Opened Secrets

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What is Opened Secrets

Read ‘Opened Secrets’ Online for Free, written by the author znohtlex, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, SUPERPOWERS Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: "His ability. It's powerful."Enzo is a guy with a somewhat normal life. He is the oldest among his siblings, has good pa...


"His ability. It's powerful." Enzo is a guy with a somewhat normal life. He is the oldest among his siblings, has good parents, and is an ordinary person just like anyone else. He didn't know that his parents were hiding a secret about him that made him different from his siblings. He is cursed by a Witch, hence, boosting his ability, making him more dangerous if he is taken by that Witch. Joining "The Picking", the people he will soon call Teammates will be involved in fighting off his curse as their journey starts. Will he be able to accept his fate and fight off the Witch? Or will he be the cause of massive destruction? Tag along in his journey and find out! *Disclaimer: The art isn't mine, a very helpful friend just found it on Pinterest. So credits to the artist and my friend. Thanks!

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The update is a bit slow, but it's good! Your story is good and it packs a whole lot of potential, to the point where I', wondering why this isn't popular yet. But still, Keep up them good work, hun!


THIS IS AMAZINGGGG!! I love the storyline, the plot, the grammar, EVERYTHING IS SO COOL! Keep it up author Yooohooooooooooooo (The cover is so handsome <3)


Niiiiiccccceeeee! Very detailed story line, perfect for fantasy lovers. I'll definitely add this to my library. Keep up the good work.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


Really interesting! You are doing great! It is written well and it shows your hard work you have put on it. Support you author! [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=exp][img=fp][img=coins][img=update]


Nic Split and I don't even know that you are new to writing since my first work was much of a mess than this. their powers are detailed and kinda creative. you made use of different elements and it's fun to read so keep up the good work!


Nice Story line with detailed power description of each characters whereby defining their strengths and weaknesses. It has a flow and its own pace.


Honest review here~ The first problem I found is, spacing, I don't know if the others will agree, but that's what I found. There are times when I thought the other character is the one who talked, then find out that it's enzo. But for the other part, is a cool story, I like the concept, how the Author explains each character's ability. The Grammar, I can judge it, as I am not that good at grammars. Thank you Author for the story... (It is a honest review)


I read the first three chapters, as I am now in a hurry, I will read more later, but I was instantly drawn in by the abilities that were very imaginative and original. This story is the opposite of boring. It is also very wholesome so far, and I like the characters, I really hope nothing bad happens to them...


Your story plot is amazing. The action and adventure as MC will undergo many trials . The mystery and witches make a good combo. I liked the story. Hope you keep on updating. More power to you writer.


AYEEE ME LIKEYYYY <3 The writing is amazing, grammar is great, and punctuation use is great! :D I love the flow, it felt easy-going and fun, yet can be intense at times when needed hehe! The characters are also mostly charming and their abilities are FUNNN BRUH, but yea there were so many characters ngl I LOVE THE PREMISE AND AM EXCITED TO READ MORE HEHE Great work, author! <3


Pretty solid. The storyline and the character's abilities are super creative and original and that can really make a story stand out. Good work!


N O I C E story. The abilities were greatly explained throughout the story thanks to the good writing style and narration. The protagonist was also cool and I love those kind of stories. I hope you keep on updating this, Author-san👌


Shameless self-review is all I have right now................. Nothing special HEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE (Gosh, I can't believe I'm doing this)


DISGUSTING......... .................................. ............................... .................................. ..................... ............................... ............................... ................................ ............................... DISGUSTING STILL CROCO REALLY LIKES IT *hentai face* CROCO GIVES 5 STAR


This is a chain message from middle east. If you don't check my story, misfortunes will befall you for the next 3 years. Just kidding! Just passing by to cheer you up! Take my STAR!


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................................................ Story so far great, But a little confusing. Well the Mc is cool tbh. like in the cover hehe. I like it its nice. Hoping for more in the future


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