3 Strange Missing Person's Case

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Beings a great detective in his previous life, Chen Yan understood the importance of smell in solving cases.

At any crime scene, the extraction of smell was extremely important.

Sometimes, it could even be the most crucial factor in solving a case.

As such was the need for police dogs.

With this, Chen Yan was equivalent to a super police dog that could speak.

To think the system had given him such a reward after just being activated, the system was indeed his daddy.

The Strongest Police Simulation System, just the best.

When he returned to the search and arrest team, those who were involved in the prostitution transactions at the two hotels had also been brought over.

The police system in this world was different from that of Chen Yan's original world.

There was no differentiation of the police categories, instead, the police were only divided into those who did internal work or those who did fieldwork.

Those who were responsible for internal work handled the miscellaneous matters regarding the people's lives.

As for those who were responsible for fieldwork, they handled all cases that had been reported to the police.

Chen Yan's unit was the second search and arrest unit of Lian City's Investigation Brigade.

They were responsible for handling all economic, criminal, cyber, and public security crimes in the region.

From petty theft to murderers and drug dealers, all were handled by the brigade.

Therefore, cases like offering prostitution services online were naturally handled by the Investigation Brigade.

The case was relatively simple. Song Zi's phone was just like a criminal file.

The persons involved, time, place, and amount, everything was clear. It was even more detailed than the case analysis that Chen Yan and the others had done.

In just one night, all the criminals were brought to justice.

There were only four main criminals. The rest were young ladies who worked part-time to earn money.

The case was not complicated. It was just extremely secretive and involved a huge amount of money.

The young ladies involved in the case were all part-time prostitutes, their main jobs varying from nurses and flight attendants, to school beauties and young wives.

"Xiao Chen, you've done a meritorious deed this time!" Liu Qingshan, who had been busy all night, patted Chen Yan's shoulder, "The amount involved is 30 million. It's a rare big case in the entire province."

When Chen Yan learned of the exact amount involved, he was actually a little dumbfounded.

It was very rare for the amount of money involved to exceed 30 million.

"The reward from the team will be coming soon. Apart from a monetary reward, you will become a full-time official within the week!"

Although they had been busy all night, no one in the team, including Liu Qingshan and Chen Yan, complained of being tired.

If there was one thing that surprised Chen Yan in this world, it was that the incentive system here was relatively sound.

Although the salary of a police officer was not high, if they were to solve a major case, the reward would be quite rich.

This was especially so when the amount involved was relatively large. For these cases, there would even be a monetary reward.

Although it was not a lot, based on the 30 million amount involved, each person in the team would probably get 5,000 yuan.

Of course, Chen Yan, who had contributed the most, would definitely get more.

For a police officer whose monthly salary was less than 5,000 yuan, a reward of 5,000 yuan just for working overtime for one night was extremely worth it!

After all, even if there was no reward, they still had to do it.

"Thank you, Master!" Chen Yan was very happy, even though his contribution this time was a little strange.

However, he was still happy that he could become an official policeman early.

The police force in Hua Country was the same as the one in Chen Yan's previous life. It was not easy to get into the police force.

During the internship period, one had to go through all kinds of tests and examinations. Only by passing all of them would it be possible to join.

The reason why it was only a possibility was because of the limitation of the number the police force could recruit.

If there were ten interns in the same batch who all performed well and passed the examination, but there were only eight positions, then two were destined to be eliminated.

Now, he did not have to go through all of this.

Liu Qingshan was also happy for Chen Yan.

After all, he was his disciple.

In the search and arrest team, for a Master to take a disciple was the most common way to train the younger ones.

This was the tradition.

However, some learned slowly, while others learned quickly.

Some had been in the squad for half a year but had still never been on the scene. Some could follow their Master out to the scene just the day after they joined.

This was what it meant when it was said that the Master would teach the ropes, but cultivation depended on the individual.

Chen Yan clearly belonged to the latter.

He passed a cigarette to Old Liu and smiled. "Master, go and sleep for a while. I'll watch the place."

Liu Qingshan took the cigarette from Chen Yan and sniffed it. He did not need to look at the label to know that it was Huazi.

Chen Yan did not smoke, but he would prepare cigarettes for Liu Qingshan every time.

This was why he was able to follow Liu Qingshan to the scene the very next day after joining.

