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One Piece: Absolute freedom


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Imagine being reborn in a world filled with wars and chaos – a world where pirates are even more aggressive than ever and marines have become corrupted. It's a world fighting within itself, where the seven deadly sins – greed, lust, pride, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth – hold complete sway. Is there peace? Such a thing doesn't exist. Is there happiness? It's vanished. Is there hope? All has been crushed. _________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________ In a world where freedom is forbidden, a man is reborn with a burning desire for liberation. However, such dreams are met with grave consequences, as the mere wanting freedom carries the penalty of death. "You want to stop me?" "I will gain the necessary power to do whatever I want, whenever I please... " _________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________ One piece does not belong to me, neither does the picture. Also, chapters will be slow, and this story will not only focus on the MC but rather other characters.


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