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Jason, youth in his twenties got three powerful abilities 1: dismantle (it allows him to break down something up to a molecular level) 2: evolve (which allows him to make something transcend it's original form, it can make everything a treasure) 3: Merge (it allows him to merge anything with whatever he desired) after he accidentally evolved his wrist band into the most powerful A. I technology in the world, he dismantled it and merged it with his Soul, that was the biggest mistake he made as he experienced headache, he accidentally poured water into electricity, and before he knew it, he found himself in a Martial Arts world, as if not enough, when he was looking at some information from ancient books, he bumped upon the words 'Way of Ascension to the cultivation world ' that was the beginning of the story! I'm still looking for the right profile picture, but the current one was AI generated. Reminder: the real thing is about cultivation, not martial arts The martial arts world is just giving me time for more preparations. Thanks:Grand VoidDaoist

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The Zenji Academy Meeting.

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In the family head's living quarters, the meeting was still going on, at this moment, Jason was listening to his father.

"Actually, there is a jade that can be used to hide one's martial arts, but no body wants to use it, it seems to have some kind of evil curse as it brings bad luck to anyone that wears it, even the person that brought it back to the family ended up losing an arm, later on he gave the jade to his daughter, but she died three days after that, then the jade was brought to the treasury, it has been there since then " said Dasak¹

After Jason heard this, he was super excited, there was no way he was not going to choose the jade, as for the bad luck, wasn't that a sign of 'Grandapa in the ring'?.

As if understanding what was going on in his head, Jera, at this moment spoke out

" Jason, you are not thinking about taking that Jade right? "

" Heheh, grandpa knows me really well, father can we go to the treasury now? I want to get my hands on the jade already " said Jason, at this moment, he was standing up,

" No!!, absolutely not going to get it, you heard that it brings bad luck to all people who get their hands on it, it even caused death of someone, how can you be this eager to die? " Said his father, at this moment, the big dinning table had cracks in it, he was so angry that he used his martial prowess!

"Father, you said that it brought bad luck to the owners, how powerful was that elder at that time? , even that daughter of his, what level of martial arts did she reach at that time?" Asked Jason.

"That elder was in the 7th, stage of martial arts, as for his daughter, she didn't have any martial arts, she was just a common person" said Dasak.

"See, they were all weaker than me, according to what I have thought, that Jade has a lingering obsession of the owner, it can only influence those that are weak, that daughter was a normal human, how could she withstand the resentment of a martial artist, as for the elder, even though he was powerful, the Jade may have accumulated a lot of Yin energy from all the years, so it influenced him a little, whereas for me, I'm a 4th grade martial artist, I'm even going to break through the 3rd grade in a few days, how can I die of the resentment left by a martial artist? "

At this moment, Jason felt like he was even out of breath, he had said many things all at once, he was going all out, he was determined to get his hands on that Jade, but in truth, he was not confident of handling that jade because of his martial arts, but rather his talents.

If he used his talents in the right way, he was confident that he can make that Jade into something more useful, if he failed, then he would just dismantle it completely, then the problem would be solved completely.

He had said all of whatever he wanted to say, but he had forgotten how shocking his words were to the two old men, at this moment, they were all looking at him like a monster, his grandpa asked

"Jason, did you say that you felt the bottleneck of the 3rd grade? You will be reaching the 3rd grade In a few days? Did you catch a fever? But as a 4th stage martial artist, even a severe wound can heal in a few days as long as it's not on your vitals, how can you catch a fever?"

Meanwhile his father was a lot more quiet, after a few seconds , he also voiced out his thoughts,

" Are you still the Jason I know? It seems that since you came back from the forest, you have completely changed to a different person, my young boy didn't know how to brag and lying, but now, Sigh! "

At this moment, even though Jason knew that he shouldn't have said this, he only continued with his confirmation.

" Father, grandpa, I really can become a martial artist in the 3rd grade just in a few days, ever since I got that technique, it seems that I don't have any bottlenecks in my martial training " . At this moment, all Jason was thinking was to only make the blame go directly to the shoulders of the non-existent technique, who would ask him anything else?.

And true to what he thought, when the two old men heard him talk about the technique, they felt that it may be possible, that technique was mysterious, it may be the reason, it could even allow one to break through four stages in hours after all.

"Mphh!, I'll compromise and give you the jade, but in case you feel that something is wrong, you have to throw away the jade immediately" said Dasak

After he said this, he went to the family treasury to get the jade, meanwhile after he left, Jera looked at Jason and said

"Heheh, it seems that our family is bound to be the most powerful around this absurd meeting, I wonder how those families will react when they know that you are already a 4th stage martial artist, you was comparable to their young masters even though you was a little bit younger than them, now you are even more powerful than them to the extent that not many of the elders in their councils can rival you, sigh!"

Meanwhile after Jason heard this, he looked at his grandpa and asked.

"Grandpa, what meeting are you talking about?"

"Don't you see that it was so coincidental that the grandpa you haven't seen from birth, suddenly came back to the family from his expedition?" Asked Jera,

At this moment, Jason gave thoughts about it, all this time, he wasn't concentrating on anything else , he was only thinking of killing the first elder at that time, but now, he felt that there was something wrong!

"You have realized it now right?, it's because there's something big that is happening around the whole world, I can't disclose so much to you at this moment, but you will understand it during that meeting" said Jera

As Jason heard this, he felt like this was not something normal, he continued looking at his grandpa.

"Okay, I'll tell you some information, it's like this, you have studied in the Zenji Academy not so?"

After Jason heard this, he remembered that according to the original owner, the Zenji kingdom had a strict law which all the martial families and some talented commoners had to follow, that was going to the Zenji Academy.

The Zenji Academy was the institution that was put up by the Zenji family, it was their way that they used to understand all the families and the talents of the kingdom, it was also the playground of all royals as they used thi opportunity to pull in more powerful backers to their sides.

This Academy has been there since the Zenji kingdom was formed, it was also one of the hidden, yet public power of the kingdom, Many generals and powerful martial artists were instructors in the academy, even the nine martial families didn't have that much influence inside the academy,

"Yes grandpa, I've been there, what happened? " Asked Jason

" That's were the meeting is going to be held, and the reason why I came back this time was because I'm the most powerful member of the family, the supreme elder will be escorting you all to the academy, while I will stay and hold the fort just in case of an emergency " said Jera

After Jason heard this, he thought about it and sighed, it seems that he was going into something he didn't want, meanwhile he heard his grandpa continuing.

" Actually, the reason why I told you that it is something big is because even other kingdoms are doing the same thing as us, they are also meeting, they seem to be choosing their best talents in the younger generation, I won't tell you anything more about this topic, you should prepare your self, you will be leading our family in the meeting "

" I don't think that anything wrong can happen to you in that meeting as you are already more powerful than all the young ones that will be attending, but the others who will be going with you are different, you should take care of them, they are the future of our family"

As they were talking, Dasak came back, in his hands, he was holding a storage pouch

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