2 Character Creation

[Welcome to Pandemonium user MyCraftySon!] a mechanical voice stated in a flat tone.

Please take note that the time perception in the game is in the ratio of 1:3. Meaning 1 hour in the real world is equal to 3 hours in game.

Please create your avatar and choose your race.

Adrian looked at a virtual avatar that is a splitting image of him. First he looked at the available races that is available which are: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Gnome, and the newly added Dragonkin which was added thanks to the best player unlocking it 8 months after the game was released.

Humans are a race with balanced stats and adaptability have balanced affinity with all elements.

Elves are race which has fae heritage which allows them to communicate with spirits better thus the have strong affinity with wind, water and wood. Elves have pointy ears and a gentle facial features which astounded Adrian.

"No wonder this race is popular with the women and girls" he muttered.

Dwarves are race of stubborn and hardworking people which are well known as the blacksmith race. Dwarves have strong affinity to fire and earth. The dwarves have a small and stout but rather muscular looking body with a reddish skin tone.

Orcs are a brutish race that relies more on strength rather than magic though that does not mean they cannot use magic. Orcs have an avatar that have a height of 2.5 to 3 meters and a face that has some features of a boar since they have tusks or rather giant lower canines and have a orange green skin tone.

Gnomes are race of great builders and inventors. They are short in stature like the dwarves but skinnier and resemble humans. Gnomes have strong affinity to earth and wind element.

The newly added race is the Dragonkin. Dragonkins have human features except that they have horns, a tail, and scales on some parts of their body and dragon wings protruding from their back. This new race have strong affinity to wind attribute because of their ability to fly. This race boasts power almost equal to that of the Orcs which is now very popular to newbies and fans of the rank 1 player.

Adrian picked the Human race since he does not fancy the other races because he wants to also walk again in the real world because he wants to repay his parent's kindness and sacrifice to him by walking again in the real world. He did minimal changes to the facial characteristics of his avatar and no change to his height which is 5'6 in order to be accustomed to the feeling of walking.

After about an hour of tweaking, Adrian is finally done with his avatar.

"Please input a Character Name"

Adrian thought long and hard about his character's name while he was waiting for it to arrive.

"Are you sure with the name: Equinox" the mechanical voice said.

"Yes" he replied.

"You will now be transported to the Beginner Town: Genesis" the mechanical voice said. Then Adrian's vision faded to black.

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