One Piece: I Have a Billion Skill Points

At the beginning, there were billions of skill points available, and any skill Ron acquired could instantly be maxed out with the skill points. His swordsmanship, physical skills, sailing skills, culinary skills, medical skills, and even his Devil Fruit abilities were all upgraded to the maximum level. Three-color Haki? It too received a significant boost. All skills Ron learned could be instantly maxed out with these skill points, including life skills. Then, a message from the system appeared: "System upgraded! The host now has the ability to bestow skill points on others!!!" ... This Fanfic is pure Wish-Fulfillment Author: UNKNOWN (literally) Translator: Chibi_mon_mon Link for RAW: https://novelsemperor.com/series/one-million-skill-points-at-the-start-of-one-piece DISCLAIMER!!: This is not my original work as it is translated.

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Chapter 2



Ron wasted no time and swiftly accessed his data panel. He was now standing at the edge of a terrifying ravine, unfazed by its enormity. With a deep breath, he summoned his data panel and began pouring skill points into his other skills. He pushed them all to their maximum potential, fully unlocking his abilities

Host: Ron

Age: Nineteen years old

Physique: 62

Strength: 55

Agility: 54

Spirit: 42

Skill Point Balance: 99 Billion


Evil Wolf Punch: 2+98 (Full Level)

Basic Sword Technique: 3+97 (Full Level)

Marksmanship: 2+98 (Full Level)

Cooking: 1+99 (Full Level)

Medical Skills: 1+99 (Full Level).

All five major skills were now fully leveled. Ron's physical attributes had undergone an astonishing transformation, with his physique soaring to sixty-two points, and his strength reaching a formidable fifty-five points. His agility and spirit had also seen significant improvements, making him a force to be reckoned with.

Ron felt invincible, his body exuding immense strength. With a simple fist clench, he knew he could very easily take on a pirate at the level of the Evil Wolf Pirate captain, a pirate with a fifteen million Baileys bounty, even without using any skills.

"I'm incredibly powerful now!" Ron couldn't help but chuckle with a touch of madness. "Hahaha, those wretched Navy, it's my turn to strike back!"

Ron strode confidently to the edge of the island where the Evil Wolf Pirates had anchored. He casually picked up a navy-style longsword from the ground, instantly gauging its quality and strength. With complete mastery of the basic sword technique, his swordsmanship abilities were nearly on par with the world's foremost swordmasters, the only difference being the quality of the sword itself

"Oh, if I had a sword as legendary as a Black Sword, I could take on even Hawkeye Mihawk himself!" Ron thought with excitement.

Meanwhile, at the shoreline, Ron's unexpected appearance amid the chaos drew the attention of both the Navy and pirates. The fierce battle momentarily calmed as they turned to look at the source of the loud noise, spotting a teenager wielding a longsword.

"It's Ron!" one of the pirates exclaimed in surprise.

"This guy's luck must be unbelievable," another pirate remarked with a furrowed brow. "I saw him running away at the start of the fight, I can't believe he's still alive."

"Captain Wolf!" a pirate in the midst of the battle called out to their leader. "That boy emerged from the explosion, perhaps he witnessed what happened during the fight, should we approach him for information?"

"Deal with this Navy captain in front of us first!" the Wolf responded, casually dismissing Ron. He recognized Ron as a mere crew member of the Evil Wolf Pirates. There was no need to pay him any mind, especially when they had to contend with the tricky Navy captain.

"Captain!" a naval adjutant, standing next to the navy captain, whispered, "That boy emerged from the explosion. I'm not sure if he caused it."

"Hmm! He appears to be part of the Evil Wolf Pirates. You go handle him while I deal with the wolves," the admiral coldly commanded.

"Understood sir" the adjutant acknowledged, a sneer on his face as he approached Ron.

"Now, there's quite a gap between us," Ron said calmly, his sword held at the ready. "This farce of a battle should come to an end."

With a swift swing of his sword, a shockwave of sword light tore through the oncoming naval soldiers, reducing them to pieces. The sword light didn't stop there; it surged towards the sea, slicing through the naval warships docked on the shore.

The naval and pirate survivors of this onslaught stared at Ron in utter horror. Their faces showed disbelief, fear, and bewilderment. Everyone froze, their gazes fixed on Ron, who stood tall and unyielding.

"This... How is this possible?!" The Evil Wolf stared at Ron, his shock evident. How could this seemingly ordinary pirate possess such incredible power?

Ron calmly sheathed his sword. He had merely performed a basic sword technique, but even so, at full mastery, it was a force beyond the capabilities of the Navy and pirates at this level. Under that single sword strike, dozens of naval soldiers lost their lives, and several pirates were affected by the residual energy of the sword light.

"Such incredible power," Ron muttered, a small smile on his face as he advanced towards the stunned Navy and pirates.


The Navy personnel quickly regained their senses and began to flee in a panic, terror etched across their faces.

"Run, run!!"

"He's a demon! Run for your lives!"

"He's too strong! He is a true swordmaster, his swordsmanship is unmatched!"

The fear of Ron's power sent shockwaves through both the Navy and pirates, prompting them to flee in terror, recognizing that they were utterly outmatched.