206 Ah, shit (1)

Chapter 206: Ah, shit (1)


"WHAT!?" Big Mom shouted at Perospero who froze briefly. 

Perospero coughed in an attempt to release the tension and said, "It's true, Mama. The entirety of Yashuk Kingdom was destroyed in less than an hour… the cause was multiple explosions all around the Kingdom, Perolin~"

Big Mom was sitting on a throne with her hands resting on the throne's hands. They were crushed as Big Mom clenched her fist. Her eyes were fiery as she glared at her son. "Who did it? Yashuk Kingdom was the supplier of all the sweet Juices… WHO DESTROYED IT!?"

Sweat dripped down Persopero's chin, it felt as if that drop of water was ice freezing his body. "It's that snarky girl… Sky Emperor's sister with the snake-type Mythical Zoan fruit."

Big Mom blinked. It finally clicked her. "Oh, is it about the assassination we ordered?" Her frown deepened but her furious expression had lessened. She knew being angry with something that concerned Amon wasn't a good idea. "Wasn't only Nico Robin supposed to come to the Suzdal Kingdom? Why is that girl there too?"

"It was an unexpected development."

Big Mom paused. "...So they found out I sent assassins after Nico Robin?"

"I don't think so," Perospero answered. "They have found out that the Yashuk Kingdom has been sending assassins after them, but it's highly unlikely for them to realise that we are the main culprit," He said. "They probably got angry that Nico Robin was constantly getting assassination attempts and somehow linked it with the Yashuk Kingdom, Perolin~"

Big Mom's lips stretched to her ears. "Mamma Mamma! This is a good outcome. We can force Amon to hand over Raki in compensation for this destruction. Of course, he won't hand over his sibling!" People of the blue sea didn't know Raki wasn't blood-related to Amon, so they tend to overvalue her worth. "So we would demand Nico Robin in exchange. With the threat of a war happening, he is bound to agree! Mamma!"

Perospero sighed internally seeing her anger vanish. 

"Perospero." Big Mom called. "Go and call Amon. Tell him we need to talk."

Perospero smiled awkwardly. "Mama, I have tried connecting with him already… I was unable to. And while I tried connecting with his subordinates, I found that Sky Emperor is busy with something important and won't be available for months."

"He won't be available for months?!" Big Mom slammed her throne. "Send Katakuri to the Suzdal Kingdom! I would like to see how he doesn't come out when his sister gets abducted!"


Days later.

Charlotte Katakuri was in his ship going towards the Suzdal Kingdom, an island close to Fishman Island. According to his mother's order, he is supposed to abduct the girl named Raki. 

She has a bounty of 1.4 Billion Bellies, 400 million higher than himself. Did it make him doubt the result of his mission? Not at all. He was instead looking forward to this. 

Last time he was shocked to find the Sky Emperor having Future Sight, that alone made him realise Amon was on a whole other level than himself. But this girl can't be that far from him, right? He would find out soon anyways.

He looked at the island far from here. It's been a week since he has left for this island and he is finally here. 

'Let's see how fun this mission is gonna turn out.' Katakuri walked away from the deck of the ship to the cabin with heavy steps. 



"Lalalala~" Raki was playing with her SmartDial while humming gaily. "Damn, these game thingies are real fun."

Raki was laying in her bed. Her lower body was covered by a blanket while her torso was naked. She played a game named "Super Kalgara Bros." that was clearly inspired from somewhere. 

SmartDials are basically smartphones stuffed in a Seashell. Only the Sins and some high ranking individuals in the Einherjars have access to this thing since manufacturing such advanced tech for the public would be a bad idea. 

She glanced beside her with a cheeky smile on her face. She turned on the camera on her Dial and leaned towards the blue-haired naked girl sleeping beside her. 

"I wonder how brother would react to this, hehe." She brought the other girl close to her body and was about to capture the image before freezing briefly. "This is a bad idea. He might steal Eula from me just to spite me, that fucker."

She closed the camera app and put the phone down with a sore face. She glanced at the Princess of the Suzdal Kingdom beside her, lying naked, and yawned. 'She is much better than that bitch Vivi. Princess' should be like Eula instead.'

While Raki was interested in Eula, she didn't plan to make a move on her yet. She would most likely fight Big Mom soon, after all. But when she flirted with Eula a little, the girl easily gave in. Though mostly because she assumed pleasing Raki would make her get the throne easily. 'Meh, just because I slept with her doesn't mean she gets to become the Queen. Fuck politics, I would let Robin handle it.'

~Knock Knock Knock~

Raki heard multiple knocks fall on the door as she looked in that direction. Her golden eyes penetrated the walls and saw who it was. "Come in."

The door creaked open as Robin walked inside the room. She froze as her eyes landed on the bed. Her gaze shifted between the sleeping Princess and Raki who was on her Dial. 

"Sigh," Robin rubbed her forehead after a sigh. "Get up, you have a job to do."

"What is it?" Raki glanced at Robin. 

"Big Mom Pirates' ship has been located. Finish what you started."

"Oh?" Raki sat up. "Big Mom is here? Damn, that's late."

"No… it's Charlotte Katakuri. It's bold of you to assume an Emperor would come so casually." Robin said. 

Raki's face fell in disappointment. "What…? She sent a weakling after me…?" She fell on her back again. "I am not going. Waste of time, bleh."

Robin turned around. "Ugh. That's it. I am telling Luci you have been fucking around instead of doing your job."

"Hey, hey, wait! I will go!" Raki groaned and got up. Picked up her white shirt and wore it on her torso, the buttons barely held her chest. Then she walked out after grabbing her swords. "Fuck, I will make this Katakuri pay for this. An arm should be enough… or do I take his legs?"




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