Omnitrix: DC's New Dawn

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7. Meeting Superman #2

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"Will doing this really attract him? It just feels stupid to keep shouting for him on top of the Daily Planet," Jimmy asked Zion.

Zion gave him a wide grin, "It is stupid but I works, you know."

They both turned to Lois who was shouting "Superman" for them. They were on top floor of the Daily Planet's towering skyscraper, standing just below the iconic giant globe. They had come up to meet superman and Jimmy was dragged by Lois to take pictures of this meeting. Lois wanted the meeting to be life changing for many who would read it.

Jimmy laughed, "I knew I would like you."

"I don't think he is coming, probably busy saving the world somewhere." Lois said as she walked to them. 

"I wouldn't be so sure, Ms. Lane," Zion smiled mysteriously as he looked behind her.

A gust of wind rustled through, a precursor to the arrival of the legend. Suddenly, a figure clad in the iconic red and blue suit appeared in the sky above Daily planet's skyscraper. 

Lois turned her eyes widen in surprise, "Superman!"

Superman, with his chiseled jaw and piercing blue eyes, radiated an aura of strength and humility. He descended gracefully before Lois with a warm smile that immediately put everyone at ease.

"You called, Ms. Lane," Superman said.

"WOW!" A shocked gasp intervene. Zion was looking at superman with an amazed expression. "The legend in the flesh. The Man of Steel. Wow, just wow!"

"You are?" Superman asked with a warm smile.

Lois just chuckled at Zions antics, "This is Zion, from a town called Heavenfield. I met him at the coffe shop today and heard his request to converse with you on an important matter."

Superman was listening to Lois as he looked at Zion shaking Jimmy and pointing at him. Zion then brisked and appeared next to Superman.

Zion cleared his throat and suppressed his excitement. "Nice to meet you, I am Zion. I came to talk with you about world peace."

Superman turned to Lois with a confused expression. 

Lois just put a hand on Zion's shoulders to calm him. "I think he is just excited. He came here to ask you that if he could really make a difference. Even if he doesn't have super strength or superpowers, And I thought this conversation might really help many others, not just Zion."

Lois explained her reason. The question Zion had was not only a question he struggle with but also those of many. They were many ordinary people out in the world, feeling inferior. They want to make a change but they are disheartened because they don't have anything special about them, like superpowers.

"I understand, Ms. Lane." Superman then looked at Zion, his warm smile never fading, "Zion, I understand how you feel but the power to make a difference doesn't always comes from superhuman abiliti-

{New lifeform DNA analyzed. Acquisition complete.}

Zion lifted his left hand where Omnitrix resided. He now knew that the Kryptonian DNA was acquired. But the problem was, it was in# wrong timing.


{New life form DNA analyzed. Acquisition complete.}

Superman clearly heard it, even without his super hearing. Superman, despite his warm and welcoming demeanor, couldn't help but fell a flicker of suspicion. The watch just said that it had acquired his DNA and from all he knew, it was bad. He had encountered various typed of technology in his years as a hero, heck, his ship had all of krypton's knowledge.

Seeing Zion look at his watch, Superman became alert. He moved in front of Lois to protect her if things went out of hand. He then tired to see through the watch with his X-ray vision only to be disappointed. Since he didn't know what it was, he has to confront it with Zion.

"Zion, what is that watch of yours?" Superman asked, guarded.

Zion lifted both his hands in surrender. "I know what it looks like, but I mean no harm."

"Then I hope, you will explain what your watch said about acquiring my DNA," Superman asked, a bit relaxed.

"Well, I think its better to show you."

As the suspicion hung in the air, Zion decided to show it to them. After all, seeing is believing. Zion touched the faceplate of the Omnitixe, a golden holographic disk appeared with many different faces in a linear style. With his alien selected, the faceplate of the watch moved up, ejecting the core. Zion pressed it fast yet gently. He knew that if he press the core too hard, he would change into something different.

In a flash of bright golden light, Zion vanished. Lois and Jimmy looked around to find him, not knowing where he went.

"I am here, people," A tiny, high pitched voice called.

Lois and Jimmy looked to the voice, but no one was present.

"Look down," The voice said again.

They looked down, only to meet the big green eyes of a grey-skinned alien with a large head relative to his body size. He had four-fringed hands, and stood about seven inches tall. The alien then casually strode and hoped on the concrete guardrails, elevating his standing relative to his small size.

"Superman, I assure you, I mean no harm. That's why I turned into a form that you will not feel threatened," Zion assured with his tiny form.

"You are an alien?" Lois asked.

"No, I am human. I have just transformed into an alien. This form is of Galvan, an amphibious, insectivorous species form planet Galvan prime. They are an intelligent species. You have no idea how it feels when I transform into one of them, the world becomes so obsolete, it's like it had lost all its color, leaving only Grey Matter," Zion replied, his voice melancholy.