Everyone liked a smart disciple.

Besides, if one was not smart as a police officer, how could one solve a case?

"What's with sleeping?" Liu Qingshan put the cigarette in his mouth, "Chaoyang is clueless about the missing person's case that he's keeping an eye on. I have to go take a look."


Chen Yan quickly struck the lighter and lit the cigarette for Liu Qingshan. He frowned slightly. "The missing person's case on Cuiping Road?"

Liu Qingshan nodded, "Yes, that one."

Rubbing his temples, Liu Qingshan pointed to the office. "Xiao Chen, bring the files with you. Come with me to take a look."

Go with him?

Chen Yan's eyes lit up.

Interns couldn't be involved in a missing person's case.

Although Old Liu treated him well, in the past, he would at most only bring him to the scenes of robberies.

Liu Qingshan would never have allowed him to participate in a case that might be related to a person's life in the past.

The reason he allowed his participation now was probably because he had committed a meritorious deed this time and was about to be promoted to a full-time official.

"Alright, Master. Please wait a moment," Chen Yan had participated in many important cases in his previous life. A missing person's case was a piece of cake.

The case files were the most basic materials to understand a case.

Any police officer who was to write a case file could only follow one standard.

Seek truth from facts.

One was not allowed to have any personal feelings or subjective opinions.

In his previous life, Chen Yan was best at extracting information from the case files.

He would analyze and chew on the details that were not easy to notice, thus finding clues from the details.

The person who filed the report was the husband of the missing person, a thoracic surgeon in a private hospital.

At 8 p.m. on February 11, Liang Wenyuan called the police.

He said that after resting at night on the 10th, he had not seen his wife since the morning of the 11th. On the evening of the 11th, her phone was turned off, and she did not reply to WeChat. She had been missing for more than 24 hours.

For the past two days, the search and arrest team had checked all the surveillance cameras in the neighborhood. After comparing them with the sky-eye system, they still hadn't found the missing person.

It had been 72 hours.

There was not much information in the file, but there were some videos, all that Chen Yan watched carefully.

Liu Qingshan, who had been sleeping in the car, yawned, "Have you finished reading the file?"

Chen Yan sat in the back row and handed Liu Qingshan a bottle of water, "Master, I've finished looking through it."

"What do you think?" Gulping down the mineral water, Liu Qingshan became much more energized.

Chen Yan frowned slightly, "It's an ordinary missing person's case. The strange thing is that the surveillance cameras in the residential area did not capture the missing person going out."

This was the strangest detail.

The neighborhood where the missing person lived was a high-end mansion residential area with complete security facilities. There were many surveillance cameras in the neighborhood, and there were basically no blind spots.

However, according to the records in the files, the police had searched through all the cameras in the neighborhood at that time, but they did not find any surveillance footage of the missing person leaving the neighborhood.

The videos in the file also proved that this was indeed the case.

Could it be that a living person had disappeared into thin air?

"Not bad, you went through everything very carefully," Liu Qingshan was a veteran detective. He had solved more cases than the number of people he knew. If not for some reasons, he would have been promoted.

"The missing person is Zhang Jingya, female, 28 years old. She is from Liangshan District in Chuan Province and is an orphan. The circular for assistance in the investigation has reported that the missing person has not returned to Chuan Province," Liu Qingshan straightened his back, "Zhang Jingya's social relationship is simple. Before she got married, she worked as a salesman in a BMW 4S store. She got to know Liang Wenyuan from selling cars, and they only got married last year."

Chen Yan nodded. All this basic information had been included in the file.

"Xiao Chen, let me teach you a technique that is not a technique," The police car had already entered the neighborhood where the missing person was reported to have last been seen, and Liu Qingshan opened the car door as he said, "For a missing person's case like this, it is very important to familiarize yourself with the environment of the place where the crime took place, especially the layout of the surveillance cameras."

Chen Yan nodded slightly. He knew that Old Liu was teaching him.

Although Chen Yan had been a detective in his previous life and had helped solve many important cases, he had not gone through systematic learning. In this life, he had only learned the importance of the basics after going to the police academy.

The teaching by precept and example of an old detective like Old Liu were even more precious.

To be honest, there was something that Chen Yan did not say. There seemed to be something wrong with the surveillance footage...

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