Obtaining Beautiful Servants With A Sign-In System Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Obtaining Beautiful Servants With A Sign-In System


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Hector transmigrates as Yi Chang in the world of martial arts and cultivation.  He also obtained a System which allowed him to sign in and obtain beautiful servants as rewards.  When he thought that the only purpose of the System was for him to create a useless harem, he was taken by surprise when the first servant he obtained allowed him to become a cultivation genius.  [Sign in complete! Congratulations you obtained Yao Qingling as a reward!] [You also obtained Servant Yao Qingling's Cultivation Talent. You obtained the Five Immortal Roots as a reward!] Using his Servant's talents and abilities, Hector had unknowingly risen to prominence.  Many years later, the Demon Clan decided to attack the Boundless Immortal Sect.  While everyone was busy fleeing or trying to protect themselves, there were already countless beauties on Hector's side trying to protect him from harm. A wry smile appeared on Hector seeing such a scene.  "These girls… Who are you trying to protect? I'm something of a strong cultivator myself you know."