10 10. Magma or Fire, which is superior?

│3rd Person POV│

[Marineford, War of the Best…]

"I am kind of regretting knocking out Luffy now!" Ace said suddenly, attracting the attention of others around him.

"Huh?! Oh yeah! If Strawhat-boy had been conscious to witness this, he would have gotten an idea of what strength he would need to at least defeat an Emperor!" Ivankov exclaimed in realization.

After taking a breather, Ivankov continued, "However, I don't think he could be woken up now! His body had been in a constant state of battle for more than a day now.

"On top of that, he had been injected with Tension Hormones twice. After you knocked him unconscious, his body had basically shut down itself!

"The only way to wake him now would be giving him another shot of Tension Hormones! Which is extremely dangerous."

"Oh well, he had seen plenty till now! I will just show him the Advanced Haki techniques once I learn them!" said Ace with a nonchalant expression.

Just as he finished speaking, Garp made his move.

He shot up high in the air before plummeting toward Whitebeard at a very high speed.

"Galaxy Impact!!"

With his right arm cocked back, Garp exclaimed just before swinging his fist at Whitebeard.

Simultaneously, Whitebeard swung his Murakomigiri diagonally up from his right.




As both of their attacks collided, a massive explosion occurred that violently shook the entire island of Marineford.

Thick streams of black lightning emerged continuously from their clash even though there were no clouds present in the vicinity of Marineford.

"Is this the power of the legendary figures from the old era!?" Law exclaimed in astonishment after seeing the devastating result of the clash between Whitebeard and Garp's attack.

Right now, he had recovered enough strength to get into a sitting position.

Although his question was rhetorical, Ace still answered him, "Yes. Most legendary figures from when Roger was active are at least this strong.

"In fact, Pops and Gramps are still holding back. If they had used all their power in this attack, Marineford would have sunk by now."

Hearing Ace's words, Law was feeling completely numb. Suddenly, he noticed something peculiar, "Huh!? Their attacks are not touching each other!!"

Bonney also noticed the same. However, she still didn't have the energy to move or ask questions. At this moment, she could only watch with her head slightly raised.

Seeing her struggling to see the fight, Ace gently took hold of her head and put it on his lap.

Even though she looked like a ten-year-old child at the moment, Bonney didn't like to be treated like one, especially by a stranger.

However, just as she was about to make a fuss, she realized that she would have to expend energy to do so and she stopped.

'I will let this slide for now. Later, I will force him to pay me a year worth of food for treating me in such a way.' Bonney thought to herself.

Oblivious to her thoughts, Ace said in response to Law's earlier words, "It's because they are Advanced Conqueror's Haki and Advanced Armament Haki together."

Law didn't understand Ace's words as his knowledge of Haki was still lacking.

He took the opportunity to ask, "What exactly is Haki? While presenting your deal to us, Jinbe said that almost every person of any relevance in the New World knows Haki.

"However, I am still not sure about the specifics."

Seeing that Whitebeard and Garp's clash would continue for a few more moments, Ace explained, "Haki is basically utilizing your spiritual energy for various purposes.

"All living creatures in the world have the potential of learning Haki. However, most people do not know of its existence.

"The two basic types of Haki, Observation Haki, and Armament Haki can be awakened by anyone through proper methods and intense training.

"However, there are some special people in the world. They could either awaken Haki on their own after going through extreme stress or shock, or they have it right from birth.

"Observation Haki is used to sense the presence, intent, strength, and emotions of others, as well as gain limited precognitive abilities.

"Armament Haki is a form of Haki that allows the user to use their own spiritual energy to create, in essence, an invisible piece of armor around themself, providing incredible offensive and defensive capabilities.

"Armament Haki is also the most reliable method of dealing with troublesome Devil Fruit users, like those with Logia powers similar to me.

"There is another type of Haki, known as Conqueror's Haki. This type of Haki cannot be awakened through training. Only very few people are born with the ability to awaken this type of Haki during extreme situations.

"For example, Luffy awakened it a few minutes earlier because he wanted to stop my execution at any cost.

"Furthermore, Haki also has the capability of nullifying/reversing the effects of other people's Devil Fruit's powers. However, your Haki has to be exceptionally strong to be able to do that.

"Like, Ivankov here can use his Hormone Hormone Fruit to turn you into a woman. Without any Haki, you could only hope that Ivankov would take pity on you and make you a man again.

