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One Piece: As Portgas D. Ace


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After Blackbeard captured Portgas D. Ace and turned him over to the Marines in exchange for the title of Shichibukai, Ace was imprisoned in the sixth level of Impel Down, famously known as Eternal Hell. Facing an imminent execution, Ace had already accepted his fate. However, as memories from his past life resurfaced, he began to realize that his death would only inflict grief and pain upon his loved ones. The Story unfolds as Ace endeavors to refine his Devil Fruit abilities, strengthen his Haki, and enhance the power of his allies through the newfound otherworldly powers gained during his Rebirth. Can Ace alter the tragic destiny that awaits him? If so, how will his survival reshape the events that follow in the future? =+=+=+=+=+=+=+= A/N: Please note that this story does contain Spoilers. I do not own the original One Piece story or its characters. One Piece belongs to one and only GODA. Also, although it's an AU, the changes are relatively small. The main changes in the story will occur due to the MC changing things as it suits him. I will try not to bring any significant changes to the World Lore. Lastly, Shameless Patreon & Coffee Plug. I've got an account on both platform; patreon.com/ChaosWriter; https://www.buymeacoffee.com/chaoswriter You can read read advanced chapters there. Your support would be appreciated, but don't feel pressured to join. I'll upload stuff outside it and not keeping it behind a paywall forever.


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