Oh No, I get stuck with Crazy Name that Stuck me with A crazy Goddess!

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What is Oh No, I get stuck with Crazy Name that Stuck me with A crazy Goddess!

Read Oh No, I get stuck with Crazy Name that Stuck me with A crazy Goddess! fanfiction written by the author RikuKage on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering romance, adventure, reincarnation, weaktostrong, survival. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A soul is reborn into Danmachi with no help whatsoever. All he's left with is a giant wheel that will decide his fate. The only thing he got was a randomly stupid name that would tie him to a crazy yandere goddess. And a skill that's seem great but he doesn't have any idea how to use. "I just wanted to have a nice mob character life and not be too involved in the story too much. Find a nice girl to settle down with, not this bullshit."   Disclaimer: All characters involved in this story belongs to their respective Author/owner/creator. All that belongs to me are my own OC characters and that's it.

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I've been asked to review this story since apparently I inspired it somehow.Okay, so this is my honest review. ----------------------------------------------------------1. In terms of writing, you keep switching between present and past tense a lot. Even minor inconsistencies like these puts people off. I'd suggest sticking to past tense since it easier like that.2. The 'Vanadis Odr' skill is a dangerous play here. While it will be interesting to see how he grows stronger by this skill, it will put pressure on how you pan out their relationship out and development.3. It's important that MC's have backgrounds as it adds substance. The beginning was far too generic of a start and I know a lot of people that the moment they see that cliche, they instantly drop the story because they think they've seen it before. But now that you've started, from here on out try and drop little flashbacks to his past or something just to give him background because this MC's ideals, motivations and methods are ALWAYS going to be contested and questioned a lot as you update more.4. You've entered this guy one year before events, so you have to make sure that you've planned out his development and what he will engage in as a year is a long time before Canon.5. Never say to your readers that you will update when you're 'in the mood' as it makes you sound flippant and disinterested in your own work. If you are like that, why should they expect a good story from this?6. Try and increase the word count little by little as you go along.7. Don't give so many ideas all at once in author's notes. Because if you do, your readers will know what to expect eventually and they won't have as exciting and fulfilling an experience as they would have if they didn't know what was coming.8. The pacing is rather rushed. Take your time with descriptions, establish a good setting. A lot of people just call it word filler but they're just talking out their a*se. Use descriptive and emotive language that helps people picture what you're trying to convey. Because the more they engage, the more they invest in the story.9. Don't keep this little prologue arc too long. If people just see chapter after chapter of prologue before this guy is in Orario (which is what they want to see), they're just going to drop.10. Keep different dialogue separate. If one person is replying, put it in another paragraph. 11. Try your best to do an original idea and not something along the lines of the usual cliches. Make other OC characters, or make his path to power different than other MC's of other Danmachi fics.It might not make sense but I'd recommend you read a good few of the big ones to get an idea of what I'm talking about.----------------------------------------------------------Overall a good start to a story. Making the MC's growth proportionate to the feelings and his treatment of one of the most controversial characters in Danmachi is a new thing, although I fear you'll hit stumps. Because you write him as her Odr', yet he's supposed to neglect her to become strong. People ARE going to want them to end up together, so you're playing with fire.It's too early to say if I'm enjoying the story as there is not enough of it.But it's clear you're taking a big risk here. I can only hope you have the ability to flesh it out and culminate into a source of entertainment for us all.Good Luck!


Just for no harem


Normally I would read most Danmachi fics since not that many exist compared to other fandoms, but the Freya pairing is really turning me off from this. She is such a repulsive character, and in my opinion, an actual romance with her is not possible. I'll still give this a chance to cook, and if it's somehow convinces me with the writing I'll adjust this review. But I doubt it, Freya is just that much of a detriment.


a fact none of you can deny, Freya is hot. [img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp]


Is Freya really the love interest? He is probably one of the most repulsive characters and with his personality most likely the main character will get an ntr..I hope he just runs away from her...


Don't expect frequent chapter updates since this is the first story that I'm writing. I'm just starting to get the hang of it. I accept creative criticism and feedback to improve. I just started writing because I had this idea in my head, and I just wanted to get it out there. I just wanted to write a character that gets to unfortunate attention of Freya and knows her personality. Trying his best to avoid her at all costs, in end just makes her want him more.


The execution is quite good. MC truly was just reincarnated with the name and no cheats. after reading the training arc I can say the mc will definetly be earning his power and that the plot is quite good. miles better than the webnovel standard. Author respects the source material aswell.


I usually don’t ever review works, however this one has potential if it weren’t for the writing quality. The premise is intriguing but needs to be properly polished with acceptable writing that isn’t just paragraphs of unnecessary text and dialogue. This story would benefit from proofreading as can be seen from how it’s all just giant paragraphs with no substantial spacing, not to mention all the constant quippy back talking that should be cut down to more impactful scenes. This isn’t a TV show and even then they aren’t this excessive. The dialogue also reads that of a zoomer rather than a person. Overusing of words such as “literally” or inserting unfunny memes every chance you can get, it’s not bad to do so once in a while, however keep it in moderation so as to not break immersion. I see promise in this story, so I hope you’d take my advice in mind and try to improve in your writing.


Hello! This is my first time jumping into this fanfic, and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. The author's writing is really engaging, However, I did notice a few grammatical errors that caused a few hiccups while reading. It might be helpful to do a quick proofread for smoother readability. Nonetheless, I'm excited to follow this journey and see where the story leads. Kudos to the author for his creativity.


Reveal spoiler


Just read for Odr, the protagonist. He's hilarious and just causes chaos.


Intresting start can’t wait for more :D


I read all the available chapters and i really like the author writing, it's actually surprising that this is his first novel. I hope he doesn't stop writing i see future here 👍👍


A really good fanfic! MC is very interesting and the whole plot around him is too. I'm eager to see the future of the series...


I absolutely love this fanfiction and I'm hoping that author won't abandon it, just keep it up!


This story is really interesting and fun to read, along with the story idea unique compare other fanfic. Only problem the update and pacing little bit slow but other than that it a nice fic


Please more chapters :)


Please, continue the story and don't drop it .😁👍


is a good begining, is making me care about the characters introduced so far even if they are only secondary, and mc has personality, also any story without a cringe god meeting gets a bonus at least in my book, but I guess the flashback after the song was a bit long for me, about freya? I see a few reviews that mentioned her, but I haven't seen her acting aside of her introduction or mc dealing with her in any way so I don't think is fair taking her into account for a review


I really enjoy this story. I really like the focus on small details which is rare in most fanfics and I feel like it really adds to the experience. The main character’s personality is very interesting to say the least(he’s kinda crazy), but it makes it fun. Sadly I have a few problems with the MC he’s got a grimoire and just forgot to use it, or how he’s been putting off just delivering a letter when it wouldn’t take much to do it fast and avoid syr, and just our lack of information about him, which is fine because I think it’ll get developed later in the story but for now… yeah. Other than that I just want more chapters.


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