One Piece: Reborn as a Skypiean Book

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One Piece: Reborn as a Skypiean


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Synopsis: He tried to hard, but the race ended just before he could cross the finish line. At least, dying to a rogue school bus wasn’t the end of him. To all it’s worth, he was now reborn in a world where he could finally put his wits to achieve greater things. “Well, where to start…” Amon mumbled to himself as the wings behind his back itched. “Maybe World Domination?” Yes, this is the story of Amon— the Emperor of Sky— the lone man who wanted everything. -—- Main Character, Amon, will be reborn as a Skypiean, or to be more specific, he will be a Shandorian. Disclaimer— Main Character is extremely manipulative of the people around him. An immoral bastard who doesn’t have a limit on how low he can stoop.


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