"How did you transform? Not only your outer but even your innards has changed, You were clearly human before," Superman asked.

"It's the Omnitrix, the watch I was wearing. It's a device made by The First Thinker, Azmuth, Leader of Galvans. The Omnitrix is an advance technology that rewrites my genetic code, allowing me to transform into any alien I select. It already has a million species stored in it." Zion explained.

"A million?" Jimmy gasped.

"Yes, a million. Each of them with their unique characteristics and culture," Zion answered, "Omnitrix was made to create peace between different race by experiencing what it feel like to be them, to live as one of them. Not only that, but to be an ark that would carry on the legacy of those spices, if they ever went extinct."

"A noble goal of creating peace between the races of this universe. That's a heavy burden to carry," Lois said as he looked at Zions small form.

"I know but it also make the Omnitrix a powerful weapon of destruction. It has the power to end civilizations." Zion transformed back to normal, his dark hair rustling in the wind.

"I came to ask you, why you do what you do when you have all the power in the world to bring it down," Zion turned to superman.

Superman clearly saw the trouble in Zion's eyes. A kid with a world ending power in his hands, while not knowing what to do with it. He had come to the one person who could relate. Superman walked next to Zion and took a seat at the guardrails.

"I understand your burden, Zion. You are straggling to find the correct path. You have the power, but the power to make a difference doesn't always comes from super human abilities. It comes from the choices you make, the values you uphold, and the determination to do what's right. Even without extraordinary strength, you can still inspire change, shed light on important issues, and make the world a better place."

"Thank you, superman," Zion was genuinely grateful.


"It seems like everything is okay," A feminine voices said.

All four of them turned to look at the new arrival. A young women wearing a similar dress to superman's iconic red and blue suit.

"Wow, it's the Supergirl," Jimmy gasped.

"Ms, Lane, Zion and Jimmy, this is my cousin Kara. Kara, this is Ms. Lane, reporter in Daily Planet, this is Jimmy, Photojournalist in Daily planet, and Zion, a new hero," Superman gave a warm smile toward Zion to assure him.

"Nice to meet you, Kara." Lois extended her hand.

"Can I take a photo?" Jimmy asked, captivated by the female version of superman.

Kara shook Lois' hand and accepted Jimmy's request if her face only her face isn't visible in the photo. She then turned to see Zion, her interest in him was peaked after he said his watch is an ark that is used to carry the lineage of extinct species. That means, she could bring krypton back, sometime in the future.

Zion just looked at her blankly, his eyes not moving from her. "You look beautiful, Miss Kara. Would you honor me with your company at the evening repast?" Zion gave a courteous bow as he asked Kara out.

Kara just tilted her head in confusion. She may speak english but she doesn't have the whole vocabulary. She learned english by observing those that imprisoned her.

"He is asking you out on a dinner," Lois helped.

"Will it be okay?" Zion asked.

"I think it should be fine, but I want you to show me what your watch can do." Kara demanded. She wanted to learn what Zion's what could do.

"That's it?!" Zion was happy. 

Zion quickly operated the Omnitrix, and searched for the new form he had acquired. A face similar to his appeared in the holographic disk. Zion selected his new Kryptonian form. Then with a flash of golden light Zion changed.

But there was no change, confusing others. However, moment later, Zion's black t-shirt and blue jeans started to warp and transform into a suit similar to what superman was wearing. Zion grew a bit in high, his jaw line sharpened, his muscles become bigger and compressed.

Zion now looked more handsome. He was average in human standards before, now he was average in Kryptonian standards. Just kidding around.

Zion closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He could feel the strength flowing through his vessel. He could feel his cells greedily absorb sunlight, strengthening themselves. His senses were sharpening, he could hear a conversation miles away. His eye heated up to emit heat vision.

Zion opened his eyes and breathed out, controlling the stream of power. He looked at others, he was flying, levitating about the skyscraper. The feeling of getting stronger with every passing second was euphoric. Zion clenched his hand, feeling the power stored in them.

"This is how you feel in the yellow sun? This is... addicting," Zion said as he checked himself out.

The suit was similar to Superman, Black body suit with dark blue cape, with a silver outline of hourglass in his chest. The Omnitrix was situated below the navel, not in the chest. Probably due to fact that Superman get shot in the chest most of the time. Nope, the Omnitrix just took the form similar to Superman's belt.

Zion landed next to superman. "I can feel the strength flowing through me like a tidal wave. I still can't believe this is how you feel all the time."

"I understand what you are feeling but don't be consumed by it," Superman advised.

"Yes, sir," Zion gave salute. "And I am out."

Zion lightly jumped up, and levitated himself in the air for a moment before flying off toward the space. His moment were fluid and natural like he was born Kryptonian. 

Omnitrix has a morph matrix that allow the user to gain full control of their new form. So, Zion was like any other Krypton born Kryptonian. 


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