One Touch Dinner With Miss Vampire Book

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One Touch Dinner With Miss Vampire


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"Don't you feel anything?" Morticia Hades asked him while nearing the candle and sneakily touching his hand over the table. "Anything heated or different?" She whispered placing one knee over the table and leaned towards him. "N- no." Erlik Ivanov backed off a little, quizzical while repeating. "Oh, you mean by the new sauce?" He lifted his head only to see her emerald orbs glowing and fell with the chair backwards with a thump in fright. ••• A dinner with a florist Miss Vampire who tricked him into spending every single suspicious candle light supper with her. To carry on living as a human he had to spend every single supper with her because after that she will give him the cure. Well, but she wasn't aware that another curse had been bestowed upon the guy already. His sexual preference turns after the night falls, how can he fall in love with her with such a curse? Could they be each other's counter curse? ••• Check out my other works: ~ Femme Fatale: The Queen Of Chess ~ Melting Her Between Thighs


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