One Piece: I Become Monkey D. Luffy

Shin transmigrated to the body of Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece World and embarked on the road of pirates like the original Luffy did, but no longer aimed to be a [Pirate King], but rather traveled around the world freely together with his crew. Although traveling around the world seems like a [Pirate King], like Roger Pirates did, they conquered the [Four Seas], First-Half of the Grand Line [Paradise], Second-Half of the Grand Line [New World], and reached the last island [Laugh Tale], named by Roger Pirates, and were recognized by the people around the world as [Pirate King]. The new Monkey D. Luffy will not care about the so-called [Pirate King] because he just wants to sail with his friends and see the masterpiece One Piece World with his own eyes, created by [Eiichiro Oda]. OG MC, different personality, different strength, the same fruits, the same crew. Disclaimer: I do not own the FF, I just changed some plots and fixed the grammar. Source: https://wap.faloo.com/1102295.html

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28 Chs

Chapter 1: Going To Sea

"Then everyone, I'm leaving."

"Be careful on the sea, Luffy!"

"You really don't want to change it to a bigger boat, Luffy?"

"You must become a great pirate, Luffy!"

"Idiot, what great pirate? Our village is becoming more and more like a factory that produces pirates, and then that brat Luffy seems like he's going to be a pirate too, that bastard Garp, actually let Luffy go to sea? damn Monkey Family!"


"HAHAHAHA Go Luffy, before the mayor grabs you back here."



"We'll wait for your return, Luffy"


"Hey, big guy, come out!" It was already some distance away from the shore of the village. The boy in a Straw-Hat, who was sitting cross-legged in the middle of the small fishing boat and paddling, put down the oar in his hand, stood up and stretched, and then put his hands to his mouth and made it look like a trumpet and shouted.


As Luffy's voice sounded, ripples suddenly appeared on the originally calm sea surface, and then the ripples spread and set off large waves.

A huge creature appeared in front of the small fishing boat and the Straw-Hat boy. It looks like a crocodile, but the part of the half-body where surfaces have already exceeded 5 meters. The bloody mouth on the hideous head is open, and there are sharp fangs shining with cold light. This is the king of the coast (Sea King) near Foosha Village.

At this moment, the figure of the Straw-hat boy was reflected in the terrifying pupil of the Sea King, while the Sea King was looking at the boy in front of him, who was wearing a red open-chested vest, blue half-leg pants, and a Straw-Hat with a yellow-orange overall color and red stripes above the brim. The Sea King suddenly swam in front of the Straw-Hat boy and then lowered his head...

After 17 years in this world, Luffy who finally went to sea today, did not waste such a long time; at least the Sea King was tamed by Luffy 2 years ago with Conqueror's Haki. Picking up the rope he had prepared from the boat, Luffy tied the rope around the Sea King's neck and said, "Take me to the nearest island near Windmill Village."

Patting the head of the Sea King, Luffy sat down again, and the Sea King whimpered twice and dived into the sea and began to swim.

Enjoying the sea breeze that kept blowing his hair, Luffy couldn't help thinking about the journey that was about to begin.

Although he has become Luffy, Luffy still doesn't know about sailing. After all, he is busy exercising himself every day, including Haki, Devil Fruit, and the most basic Physical Exercise, so there is not much time left to learn complicated sailing knowledge. By the way, also help take care of Makino's Tavern. After all, I'm not the shameless Luffy of the original book who eats and drinks at will without paying.

In this case, it's better to follow the route of the original, and with my current strength, there are not so many nonsensical and forcibly arranged actions like the original, which should save a lot of time.

The current Luffy, his height has exceeded 1.8 meters, and his body is not as thin and monkey-like the original. The muscles, although not protruding like an explosion, are full of streamlined, just because of long-term exercise and sufficient food, and there is no scar under the left eye.

In addition to the difference in appearance, Luffy's current strength, at least beneath the top of the strength that Luffy showed in the Whole Cake Island Arc in the original, his not that strong to the point that he can overwhelm Charlotte Katakuri now, but because he lacks a real battle with a strong people and Haki's improvement is also closely related to the battle.

As for the development of Devil Fruit, Luffy also has some different directions. The powerful moves before Luffy's fourth gear in the original, all need to be carried out by extending the body, because the characteristics of rubber are like this, and this is the main change in Luffy today. To achieve the maximum rebound force with the smallest deformation, unless you need to stretch for a long time in certain specific situations, you'll stretch your body every time you attack. No matter how fast you are, you will always be caught by your opponent in an evenly matched situation. As for gear fi—...