5 Strain

Adrian wondered what it meant when it said demon strain so he asked Gauis.

"Gauis what does the word strain mean that is near the beast name?" Adrian curiously asked.

"Oh! Good question since that puppy right there seems to be quite special. Strain means that the creature possesses genes or blood of a species that is different from its specific type of organism. For example, a cat having a saber-tooth strain means that the cat is more powerful than your average cat in terms of stats." Gauis replied.

"Enough about that you will learn more about it as you become more accustomed to being a Summoner. Do you know why a summoners weapon are called soul gloves?" Gauis continued.

As Adrian has already read this particular topic in the forums he answered "It is called Soul Gloves because the Summons that are not temporary are soulbound to the summoner. Meaning when you summon a soulbound creature, it does not permanently die even it is defeated in battle. The creature just returns to the soul space of the summoner and remains there until it can be summoned. The Soul Gloves are just a medium for us to call out the soulbound creature".

"Ho ho! So you know about it very good then. There is another way to obtain a soulbound summon since not all summons can become a tamed creature. Sometimes when you defeat a monster, It will drop a soul stone. A unique stone in which you can call upon the creature to become your monster using a summoning magic circle but can only do it three times since every time you call upon it to manifest it consumes the residual soul power that is left in the stone" Gauis added.

"It seems you already know much about summoners. Why not try to soulbound that little puppy since it has grown attached to you." Gauis implied.

Adrian looked at the puppy and it has this longing in his eyes. He knew that Gauis was supposed to give you an auxiliary quest that will give him a random soul stone but it seems due to his unexpected bonus reward he skipped that step and was directly given a summoned beast to soulbound.

Adrian looked at the puppy and said to it "Do you want to come with me?" which the puppy barked enthusiastically. He looked at the puppy and smiled. He then put the puppy on the floor and activated his new skill Seal. Glyphs of different meaning appeared in thin air then circled the puppy then a chain appeared or rather sprouted from Adrian's avatar and shoot straight to the chest of the puppy but it was not hurt. Adrian felt the puppy and him are now connected then is the glyphs surrounding it glowed and formed a sphere around it and was sucked inside Adrian.


Congratulations you have acquired your first soulbounded creature!

Please give it a name.

Adrian thought of a perfect name since it was quite literally a black dog.

"Sirius" he said.

You named the Soulbound creature Sirius.

Adrian then looked at Sirius' status.

Name: Sirus

Species: Dog (demon lupus strain) (Infant)

Skills: Bite, Howl, Shadow Sneak

Evolution: Possible

Description: A domesticated dog with a secret in its bloodline.

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