Angel Douluo and stored the documents before leaving the office of the Holy Angel Douluo and returning to the grasslands where she was in the morning.

"That's really hard to answer since most of what I find funny are kinda situational. Like just now, I did internally chuckle at you acting like a salesman." [Fan Lin]

"What's funny about that? It's a part of my job and you should have been the one who should have negotiated this beforehand. Why would you even do that without payment or negotiation?" [Leng Yaozhu]

She said with a bit of light anger to her voice. Free work of this proportions were a great loss for the Pagoda. 

"I didn't say I would do it for free. I just said I will do it and that they should talk with you all to discuss the inclusion of the areas that they demanded. Did they not do that?" [Fan Lin]

"They did inform us but the additions were put to the end of the schedule and the previous schedule being of the 6 months long, we had decided to take the payment when you would have started their replantation after the end of the term." [Leng Yaozhu]

"But you suddenly went mad, didn't take any rest, ignored calls, were quite hard to track, and before we know it, you finished the reforestation in just two months and 13 days. Thus we needed to re-adjust the pricing while waiting for you to go and ask for the payment." [Leng Yaozhu]

"Wait, the Pagoda was planning to send me to fetch the payment? Why? I didn't hear about this." [Fan Lin]

"You added the work and we don't have that favourable of a relations with the Holy Angel Douluo due to his factions often voting against us for a lot of different things." [Leng Yaozhu]

"That's not related to me. What do you plan to do now that you are free?"

"I wish your voice had emotions matching your words because I want to know what made you ask that." [Leng Yaozhu]

She complained about the emotionless tone he was using, finding it completely unnecessary when he could just talk normally to her like he did in the Pagoda.

"That's deception." [Fan Lin]

"Your words or your tone." [Leng Yaozhu]

"Both. What do you think about the heavens?" [Fan Lin]

"That's one way to change the topic." [Leng Yaozhu]

"Just think of it that then. Let's change the question to something you might know. What do you think about my Martial soul?" [Fan Lin]

"The Blue Silver Grass you awakened with or the mutation that you later gained?" [Leng Yaozhu]

"Your choice." [Fan Lin]

"If I were to put things nicely, Your awakened martial soul is pretty common, pretty basic and pretty average in strength." [Leng Yaozhu]

"You can be harsher. I won't judge you." [Fan Lin]

"I wonder about that. Many researchers have experimented and studied the Blue Silver Grass over past 20 thousand years of history and one thing hasn't changed, it is useless and even at its peak, it won't allow you to ascend even past the rank 70, much less become a Titled Douluo ." [Leng Yaozhu]

"Until it somehow evolves into a form that could. Interesting." [Fan Lin]

"Indeed. Except evolutions, variations or mutations are truly impossible to achieve for the normal populace since the medium for such things are too costly and a waste to be used on such a martial soul. More so when this is done after the martial soul awakening." [Leng Yaozhu]

"On the other hand, you have higher chances of mutations/variations in the Bluesilver grass martial soul during the awakening. Except it doesn't add anything to the table most of the times. Then exceptions like your exists as well." [Leng Yaozhu]

"The Blue Silver Grass is quite common and can be found anywhere, having adapted themselves to the environment they are and the same is true for the martial soul Blue Silver Grass. It's different for everyone and is further influenced by the person's bloodline or spirit souls." [Leng Yaozhu]

"That's common in all the martial souls though." [Leng Yaozhu]

"And?" [Fan Lin]

"And what?" [Leng Yaozhu]

"That's twenty thousand years of history? That's smaller that I thought. The Spirit Pagoda did some research on my martial soul right? Can I get that information?" [Fan Lin]

"...Your martial soul? Okay. I can share the information with you since you do reach the contribution level necessary for it.'' [Leng Yaozhu]

"Tell me then?" [Fan Lin]

"Your Bluesilver grass is much more suited to the ice attribute spirit souls. That's all we could discern. The rest was the same as any park grown Blue Silver Grass." [Leng Yaozhu]

"That's what you were hiding from me?" [Fan Lin]

"We never hid it. You just didn't possess the necessary contribution and rank to know of this." [Leng Yaozhu]

"Good to know that." [Fan Lin]

"Wanna facetime." [Fan Lin]

He sent her the facetime request. She declined.

"I don't want to see you at the moment." [Leng Yaozhu]

"Ohh. I wanted to show you something fun though." [Fan Lin]

"What?" [Leng Yaozhu]

"Remember your words about dropping the moon. I thought I should try that." [Fan Lin]

"!!!" [Leng Yaozhu]

"Don't!" [Leng Yaozhu]

She immediately face timed him as he cut the call and he obviously accepted.


Some small town in the middle of a desert. 

He looked at the town people and raised his hand to the sky. A small orb of icy crystal formed a few kilometres above and in less than a second, it dawned the entirety of the town and beyond in its resplendent1 incandescence2.

Leng Yaozhu looked at the sight in horror as he look at her, his face shining too much and then shook his head, "I told you. It wasn't funny3."

He then dropped the "moon" which began to slowly vanish as it fall.

"My skill had stopped the effect of generating gravity so nothing will be harmed." 

The small moon disappeared, so did he and for the next ten of minutes, all his ears heard were the angry voice of Leng Yaozhu. 

"But I was just demonstrating that it wasn't a funny joke. Just look at the bright light, that's jarring!"

"Why are you calling me insensible murder born?" 

"Calm down Leng Yaozhu, you shouldn't use such crass words for talking. Those doesn't suit you at all."

"...I keep telling you that it was just a joke. Or why else would I inform you beforehand?" 

"Now you are getting angrier for no reason." 

"C'mon, do I look that stupid to throw the moon on some village out of nowhere and for no apparent reason. I am not that free! I would just bulldozer the village if I want to. That's more efficient." 

"Okay. Okay. Sorry. I am sorry. I won't do this again. Fine... I never had any future plans regarding this to begin with. This is just flamboyant, I prefer silent slaughters." 

"Why are swearing now? You shouldn't swear to children. That's not nice." 

"Okay wow. That one wasn't something I expected you to know or speak. You really have seen your share of life."

"I didn't call you old. Neither am I changing the topic. I know, I know. I promised(?) to not kill for the spirit soul. I am not killing though. I didn't even plan to kill." 

"You are just repeating things now..."

"Undoubtedly! I trust you to kill me when I get there with the temper you are showing but trust me, I had no bad intentions when I wanted you to see that. I was just showing you that broken humour doesn't mean throwing big things down at others." 

"Hm, yes... Yes. Yes, I will... I will try... no, not that. I am fine with casualities though, I mean I will avoid casualities. No, I am not doing it on purpose, I just saw a family swep away by the river and was just helping them when I thought of something and mixed them." 

"What was I thinking? Let's not talk about that. You are going to get more angry4." 

"I am not kidding or lying. Wait, I will send you their testimonials after I drop them somewhere. I know~ I won't force them. Why would I even do that? You think I care about my image in front of you? You know me at my finest. Plus I really saved them."

As Fan Lin kept apologising and amending from his 'near maniacal actions' while carrying the family of 5 and their vehicle to Bright City,

he wondered if this was the way to loosen up Leng Yaozhu's guard against him and thus gaining him access to the final pieces of knowledge that he needed.

"Time to meet him." 


Nothing serious between us - I think 9 or 10.