One Piece: I Become Monkey D. Luffy

Shin transmigrated to the body of Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece World and embarked on the road of pirates like the original Luffy did, but no longer aimed to be a [Pirate King], but rather traveled around the world freely together with his crew. Although traveling around the world seems like a [Pirate King], like Roger Pirates did, they conquered the [Four Seas], First-Half of the Grand Line [Paradise], Second-Half of the Grand Line [New World], and reached the last island [Laugh Tale], named by Roger Pirates, and were recognized by the people around the world as [Pirate King]. The new Monkey D. Luffy will not care about the so-called [Pirate King] because he just wants to sail with his friends and see the masterpiece One Piece World with his own eyes, created by [Eiichiro Oda]. OG MC, different personality, different strength, the same fruits, the same crew. Disclaimer: I do not own the FF, I just changed some plots and fixed the grammar. Source: https://wap.faloo.com/1102295.html

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Not enough ratings
28 Chs

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