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One piece: Unwilling Idle System User


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Born into the Kingdom of Arabasta, Farid lived his life quietly like any normal kid until he got to understand that there was something different about him from the other people... A strange floating screen seemed to be always following him, and no one else but him could see it. As time passed, he discovered that this strange screen allowed him to grow in strength constantly without the need for him to do anything at all. However, while his enthusiasm for discovering such a magical thing lasted for a few years, it soon calmed down when the strength he gained became too much for the people around him and created several inconveniences in his everyday life. Because of this, he became unwilling to become any stronger and soon stopped caring about using the screen to grow in strength, deciding to live a calm life from that moment on. However, even after that, the screen didn't stop working. Several years later, due to his curiosity, Farid looked once again at the screen and checked his own status. However, what he saw there almost made his eyes pop out of their sockets. -Beep!- -Status points remaining: [20,536,932] ... Just how did it end like this? ° ° ° Author note: I'll mention a few things that will happen in the story so that the people who dislike such things are warned beforehand. Also, I don't own the cover, and I don't really know who drew it. The people from Pinterest never mention the original artist... 1°: Mc will join Luffy. Of course, this doesn't mean that he will be like a doll character that only adds a bit of his presence once in a while, not making the story change in the slightest. He is a free spirit who does whatever he wants, so he will be pretty much doing his own business while traveling along with them. 2°: Mc will "hide" his strength while traveling along with them... Though, more than "hiding", it could be better to call it "not increasing" his strength, as he will have the possibility of becoming op instantly whenever he wants thanks to his idle system that accumulated points over years but will choose to remain as he is unless the situation needs it. 3° Mc will gain strength pretty slowly in the beginning. It will be only after the main story begins that he will be completely op. That's pretty much it... Enjoy it, or don't, whatever your heart desires...