One Ability To Invincibility

Jason, youth in his twenties got three powerful abilities 1: dismantle (it allows him to break down something up to a molecular level) 2: evolve (which allows him to make something transcend it's original form, it can make everything a treasure) 3: Merge (it allows him to merge anything with whatever he desired) after he accidentally evolved his wrist band into the most powerful A. I technology in the world, he dismantled it and merged it with his Soul, that was the biggest mistake he made as he experienced headache, he accidentally poured water into electricity, and before he knew it, he found himself in a Martial Arts world, as if not enough, when he was looking at some information from ancient books, he bumped upon the words 'Way of Ascension to the cultivation world ' that was the beginning of the story! I'm still looking for the right profile picture, but the current one was AI generated. Reminder: the real thing is about cultivation, not martial arts The martial arts world is just giving me time for more preparations. Thanks:Grand VoidDaoist

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Breaking through the 4th stage , How can we understand?

After Jason finished speaking with the elder, he removed the sword from the storage pouch, as he looked at it, he got to know that it was a low grade spirit sword, weapons also had grades as follows,

1:Unranked weapons>these were the weapons used by normal people i.e (hunters, adventurers , escorts) who were not official martial artists but had some combat power.

2:Low -grade spirit weapons>these are weapons used by martial artists ranging from 9th grade to the 7th grade (low grade martial artists).

3: Mid grade spirit weapons>these are used by martial artists ranging from 6th grade to 4th grade (mid grade martial artist)

4:High grade spirit weapons>these are used by martial artists ranging from 3rd grade to 1st grade, this was the all that the predecessor knew about weapons.

Meanwhile he also got to know that a low grade spirit weapon was priced at 1000 gold coins, meanwhile the currency exchange is as follows,

100copper coins ---->1 silver coin

100 silver coins -----> 1golden coin

1000 gold coins-----> 1 spirit fragment

He got to know that spirit fragments were stone like small fragments mined from the only mine that was in their kingdom,these fragments contained some qi in them,if one had many of them, then he could breakthrough in a realm without much efforts, but getting that many of them wasn't that easy.

As the son of the family head, he also had some spirit fragments, but when he added them altogether, then he won't have more than ten, that's adding up all the ones his father had given him for his break through.

Jason removed all the spirit fragments he had from his storage pouch and looked at them, he felt the qi in them, meanwhile he asked Athena

"Athena, do you feel anything dangerous from these fragments? They are not poisonous not so?"

[Master, you really have unnecessary worries, these fragments are not poisonous, they are like semi - finished products of heaven and earth, the spiritual energy in them altogether is less than that of a spiritual stone from the previous world, according to the summary I've collected, this world is more developed in martial realms, Techniques and has more years of heritage, but the previous world will have more resources in the future after it's awakening]

"Okay, since I came to this world, I've not used my 'problematic' abilities, it seems that I'll start with these spirit fragments "

After his words, he looked at the fragments and said


As he said this, all the ten fragments came near each other and as if driven by a special force, they started merging, after a few seconds, a stone appeared in his eyes, this stone was round, meanwhile he felt a dense amount of qi from it, the qi started leaking and in no time, the whole cave was filled with qi.

As he looked at the stone, he smiled and said,

" Since the fragments are called spirit fragments, then I think this should be the legendary spirit stone, but this is not the end of my experiment.. "


After his words, a powerful force came from his body and headed to the spirit stone that was in his hand, in a few minutes, the gray stone's colour started changing, it became blue coloured, but it didn't stop there, it continued and became green, after that, it became purple, then it stopped, it nolonger changed colour.

As Jason looked at it, he felt like it's evolution had yet to stop but he couldn't continue evolving it, as he was wondering why it's like that, he heard Athena's voice.

[Master, according to the energy in that spirit stone, it would take you days just to finish it up, if it continues to evolve, then you won't be able to absorb it, then it would be wasted,]

As Jason heard this, he felt like it made sense, if one hastily absorbed too much qi in his body, then he would explode, according to the memories, in the books, there was a powerhouse in the 1st stage who used his prowess and gathered many fragments from many families, and used a forbidden formula to absorb all the qi in them, before he could even break through, his body bust with a bang, and a powerful martial artist with a level of 1st stage was gone.

Now here he was, holding a spirit stone that may be equal or even more powerful than all the spirit fragments that powerhouse had at that time, and was not satisfied with it!

After thinking about all that, he looked at the spirit stone and decided to continue with his experiments


After he said this, the spirit stone broke into many parts, but this time, he didn't wait it to reach the molecular level, at this moment all that was remaining was spiritual energy, he moved it all to his mouth and drunk it like water, after it entered his body, he felt like his body was on fire, the spiritual energy was moving in his body, damaging all his meridians, if he doesn't absorb it quickly, then he would be injured, he quickly ran the<Frost heart breathing technique> and started absorbing the qi.

After a few minutes, the Aura around his body started getting heavier, meanwhile he just continued refining the qi. After another thirty minutes.


A sound came from his body, meanwhile on the outside, his body gave of a silver light, it was as if he was made of silver as it was sorrounding his body, this was the <Silver barrier>,the sign that shows that one has entered the 7th stage of martial arts, but his momentum didn't stop, on contrary, it just continued to rise.

As he continued to refine the qi, in the forest, an old man could be seen sitting on a distant mountain, at this moment, the old man was looking at a far distance,

"Ehh? The young master has broken through, that's very good, hahahahah, heavens bless our family, heavens bless our family "

As the old man was blabbering some unrecognizable words, he felt that the momentum inside the distant cave wasn't decreasing, he vanished from the place, when he appeared again, he was on a tree many meters away, then he disappeared again, when he appeared again, he was in the cave.

At this moment inside the cave, Jason felt the aura of the fifth elder, but he didn't focus on him, at this moment, there was an even more big issue, that was to refine the remaining qi.

After the fifth elder came inside the cave, he felt the spirit qi in the cave and said

"Just how many spirit fragments did he use? even though he had already refined most of it,the cave still has this much?"

He sat down in a corner and continued to look at Jason, after a few minutes, it was as if he had made a final decision, he reached his storage pouch and removed a piece of paper from it, as he looked at it, he sighed with reluctancy and said

"I was preparing this for my break through but, the safety of the young master is more important, I'll use it, at most, I'll just go back and as the partriach to give it back"

Then after that, he tore it apart, and threw it at the entrance of the cave, meanwhile a barrier appeared at the entrance, as he looked at it he returned to the corner and sat down, after that he said

"Now with the Spirit Concealment Talisman at the entrance of the cave, I shouldn't worry of powerful beasts discovering the cave, let me cultivate and strive to break through the next realm, at that time, my position in the elder's council will be high, and I'll receive even more resources, sigh, too little spirit fragments "

After the fifth elder concentrated on his cultivation, hours passed without the two of them noticing, in the middle of the night


Another sound came from Jason's body, meanwhile the silver glow around him became more powerful,but it seemed like he wasn't ready to stop,as his momentum continued to rise.

As the morning was kicking in,another sound came from his body,at this moment,he had entered the 5th stage ,he was now a bonafide 5th grade martial artist! ,He was now as powerful as his father.

As the fifth elder looked at Jason whose momentum was just increasing,he felt like he couldn't understand what was going on, when they came to the forest a few days ago,the young master was a 5th grade martial artist,but now he was at the 5th grade,and it appeared as if he was still continuing with the break through, breaking through those many realms in a row?

"Sigh!!, I'm getting old, maybe I should resign,no I'm going to resign, becoming a martial instructor isn't that bad,the world is changing, geniuses? How could old people like me understand?"

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