"If you have strong enough Haki on the other hand, you could reverse the effect of his Devil Fruit on your own.

"That's all you need to know for now. And it looks like the Gramps couldn't hold on any longer."

Saying that Ace stopped speaking and focused his attention back to Whitebeard and Garp.

At the same time, Law and Bonney kept Ace's explanation in their mind and turned their attention to the fight.

It was clear to everyone who was conscious that Garp was losing as he was getting pushed back slowly but surely.

Suddenly, Ace noticed someone trying to sneakily move towards Whitebeard's back.

He hastily, but carefully picked up Bonney and sat her up.

The next second, he shot toward the sneaky figure with flames gushing out of his back to boost his speed.

The figure noticed Ace approaching him and let out a small smirk. 'He took the bait!'

The next moment, the figure turned around and after turning his right hand into magma, he punched toward Ace.

Without any hesitation, Ace chose to face Akainu's attack head-on. With flames gushing out of his palm, he thrust his right arm towards Akainu's incoming punch.

Just before they were about to make contact, the flames gushing out of Ace's palm converged into a spiral ball.



The next second, an enormous explosion erupted as their attacks collided. Smoke and dust flew everywhere, obscuring the figure of Akainu and Ace for a few moments.


A scream emerged from within the smoke.

Marco, Law, Jinbe, and the others who were watching Ace thought that something happened to him.

Some of them instantly got ready to rush forward to help him.

However, as the smoke cleared and the figures of Akainu and Ace came into view, they saw an astonishing scene.

It wasn't Ace who screamed just a second ago.

At this moment, Akainu was clutching his badly injured right hand while looking at Ace with rageful eyes.

Rasengan, an iconic move of the Naruto world, was a technique that could rip through whatever it touched, dealing extreme damage until it dissipated.

As Ace used the flames of his Logia powers to create the Rasengan, it was even more powerful than the standard technique.

Ace's Rasengan could drill into an opponent's body before exploding. The explosion wouldn't harm Ace in any way as he was essentially making the ball death from a part of himself.

A few moments ago, when their attacks collided, Ace's Rasengan ripped through the magma covering Akainu's hand and exploded after coming into contact with his real hand.

It was fortunate that Akainu had coated his hand Armament Haki at the last moment or else, instead of just an injury, his right arm would've been ripped to shreds.

Ace looked at Akainu with a smirk and said, "Did you think your Magma would win against my Fire? You may be Magma! However, without any fire, you would be just some rocks!"

"Why you!!"

Akainu was so mad at the moment that Magma started bubbling from all around his body.

=+=+=+=< Scene Break >=+=+=+=

"Gurara…! That's my Son!"

From the start, Whitebeard had noticed Akainu sneaking up on him and he was ready to deal with him if he attacked.

However, when he saw Ace intercepting Akainu, he had also thought that Ace was being needlessly reckless and he started to push back Garp with more power.

Then, he saw the result of their clash with his future vision and his heart felt at ease.

He realized that Ace had grown much stronger from the time he had left to pursue Teach.

With a happy smile, he said to Garp, "Garp! It's time to end this!"

As he finished speaking, Whitebeard utilized the power of his Tremor Tremor Fruit and coated the blade of naginata in a transparent bubble.

With this, he overpowered Garp within moments and sent him flying straight toward the town.



Marineford once again shook violently and almost everyone lost their footing and fell on the ground.

At this moment, the town behind the execution platform was completely destroyed.

A few seconds of silence enveloped the entire Marineford. Even Akainu, who was just about to attack Ace, stopped.

He knew that he had missed the one chance he had. If he made any move now, Whitebeard would be upon him in an instant.

Also, if he didn't back off and regroup with Kizaru and Aokiji, the Marines would have no chance to stop Whitebeard if he decided to sink the island all of a sudden.

Thinking of this, Akainu glared at Ace one last time before retreating towards Aokiji and Kizaru.

Ace's response was just to give him a polite smile in return.

"GURA RA RA RA!! Sengoku, do you want the war to keep going?"

Whitebeard asked while looking at Sengoku with a smirk. Not getting a response, he continued, "Or are you going to face me next?"

While gritting his teeth hard, Sengoku observed Whitebeard's face.

He couldn't figure out if Whitebeard was bluffing because he didn't have much time left before he once again became an old man.

It may even be that Whitebeard wanted him to think like this and keep the war going.

The consequences would be disastrous if Whitebeard was just baiting him to make the wrong move.

...To Be Continued!


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